A Jubtastic weekend

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So we had company this weekend. One of my oldest ‘online’ friends, Dana came up to visit us from Chicago for the weekend. I have known Dana going on 3 or 4 years now and it was great to finally meet and put a face to all the laughs we have had over email. One attempt at a trip up here last fall got thwarted by her car that decided the day before not to work. But low and behold this time around, not even a PGA traffic jam, 46 patches of construction and the Canadian border guards could prevent the trip from happening.

However, we were only mildly to moderately prepared for her travel companion: Jubina Marie. Jub has been everywhere with Dana. And even without her. In fact, we think she may have been more places than Dana. So with Jub in tow, we took to seeing the sites and sounds of London and area. We visited the University of Western Ontario, the rhino in front of Museum London. She even did up the beach at Port Stanley today. Dana on the other hand stayed in our basement where we locked her up. Though we did let her out to chaperone Jub as we were more than a little afraid to be left alone with her. And if you don’t understand why were so afraid of her/it, here is the evidence.

Tomorrow Dana heads back to Chi-town and she will definitely be missed.


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John has summed up our weekend of laughs. The other major milestone was the latest trip to the midwife when we heard the news from the first ultrasound, everything looks good so far. Next week I go for next set of tests that will tell us if we have any genetic disorders to be prepared for. The other amazing thing this week was hearing the baby’s heartbeat again. John was able to come to my appointment so he was able to hear the strong heartbeat of our little bean – a strong 150-160 .Still no kicks yet but we expect to feel that any day.

Well, back to enjoy the few hours we have left before we head off to bed and then tomorrow we say good-bye to Dana.

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