how many times can you watch nemo?

he said

The answer to the title question depends on your age. If you are below the age of 8, the answer is as many times as there are hours in a year. I can’t remember if I had a movie or a story or something like Finding Nemo that I tortured my parents with with infinitum though I am sure I still found ways to drive them nuts. But still it’s funny to think how as a kid you can watch something over and over and over again and never tire of it. But now, I can absolutely love a movie, buy the DVD and only ever manage to watch it in a 5 minute stint when I catch it once on the idiot box on TBS (the weekend movie recycler bin). But, as a kid you can watch your favourite movie 7 times in one day.

So, we are watching Paige this weekend and her/our safety net is Nemo. Mommy and Daddy went to T-Dot to get some much needed time away together just by themselves because in two months they will suddenly have one more Nemo watcher.  I will let Danielle tell you about our weekend with her. I’ll take care of the picture posting. Which if you click the picture will take you to the photos.

My other good news is my wittle brother Matthew got a job back here in London. It’s great news for him – more because its the next step in his career than it is necessarily for the fact that it would be nice to have he and Shawn back in the city – but still great either way.  He starts here on the 27th of the month, and I gather that Shawn will be down with him as soon as he can get a transfer down here. Everyone is excited for them. It was nice when we had the ‘Welland’ Teeters here but as jobs and families spread you all over, its nice that they aren’t too far away. And things like the int0rw3b keep us relatively close together.

Oh and Danielle and I bought a subscription for the year for .Mac so soon, I am going to try out making a podcast with her cause what the heck. Also, a nice feature is the photocasting . And even cooler is that you don’t have to be using a Mac and iPhoto to join in. All you need is an RSS reader or compatible browser. So any of you interested in keeping up with the photos, can email me and I will add you to the photocast group.


she said

Well the crash course on toddlerhood has gone very well… Paige has been such a good little girl for her first overnight visit with us. She has stayed with us countless times but only for a couple ours at at time — we survived our first overnight very well. Yesterday she came over at about 9:00 am for the first (of many) viewing of Nemo. We played… pulled every toy out and coloured. The next repeated game was torture Skylar – one of our favourite times. She loves the animals and helps feed them ‘crunchies’ and doggie cookies – we need to buy a new bag since Clifford has had about 20 cookies in two days!

After naptime we ventured over to Adventures on Wonderland – it was a huge hit as you can see from the pictures. It was great having an area that was safe for her age and she could run off all the toddler energy. All-in-all we have had a great weekend.

On a sadder note – today would have been our due date… I shed a few tears for the baby that will never be, and held on to hope that we can get in next week to see our specialist for our next test and to get the answers from the blood work. The specialist was on vacation last week so I have to call on Tuesday when they return to the office and hope I can get the timing right and have the sonohystogram on Thursday or Friday. It is a strange thing waiting and hoping that something is wrong so you have some answers – but we never imagined we would be in this place, looking for answers. We are hoping for the best this weekend and trying to remain prepared that we might not find any answers. So hopefully this time next week when we post the week that was we will have some more insight.

Well off to play with the cutie and go to the grocery store –


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