Happy Birthday to me!

This week I started Grade 5! I was so happy to have one of my favourite teachers back!

He said

This week, for the first time since Emelia started school, I didn’t think to request the day off or a later starting shift in order to see Emelia off to her first day of school and it was kind of strange for me. But, truth be told, she’s arrived at the age where she wants the independence and doesn’t necessarily want Mum & Dad there for that moment any more. She was fine with Danielle being there, and thankfully Danielle had the foresight to plan for it, but Emelia wasn’t the slightest bit chaffed that I had to work. And as much as I’d love for her to still need me like that little girl nervously did on her first day ever being left at school, I am so delighted to see and hear it went off without any tears or any upset.

Emelia is with her best friends again, and got a teacher she likes. But the real highlight of the day was the surprise that a teacher who was on a short term contract position with her school last year, who happened to be Emelia’s favourite, was back on full time as their gym teacher! Emelia and a lot of the girls were over the moon when they saw her. The softened the blow of losing the gym teacher they had last year who retired, that Emelia had grown attached to. And then they heard that teacher may come back to help out this tear with Cross Country. Emelia went from maybe doing Cross Country again this year to definitely-for–sure doing it.

Also this week—as hoped for—the call came in Tuesday that the repair part for the awning for Wolfie Too had arrived at Campkin’s RV. With me having both Tuesday and Wednesday off work, it worked perfectly into our schedule and what we hoped would happen. Tuesday around dinner time we made a trip out to storage to pick up Wolfie Too so that I was ready for the trip down to Whitby, first thing, Wednesday morning in order to have the repair done. It was estimated to only take a couple of hours to complete, so In opted for the service opening they had for the second the doors opened at 9:00am, knowing that I had a close to three hour drive home afterward.

That meant Wednesday morning I was up before the sun was (5:00 am) in order to hook Wolfie Too to the truck in order to be on the road for 6:00 am to be able to get to Campkin’s by the time they opened their doors. The alarm clock that morning was not my favourite thing, but given the choice of sleeping in a bit, but driving back later with potentially more crappy traffic, it was a necessary evil. Groggily and with a fresh coffee, I was on the road exactly at the time I wanted to be and showed up just ahead of them opening the doors.

The repair was all done in under two hours as they quoted which gave me time to have a slow, birthday breakfast at the McDonald’s in Port Perry. I was back on the road and headed home, just after 11:00am and pulled Wolfie Too back to her storage just after 2:00pm. The trip was a rousing success even if I didn’t like the early wake up, it was my choice, and I am happy we have a fully operational, motorized awning ready in time for our trip this weekend to Sandbanks Provincial Park for the Sandbanks Music Festival!

With me being back in town in the middle of the afternoon, that meant we had time to go out and celebrate my birthday properly. We rung in my forty-sixth trip around the sun appropriately with some Mexican food at a restaurant we have been meaning to try out for some time in Under The Volcano. It was a deliciously fantastic meal and we all ended up back at the house full to the brim and settled in for a quiet evening on the couch with a glass or two of whiskey to polish off the night.

With me having Saturday off two there was more Birthday plans that included waking up to some new records from my ladies, and more importantly plans to spend the day together. Both left me feeling totally loved, appreciated and special in their eyes. As far as birthdays go this one was pretty great. But, then again, so has every single one I’ve had since both Danielle and then, Emelia have joined my life.

She said

What a crazy week!!! The week started out of course with back to school. As hard as it is for John and I to believe our little girl isn’t so little anymore. She started grade 5 this year!!! There was a few butterflies leading into Tuesday but it was lessened because Emelia knew in advance that she and her two best friends Anna and Grace were going to be in her class. All three girls are part of a learning program and were told by the teacher running the program that they would be together because of the program. So Emelia is in a solid grade again (we have been beyond lucky that we have always been in full grades and not split classes) and her teacher is Mrs Vanderveen. Emelia was happy to have this teacher since she had some class time with her in the past. We are happy so far because this teacher has been already proactive and on top of Emelia’s IEP so we are happy to see a big difference in the guidance Emelia needs. All in all we are all super excited so far for this year. There are big support changes happening for Emelia this year and we all feel this is the most amazing step in the right direction for her and her academic confidence.

As with every new school year it is a big change in my daycare enrolment. With little ones graduating on to big kid school it means that I have a massive transition each September. This year the transition started with two new little ones starting daycare on Tuesday. I have Rowan a sweet almost 2 year old little girl start – she came from being in a centre while her parents waited for a space to be available in my daycare. Second is Elsie one of my little girls younger sister. Elsie is just shy of 10 months old and pretty mommy attached. I was worried how everyone was going to settle in but both girls are seeking in amazingly well. Elsie needs a bit more attention than Rowan when it comes to adjusting but both girls are already getting used to the routine and schedule. It was a busy week for sure!

With such a busy week it was a mid week before we knew it and John’s birthday. John had to spend his 46th birthday driving back and forth to get the trailer fixed and back in storage. Add in that in the evening we had Meet the Teacher night we were all more than ready by dinner time to really celebrate his birthday. John chose Under The Volcano for dinner and we all had a amazing meals and a great night together. With all the craziness of the week we wanted his birthday celebration to be more low key. With dinner done we got home, got Emelia to bed and settled in for a quiet end of the night. The day was so long that we decided with Saturday being a day we all had off that we would do a special dinner and give John his gifts then.

All in all it was a pretty great week. Busy of course but things have gone way better than I anticipated. This week will prove to be busy again as we are adjusting to Emelia being back to her gymnastics training as well as school and her new learning program starting this week. Not going to lie pretty happy that this coming weekend we get to have a family weekend camping and listening to music. Could not ask for a better thing to look forward to as we make our way through another week.

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