An easy-going week!

I made into my school’s air band competition with my best friend!

He said

Well after all that was going on the last few weeks – the least of which was finding out where Emelia placed for gymnastics training next year – this week was a lot more uneventful. That couldn’t have come a better place considering next week we’re back out in Wolfie Too for our first big week-long outing at Arrowhead Provincial Park. We’re still waiting to hear if we can manage to keep Emelia in Dance if they end up having classes that will fit into her open, non gymnastics evenings. We’re optimistic but Dance London hasn’t been the most expedient in getting back to Danielle’s calls.

The other thing on our radar over the last couple of weeks after having our bikes stolen off the camper the night before we went camping was finding low cost replacements. Last week we got mine, a comfort cruiser, from Canadian Tire for $179 which didn’t hurt the wallet too much. This week, on sale a Sport Chek for Father’s Day (ironically enough), we managed to find Danielle a comfort cruiser for $149. They aren’t necessarily the bikes I wanted to buy but the reality is when theft is the problem that it is in our neighbourhood these days, our first priority was really to not spend a lot. And this fit the bill.

I have had a few rides out on the bike as I am in the midst of another Wellness Challenge at work. On a longer ride with Emelia on Friday when she had a PD day I found out what life is like with a fixed gear bike going up a steep hill managing to strip the handlebars when trying to get enough power into the pedals going uphill. Thankfully we already had a trip a planned to our friend Chris & Leanne’s this weekend so we could have Chris weld our fire poker. We added another weld project to his Saturday afternoon and left him some refreshing adult carbonated barley beverages in return. And soon enough we were headed back home with fixed bike and fire poker.

This week will be all about getting for camping. I have Tuesday off so I can do any running around that needs to be done. And Wednesday evening after work I will bring the trailer back home so we can pack and get it ready over the next couple of days. The plan is, Friday as soon as the last kid is picked up, we will be latched and ready to hit the road. We’re heading down a night early so we can squeeze in a quick visit with Charlie, Todd and Marshall overnight before setting up camp in Arrowhead for the week. This time next week, we’ll be knee deep in the woods, with campfires, stars and (hopefully) sun-filled days.

She said

What an odd week. After an amazing weekend last week I woke to two texts from two separate daycare families telling me both the babies were unwell and were not coming to daycare. On the previous Friday both were off, clingy and wanting even more snuggles than normal. All the adults assumed it was a summer cold with some teeth coming in, nothing a weekend of quieter family time wouldn’t solve.

Well we were all off, yes the babies were sick but it wasn’t teeth, both girls contracted Hand, Foot, Mouth virus, a horribly contagious and less than plesant virus. We have never figured out where exactly they picked up the virus but with how contagious it is honestly it could have been anywhere. Over the week I made my way back to the same playgroups with the same families in attendance and none had the virus so thankfully it didn’t spread beyond the two babies. The virus is not fun, it involves a rash on their hand, feet, in and outside their mouths along with a fever. The whole thing can be in various levels from unpleasant to downright horrible for the wee ones in lots of discomfort. Thankfully the girls are both over the virus and are healing and ready to come back to care. What a long week for the parents.

With such a contagious virus it moves me in a whole other mode, prevention as any illness that is brought in not only effects the other parents in care it directly impacts my own family being that daycare is our home. As soon as I knew what we were dealing with I went in full on disinfect mode. I already keep on top of cleaning and assure the home is as healthy as possible but with a virus it hits a whole other level. By the end of Monday every surface in the house had been scrubbed (including doorknobs, doors, floors, stairs, railing, toys, chairs, booster seats to name a few things), full disinfect of all the toys the girls had come in even remote contact with the prior week and 5 loads of laundry to assure every soft surface was cleaned and dealt with.

Needless to say it was a intense few days but happy to know that the girls are healthy and we will all be back together for next week. The rest of the week was all about doing our normal day to day. Emelia’s gymnastics, school trips, school events, practices for Emelia for her air bands try-outs, and life in general. Add in co-hosting a baby shower this weekend and I am ready to have our week off soon.

This week will be more about planning our week away, budgeting and making the lists of what is needed, what we need to buy food-wise and getting the trailer in order for our week off. We are officially on the countdown… 5 more sleeps and we are off for a week of family time, even better is family time with my sister and her family – we can’t wait!

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