Waiting on pins and needles…

I am waiting to hear what level I made for gymnastics next year. I want to know!

He said

We crossed over into June this week which means we’re officially closer to the next camping trip than we are to the last. In fact, we’re a mere eleven days out from another weekend in nature at The Pinery which is the best kind of place to be.  The weather keeps getting warmer and nights start later. The only thing we have to do ahead of the excursion is to get our friend Chris to take his welding torch to the bracket that broke on our table that allows it to convert from our bed to the dining table. And the good news is, it looks like an easy and quick fix that we should be able to have done this week.

The other Wolfie thing we’re looking into this week is selling off the fold-up bikes we had the last couple of years. With Emelia graduating bike sizes this year, and being able to go on much longer rides like we did last trip out, we recognized those fold-up bikes while convenient, aren’t great on Danielle & I. So the next trip, we’re going to pack our full size bikes instead. It might take up more space in our packing but it will certainly be better for us with our full-sized bikes. Eventually, we will want to sort out some sort of bike rack solution, but for now, we’re going to chuck them where we can make them fit and see how they work for us on this next trip. It’s the perfect way to test before our full-week trip to Arrowhead Provincial Park in The Muskokas and up near Charlie, Todd and Marshall.

The other thing cemented on our radar this weekend was waiting to hear where Emelia had placed for next year’s gymnastics. For the most part, since the tryouts Emelia hasn’t really talked about wanting to know. With her making Level 2 Competitive this past year – which was a big step forward – that was the one she was most dialled in and wanting to know about. However, later yesterday one of the other girls in Emelia’s group this season found out she made the Level 3 provincials training team and since then the questions of whether Mummy has gotten the email has started to trickle in. And the network of other parents – all on pins and needles too – has started to message each other anxiously awaiting the news. As has been the trend for the last couple of years, one or two parents finds out, the rest around the knitting circle are left stressfully waiting to find out. We do have an assurance that everyone will know by tomorrow, so there is an end in sight.

The other exciting thing week was our friend Rebecca (who I met through CBC Radio3) was in town for the week from Newfoundland to judge the Synchronized Swimming Nationals held here in London. She came to see me at the store and we went out for lunch on Tuesday when she first got here. Butt, then she was also able to get Emelia & Danielle passes to comes see the team finals on Saturday. She came over to the house Friday night after I was done work and we sat around and had a great visit. But the next day, Emelia & Danielle got to watch the team finalists in the 13-15 age group which Emelia was over the moon to see. She told me all about it this morning when I saw her before work and how much she loved watching it. And we were happy to get more than once to see ‘Rebby‘ this week!

This week – today actually – wrapped up the last day of the second Wellness Challenge at work. Where the last one was focused on activity and closing the rings, this one was more around meal planning and eating better. There still was an activity component to it but it is more focused 0n eating better. As much as I love this initiative, it is a lot more work on the app that you log your meals on and quite literally more of a pain. I am happy to say that I ended the competition weighing less than when I started but I am not sure I did enough to make my point goal to reach gold. I missed the 1000 point goal by 35 points. Oh well…

This week will be all about getting prepared for the camping trip the following weekend. I have Thursday through Monday off, so we’ve booked in from Thursday to Sunday to give me an extra night out in the woods to unwind. In the middle of the weekend we do have tickets for the Cirque Du SoIeiI show OVO in town on Saturday that Mom & Dad gave us but other than that I am looking forward to a weekend in the woods, smelling like a campfire and maybe even getting into Lake Huron for a swim.

The good news is we have enough things coming up that it’s helping us preoccupy ourselves while we wait for this blasted email to come in and let us know what the next year looks like for gymnastics!


She said

The weekend was amazing after a not so great week. There is a little bug that a few of the parents came in with and then passed on to one of the little ones and then it hit me and HARD. I am typically a very healthy person, I rarely get sick. This entire winter and spring there has been so much talk about these brutal viruses going around and that people cannot seem to stay healthy. Those viruses never hit the house and we were to grateful. So what I had managed to avoid for the last few years hit and hit hard.

Wednesday morning I woke not feeling well. I thought at first I have been glutened and somehow missed something and got some cross contamination because I was unsettled through the night. As the morning went on it got worse and worse. I managed to get the kids to playgroup for the morning but about ½ way through it was really starting to kick in. I kept things together and got the children home, made a quick lunch and then got them down to bed. John thankfully was off and I asked him to do something I had never done in 9 years of daycare. Keep an ear and I was going to lie down for a few minutes. Well 2 hours later John came up to see if I was able to get up. I dragged myself out of bed, got the kids snacks prepped and started texting the parents to give them a heads up. Most of the parents were able to come  sooner and with John and Emelia’s help I was able to finish the day.

Instantly from there I was in bed, slept at that time from 5 until 9:30 and John seeing I was no better said you need to make the call and let the parents know there is no way you can work tomorrow. I messaged all the parents and by 10:00 I was back in bed until 8:00 the next day. Emelia came in our room in a panic saying ‘mama the kids are going to be here soon you have to get up’. I told her I was far too sick and I could not work. That is when she knew I was sick, in 9 years I have never taken a sick day for me and only 2 days of closure for Emelia.

With her help I got downstairs to pack her lunch and get her off to school ready for the day. And then I was back down. I have never been that worn out ever, I could not get off the couch, I could not eat, I was so weak. That lasted for basically the day. I hadn’t had a bite at this point in almost 48 hours. I tried that night and nope couldn’t stomach food. Not exactly the pre-summer fast I wanted. That night was another early night and reluctantly I went back to work the next day. Ah the world of self-employment and people relying on you. It took until really until Satruday morning for me to feel more like myself.

Thankfully I was back to the races Saturday as we had some fun things planned and John sadly had to work. We managed in the last 2 and a half days have a visit from our friend from Newfoundland, Emelia and I went to the Gathering on the Green with Norma and Reece, we got to go to see the Synchronize Swimming National Finals (AMAZING), see our friend from Newfoundland again, come home for Emelia to play for a few hours with friends…. yes that was all Saturday.

Today Emelia and I had another full day planned. Today we had the amazing chance to spend the day at our friends (and one of my clients) lake house near Lake Huron. The weather could not have been better. The kids spent most of the day going between crafting, the pool and the trampoline. It was pure perfection. And to top off the day Emelia and I managed to avoid the storm that hit the city late in the day.

So the last bit of news we are hoping we know this evening. Where Emelia and her teammates will place for next years training teams for gymnastics. Emelia’s gym over the last almost 2 years has been building their own private and much bigger gym. The training facility is so large that the elite teams have their own private area that will not be used at all by the recreation program. What this means is that they can give the girls more training hours, more intensive training and provide two paths for the next level. One is the provincial team which is crazy intensive and requiring an incredible time commitment from parents and athletes. The second team is the provincial prep team which is again a massive increase in training hours and preparing the girls to potentially compete in more provincial level competitions. Either way it is going to mean that Emelia gets to do even more what she already loves which is train.

Now we wait…

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