So close we can almost taste it!

Well… we’re not home yet. We’re still going to have to stay / freeload at Greg and Sherri’s for another couple of days at least. But we are very close to firing up the A/C and moving back home. Which is good cause I am sure Greg and Sherri would like their house back.

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So much happened this week, but we didn’t quite make our goal of getting back to the house. But, the most important news is that the house now has a toilet again. Which is very exciting considering all the money and time I wasted on rush trips down to the Shell gas station at Oxford St. in order to #2 and then subsequently  buy a newspaper, some water and more bottled pop for Ryan. Everyone insists, I get the guilty-crap-purchase-obligation from my Mom. But I can’t pound their porcelain into submission and then just walk out like nothing happened. At any rate, that trip now is only a quick run upstairs.

The cabinets were installed on Monday and a little bit of Tuesday. And then Wednesday the ceramic tile starting going down. We got the electrical a lot closer to done and have hydro on the main floor and upstairs, just not completely in the basement. And then as mentioned, this morning, the toilet went in. We’re very close to moving back home, and that feels nice because we really happen to like how it looks. But not in this heat; not without the A/C back on.

But the big news happens tomorrow. And I will let Danielle share that with you…


she said

This week so much has changed, first things first we have a kitchen!!!!! And it is as amazing as we had imagined. We have so many cupboards compared to before we actually have some empty ones. We had hoped that we would be home this week but with the air not on and the bathroom still only partly finished we cannot move home. So we stay.

The biggest news hopefully comes tomorrow. We have our 12 week ultrasound tomorrow and hope that things are growing and developing as they should. I am still tired, the heat is killing me and the last two days have my belly feels like it is being stretched from the inside out. So this will hopefully be the good news we have been praying for through three pregnancies.

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