House of sick

I finally got my back handspring at gymnastics!!

He said

As it was obvious last week, we were absent from the blog. In the week after Christmas a nasty cold entered the house and took us all for a run for our money that left Danielle & I the most sidelined but didn’t skip over Emelia for that matter. Danielle was the first one felled by it with a cough that wouldn’t quit and a relentless juggling of feverish sweats to bouts of ice chills on Thursday. By the time Saturday rolled around, she was fully laid up and I was struggling to get through my closing shift at the store. By Sunday morning, New Year’s Eve to be precise, all we could muster was the notion that once we were done any errands that needed to be done, we weren’t going to leave the house unless it was on fire. And that was what we did.

Poor Emelia because she wasn’t feeling anywhere as bad as Danielle & I, and she was excited to try and stay up to ring in the New Years. All we wanted to do was be horizontal, under a mountain of blankets and the ability to sleep all day. Thankfully the twins were around and she was able to go play with them for some of the afternoon so that we could just take it as easy as we could. After we had dinner, it was pretty much certain that we weren’t going to do anything that meant moving off the lounge chair or couch. And that’s just what we did.

We did manage to make it to midnight for Emelia’s sake so that she could say she made it up to the new year her very first time. But, the entire house was in bed and heavily sleeping by 12:10am. The entire house didn’t stir until well after 9am the next day and then we proceeded to – Danielle & I really feeling the worst of it – stay horizontal for the entire next day. We were exhausted, coughing and wrestling between feeling too warm and freezing cold. Come dinner time, not wanting to waste any energy making food we ordered takeout from Bangkok Pad Thai which included orders of Spicy Tom Yum soup to try and bring health back to our repertoire. We ate the takeout and watched like 4 straight hours of America’s Funniest Home Videos before deciding at 8pm we’d watch the rest upstairs in our bed.

I think the entire house was in bed and asleep by 9pm that night — again not rousing in the morning until well after 9am. Danielle recognizing she was already down daycare kids, and not feeling to watch the ones she would have sent out the message to the parents for the second time in ten years of daycare she was going to close as she was sick. I didn’t have to be to work until 1pm so I was able to rest up and get myself ready for work which helped.

Here it is almost a full week away and I am still not feeling 100%, and Danielle actually feels like her cold is making a comeback, and we can safely say that this has been one of the worst bugs to make it’s way through this house in a long time. Our only hope is that by this time next week, we’re not talking about it any more… We’re done with house of sick!

She said

When John’s schedule came in for the holidays we were so excited. We had a few pockets of days off in a row and together. This doesn’t often happen, in fact hasn’t happened since he started at Apple. So when the end of the week started I was less than happy to start feeling like crap. To say we got hit with a virus was the understatement of the century. This wasn’t a simple cold, I have honestly not felt that horrible in I don’t know how long. I was spiking fevers and going from freezing to sweating. Add in the brain splitting headaches, body aches and cough that wouldn’t stop. It knocked us down so hard that I could barely get off the couch and get to the second floor without needing to lie down to recover. It went on for a few days with no end in sight.

As the weekend moved on and I was getting closer to returning to work I had messages from two of my daycare parents that two of the kids were out with various viruses, add in that I had two little ones away this left me with only one little one in care. This little one is home part time with his grandparents so I made the decision to cancel care for the family so I could keep the germs contained as best I can and to get into the doctor to rule out pneumonia.

Tuesday I woke up still feeling pretty horrible and made my way to the family doctor. With pneumonia ruled out the doctor put me on a steroid puffer to help clear the fluid out and keep the infection hopefully at bay. I was so grateful that Emelia was able to spend some time with her best friends so I could continue to get better and get a few overdue errands done after the doctor. It took everything out of me and I was out for the night pretty early that night.

Thankfully the rest of the week was pretty low key, the daycare kids were good as gold. This allowed me to take it as easy as I could and try and get better. I am slowly trying to pull my way out of this virus, trying to get my energy back and get things back to normal around here. It was certainly not the way I wanted to spend our time off together but grateful that we had time to rest and get better.

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