Reunited and it feels so nice.

I got to see Marshall and meet more of Mummy’s family!

He said

If it wasn’t apparent last week when the conversation turned to talk of planning our last couple of trips in the trailer out that summer was coming to an end, the weather this week certainly was a sign. For some reason, the weather turned unseasonably cold and that conversation of summer coming to an end, seemed a whole lot more real… a lot more somber. It was a little disappointing that a couple days this week I was back into pants. The days for shorts may be numbered… And, we’re already talking about next-year locales.

The last trip we were out in the trailer, while we were packing up to come home, rolling in the awning as one of the last steps, we heard a pop and then a thud as the awning was retracting in. Two things you don’t want to hear. When we looked out to see what happened, one of the pins that holds the pneumatic arm had come off and as a result the awning arm on the door side fell down into the track and bent. Monday after we got back we were back on the phone with Campkins trying to get the warranty sorted out.

A lot of that phone legwork unfortunately was on Danielle’s plate this week. It also meant trips out and back to where the trailer is stored in order to get the information they needed in order to submit the warranty claim, have it approved and the replacement arm to be ordered. Those two trips unfortunately meant we had to head out to the trailer to get the information we needed, as soon as I got home from work. The good news is, the repair part is ordered and it looks like we might be able to have it fixed as early as next week and ahead of our second last outing. The bad news is, it means another trip to Whitby and back. But, at least it will all be sorted out.

The big event on our radar this weekend was something that has been for months and we were excited was finally here. One of Danielle’s cousins Liz, upset that many of the family had not really seen each other save for funerals in quite some time, spearheaded organizing a family reunion of sorts as they were in the area for the summer (they live near Chicago). Her tenacious energy really pulled it all together and the date everyone agreed on – Labour Day – worked perfectly as everyone would have the day off. And the great news aside from a couple of people, the entire Japp side of the family were able to get together.

We arrived right on time(ish) and were happy to see everyone already collecting. Within minutes, hugs and handshakes we were all reconnecting like it hadn’t been some time since we were all together. It was so great to see the kids that were just toddling when Danielle and I just started dating, now having families of their own. And the best part was the location that was chosen was the site our first kiss! Before Danielle & I were even dating – and while she was dating a friend – with liquid courage I kissed Danielle before we were ever an item. Within weeks we were dating and the rest is history. However, for whatever reason we had not been back there until today so it was funny and surreal to share this with Emelia.

We had a fantastic time, laughed a lot and have already hatched plans for another get together next year camping up in Charlie, Todd & Marshall’s neck of the woods. Unfortunately before we knew it, it was time to head home as a lot of the next wave of kids were back to school tomorrow—Emelia included. We certainly didn’t want the day to end but we had a girl who actually admitted she was tired so it was time to get home so that we did.

Tomorrow Emelia goes back to school and it couldn’t come soon enough. She’s ready to be back to the structure of school and to see her besties all the time. She’s a little nervous about school this year as Grade Five is big deal and has been planning and stressing over her first day outfit for what seems like ever. So suffice it to say a great week ends with a big day tomorrow. And there’s no better way to put one week to bed, than with that kind of forecast.

She said

What a perfect end of the summer. The summer flew by in a flash this year. I think many because the weather never really hit summer like temps and humidity we spent most of the season waiting for it to start. This summer was filled with amazing memories, lots of camping trips and day trips. We managed to fill our days with lots of fun activities. But that being we are all happy to be moving back to the school routine – well sort of. I have loved having Emelia home but she is so far removed from the daycare ages that she really needs to be back with her peers. The week was long with emotional children saying good-bye to each other and daycare world and big emotions with the expectations of the school year.

The weekend however was an amazing time filled with family and friends. John unfortunately had to work both Saturday and Sunday but Emelia and I had lots of fun things planned. Saturday once we took the morning at a beautifully lazy pace we made our way out for our first agenda item – getting a back to school manicure and pedicure. Emelia just adored it and I am not going to lie the long overdue pedicure felt pretty amazing. Once we were done our spa treatment we did a bit last minute fall clothing shopping. Emelia is set for the fall and is pretty excited about wearing all her new clothes. Once we were done our day we came home and she had a bit of a play with her friends Marin and Gracyn. We settled in after that for the night and planned for the next day.

Sunday Emelia was pretty excited because our plans for the afternoon was a full afternoon play date with her gymnastic besties from the last two years. Emelia was over the moon excited about playing with Olivia and Kathleen. The girls took no time to take off and play together for the entire afternoon. The girls get along so well and I know that Emelia has really missed them this last training year since they are in different training groups. The moms shared a glass of wine and lots of laughs. It was an amazing afternoon.

The weekend was already pretty amazing and it was only going to get better. Today was a day I have been excited about for going on a few months. The Japp family reunion. I haven’t seen my side of the family outside my sister and her family in years. Like 10 years for most of them. With life going in a million different directions for everyone and distance for some it has been something that we have ignored for far too long. What started out as a conversation started with my cousin Liz turned into this amazing event with 30 of our family members sharing an afternoon of catching up and lots and lots of laughs. What was so amazing for me is that distance has kept us apart for all these years you would never know. Everyone picked up right where we left off. Everyone blended in together instantly and we had an amazing afternoon.

The kids after taking a few minutes to get to know each other and once they did they all fell into an afternoon of play. For me it was amazing to see Emelia meet everyone, she is 10 and a half and she has never met most of this family aside from being an infant at my aunts funeral. It is so important to me she has this connection with my family and she loved meeting everyone and seeing how amazing they are. Sadly the afternoon went by in a flash but the excitement is already building because we are planning for next summer and another family reunion this time for a camping trip that will give us so much more time to spend time as a family.

We are home now doing the last minute prep for tomorrow. Emelia is settled in bed and I have to get things ready not only for a new school year but as always in September a new group of daycare kiddos. I have a little one who is 10 months starting tomorrow and a little girl who is almost 2. It’s going to be a very busy week for sure, hoping its a smooth one.

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  1. I absolutely loved this. You guys made me cry but that’s ok lol. I am so glad we did this and am so looking forward to next year ❤️

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