whirlwind week…

he said

Let me start with a little rant about DVD movies… It started a week ago Friday when my cousin Bill was here and we went out for dinner and we were talking about movie piracy and such. He pointed out that on DVDs that you buy, you have to watch a trailer at the start – in addition to the 30 other trailers you are forced to – about how movie piracy is wrong. And Bill’s point, and I am inclined to agree, is that this message is so clearly directed at the wrong audience – the paying consumer who has legally bought this DVD and somehow now feeling a little dirty for having done so. Do they really think that the people who are in fact illegally downloading and ripping movies are ever going to see that message, much less care about it? Perhaps they should air those commercials on TV or the internet more appropriately where the audience they are trying to address. Or better yet, save the money from those ads and direct it towards trying to combat where these movies are being leaked from, even as they are still in the theater. Right now, I have to say, its getting so I’d rather watch a stolen copy of a movie if meant I wasn’t forced to have to watch that plus 30 other trailers when I have gone about purchasing a movie the way they wanted me to.

But the point of this beef was not that… When did they decide to not include trailer for the actual movie on the disk? When did this happen? I sure have access to all the other stupid movies I did not buy on the DVD. But the one I am about to watch… the one I would like to see before I watch the movie… somehow these don’t exist on the DVD any more. I imagine the thought is that ‘you have the movie, why do you need the trailer?’ or ‘hey, we need the space for the 30 other trailers’. But some of us out there like to watch the trailers before the movie again to reference what the movie was about or to see if what they pitched it as, is in fact how it delivers. At any rate it’s silly that DVDs don’t include the actual trailer for the movie any more. /rant

Now, on to my week.

Well, there was one there I am not just sure I had much time to catch any of it before it was over. Its REALLY busy at work. Lots of jobs keep piling up and two big projects I am working on are the roadblock right now. And since I am the only designer there, its just plugging along that is going to get me through all this. It meant that two nights this week I was in till 8 pm and that I spent 8 hours there yesterday (Yes, a precious, Saturday!), but the light at the end of the tunnel is that I have made some headway and that I have racked up some time off in lieu of the overtime. By the end of next week, the workload should be tamed and I might even be able to reward myself with some time off to vegematate.

And in a few weeks (24 sleeps to be precise) we’re off to Edmonton to see Cheryl and do just that for 6 days! That will be just fine by me.

This week’s beefs are also:

  • When someone uses dub-dub-dub in stead of “w-w-w” when reciting an internet address as they don’t have time for all those extra syllables. Come on! Browsers are smart these days, you CAN get away without even typing the dub-dub-dub crud, so why even bother saying it unless you’re trying to be cool. In which case, how about no?
  • When someone refers to my trade as “Graphics Design”. For some reason if you don’t pluralize the word graphic people won’t realize you deal with more than one. Maybe I should accept it and move to a different industry then? Like another of my favourites, Movies Production? Or is it Movies Productions?

Okay, enough bitching from me… Off to the regular Sunday things, and to let Danielle have the soap box.



she said

This week has been long to say the least. John has had to put in long hours in work, and we had another test at the specialist. So on Wednesday I had the sonohystogram, I had researched the procedure (I know surprise!!!) and been warned that is very uncomfortable so I took some T1s before I went. Uncomfortable is the biggest understatement!!!! Painful would have been a better description. But it is thankfully over and the bloating and cramping that followed has passed – and gratefully we found out that my uterus and cervix is normal, this is not the reason we keep loosing the babies and I do not need surgery. Unfortunately I was not able to get any other results. We have to wait for another 4 weeks to get the other results back.

Yesterday, on a much happier note I was able to go with Kari & Paige to Target to shop for Paige’s big girl bedding and to look for items to be prepared for the newest addition that will be here before we know it!!!! Kari would love more than anything to have this pregnancy over now, she has such hard pregnancies – I know she never believes this – she looks so beautiful!!!! She glows when she talks about her daughter being a big sister and the perfect little one growing in her belly. I am so glad to be able to share this time with her. She is so positive that this will happen for John and I soon. I can not help but hope when people like Kari and John (and so many others) are there to support me!!! I have to say all in all I am a pretty lucky woman!

Well we are just finishing getting ready and then off to get groceries. Then off to see one of my favourite people in the whole word…. my little man Vaughan. He was asking when he could see Aunt Danielle and Uncle John again….. how can a girl resist when their two year old blue eyed boy requests a visit!!!!

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