Let’s get busy!

Well… Matthew and Shawn are back in town. And, we’re well into the design, planning and fretting stage for the kitchen and bathroom. And we’re trying again. Fun… Scary… And in the same breath. Cross your fingers for us all the way around.

he said


I myself don’t have a lot to say this week… I know, I’ll give you time to catch your breath and register what I just said. In the meantime, I’ll tell you about the week:  Like I said we got Matthew and Shawn into their apartment. Notice I didn’t say unpacked – I’ll wager that will occur sometime just ahead of their next move in two years.

And then the rest of the week was spent between going to the various home reno stores here in the city and doing our research on the internet figuring out the faucets, sinks, tubs and styles we want to go with. The picture is of the suite that we are going to use in the bathroom. We got it (everything except the tower) for a great deal at Rona and even saved 15%. For the faucets, it looks like we’re going with a line from Delta within the Brizo brand. (tub & shower) (lav) (kitchen) Very European, and very minimalist. And we’ve found sinks and bath tubs we like. Rest assured since this is a lot of what we’re doing these days, its a lot of what we’ll be talking about here.


Oh, and somewhere in there, we also did Danielle’s taxes. That was fun. Except for the part that wasn’t (which for those keeping track at home, is ALL OF IT!). Suffice it to say, we had to pay. And boy did we. Oh well, add that to money we’re about to spend. I am starting to get a sense of Danielle’s monetary trepidation about all of this. Scary… but the hell – life is that way.

There. There you have me not saying a  lot. 🙂


she said

This has been a week of learning. Learning about the amount of detail, the number of decisions needed to make a remodel happen. And learning that and that we have pretty pricey tastes :-). The end result will be incredible – let’s just hope we can do everything on this growing wish list we have.

And we come to the thing that stresses me – the money. I fret by nature, I over think things, I stress… I know big shock to anyone who knows me. So the growing list of items to buy is starting to freak me out. We are waiting to hear back on some more key things to get a real idea of the costs, I will try VERY hard not to worry about what this will really cost until I have to. Can I guarantee that this proclamation will actually mean that I will not stress? Nope. But, I will try. Nothing is written in stone, we will look at all of the decisions and decide what is best for us, our pocketbook and for the end project. I am dreaming of the kitchen and bathroom that we have waited for nearly 6 years to get done!

On a completely non-renovation note – this is the week that one of my best friends is expecting her second baby… pretty exciting!!!! Well for us maybe not for the woman who is about to go into labour. But, for the rest of us non-labouring spectators it so is.. I cannot: wait to meet this little one; to see Paige as a big sister; and for this pregnancy to be over for Kari – it has been a brutal one for her. This is a message to my future niece or nephew “be nice to mommy and come out healthy and safe!!!!

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