Still battling bugs!

I got my press handstand today! I am so happy I have been working on it forever.He said

I would like to say that after spending the entire blog last week going on about how the house had been struck down by a nasty bug that we’re all better. I’d like to say that. I would. But I just can’t. Danielle seems to be taking the brunt of most of it as her cough just won’t go away, and in the past few days, it actually seems to be coming back worse. Good thing she already has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Tuesday anyway. And my cough, more of a nuisance than anything else, still lingers on too. Thankfully, Emelia still seems to be the least impacted by this.

After battling repeated blasts of snow – sometimes having to snowblower the driveway two and three times in a day, we had an unseasonable warm up this week. For about 36 hours, we were taunted with spring-like weather. Thursday we experienced temps in the teens and significant melt occurred. However Friday that came to an abrupt end. When I left for hockey just ahead of 6:00am in the morning, it was 10º Celsius. After the hour skate and getting back into my street clothes just ahead of 8:00am, the temperature was headed back the other direction in a hurry already 3º Celsius. By the middle of the day we back to the well below freezing temps worsened by the wind chill. By the early evening the roads were like ice rinks.

This week had Emelia back in school and back to her full regular after school/weekend activities that keeps her busy 5 of the 7 days of the of the week. It meant Danielle had to worry less about filling Emelia’s daytime with activities and play dates. But it also meant our evenings got a lot busier carting Emelia around. What’s been interesting is that with having a couple weeks off both gymnastics, acro and jazz, she has – in the week since getting back into the swing of things – managed to consistently nail her aerial, her back handspring and now her press handstand. All things that she has been working really hard at getting and starting to worry she might not ever get it. It was so great to see her pride in accomplishing these as well as the hard work paying off. We’re so proud of her!

My week was most focused on work. I was off Monday and I used that mostly to rest and try and get better. Tuesday I had a late night as we had a store reset so the next day I was off again, and again I used that day to try and take it easy. By Thursday, I began my run that took me right through the weekend and will wrap up Tuesday this week. I will enjoy having Wednesday off. After having the weekend days off around Christmas and then New Year’s Eve & Day off, I am definitely feeling working right through the last couple of weekends. The good news is the payoff is that next weekend I am off Sunday to Tuesday together, and the following weekend I am off the entire weekend so we can celebrate Emelia’s birthday.

So the hope with the upcoming week is that we can’t finally kick this bug to the curb and this house can be back to 100% health. And at the very least get some together time.

She said

This week was mostly about getting back into the regular routine of sports, school and regular work. I was back to full swing with the kids and spending most of my evenings bringing Emelia to one sport or another. It was well worth the chaos to see her in her element and thriving and the confidence she feels taking each sport on.

With the kids back I was really hoping that I would be finally over this virus but this cough will not go away. I had been put on a steroid puffer to get my lungs strong to fight this off. The problem was, it isn’t helping and I am dealing with the side effects of the puffer, including sores in my throat and mouth. Thankfully I have an appointment again with the doctor on Tuesday to see what the other options might be to finally shake this thing.

This week was a long one for sure, the weather this week was all over the map. We went from being buried in snow, to rain, to freezing rain, to snow again. I was only able to get the kids out for an hour or so the entire week and we were all feeling the cabin fever. Add in a few little ones were battling colds so we needing more snuggles than normal it made for one stir crazy week.

Another downfall of this yo-yo winter is the constant weather warnings and travel advisories. Earlier in the week there were warnings about a bad storm to hit the area and beyond Friday into Saturday. It’s the winter and we live in a snow belt so we are used to it. But it makes for stressful driving at times. So when we were getting more warnings it made a sudden change to plans for the weekend. My sister and Marshall were supposed to be coming down for the weekend, problem is that they live more than 4 hours away in good weather. Add in freezing rain and snow and whiteout warnings and it meant we had to be open to the idea that this weekend might not happen. As the weekend got closer the weather was only one factor, sadly Charlie got sick and that ended any plans of getting together. We missed seeing her this weekend!

Once we knew that we weren’t going to see my sister we had to tweak our plans. For the last few weeks my friend Norma and I had been trying to find a date for our kids to get together. Both of her kids were in my daycare and our children and us moms have stayed close ever since. We try and get together as often we can but it isn’t always easy. With plans changing this weekend this gave us the chance to catch up and get together. The weather is still bitter cold so we needed to find a place to get the kids out and busy to burn some energy. We settled on Fleetway. We had been there for bowling and glow-golf in the past but last summer they added a massive climbing/play zone. The kids played constantly for close to 3 hours. They had an absolute blast and were not ready to say good-bye at the end but we know it won’t long until we see each other again.

So basically it was a long and stir-crazy week but each week means we are one more week closer to spring and warmer temps and I know this family cannot wait because each week puts us one more week closer to camping season!

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