On our radar: Campfires, starry nights and lake water

I finally got to test my Mermaid Tail out swimming and I love it!

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Where last week we were focused completely on getting Emelia’s room changed over, this week was a nice change of pace in… well… not having to spend every moment selling old furniture, getting new furniture, disassembling old furniture, assembling new furniture, painting, and moving pictures. Emelia is delighted with more space in her more grown-up tween room and we’re happy to be done with the changeover. As much as it pained our hearts to see her grow up past wanting the play doll house for her American Girl dolls, it was refreshing to see her play with them more this past week than she has in the last couple of months.

Having worked all last weekend meant I had a run of days this week after the holiday Monday that took me to Thursday where I started three straight days off. It’s funny how only a week ago we had a weekend together camping which was fantastic, but after last weekend, especially considering all the work we were doing on her room when I got home, I was really feeling the need to have a few days off come Wednesday. To say I was looking forward the next three days would be an understatement. Come Thursday morning when there were no alarms to beckon me up and the windows open with fresh air coming in couldn’t have been a better way to start the day! (still didn’t stop my body from deciding I didn’t need to sleep past 8:30am)

This week also moved us to the half way point to our next camping trip which means some repairs and upgrades to Wolfie have been the topic of discussion. On the repair side, the bracket that takes the bed Danielle & I sleep in up to a table broke when I was setting up camp last trip, so we need to see if our welding buddy Chris can fix it. On a weekend trip it wasn’t too much hassle not having a table during the days, but come our week-long trip in July we will definitely want that fixed. As for the upgrade side the one thing we’ve wanted to replace since day one is the original ceiling fan vent. While it does the job to some extent, but it is super noisy and doesn’t necessarily move a ton of air. Newer ones like the one we’re gonna get are whisper quiet, move a ton more air and even have a rain sensor that will close the lid when it detects precipitation. And it has a remote control! We’re hoping we can get that ordered and installed in time for the trip out in July.

Friday this week was a day that Emelia had on her radar for pretty much the entire school year. Every year in May her school holds a fundraising fair on a Friday night after school where the kids get to run, play and dance in order to raise funds for the activities the kids do all year. We’ve become great friends with a lot of the families in the school and it’s a wonderful little community that’s evolved from our kids going to school together. A lot of the parents look forward to this night as much as the kids and our household is no different. The only bummer was that this year Danielle had a doTerra conference the very same night and wasn’t able to attend.

Friday as soon as Emelia was done school she was home planning her outfit excitedly for our night. The second it was time to go she shot out the door to meet up with her besties, the twins. What I love most about this night is being able – especially with her now at this more self-sustaining age –sit back and just watch her be herself in her element with her friends. She’s a bit of a clown who likes to get laughs (go figure!) but also is intensely loyal and cares deeply about her friends feelings too. Seeing her run with her herd and just have pure, carefree fun is such a delight as a parent and probably a great deal of the appeal to all the parents there watching. She had one heck of a time, and when it all wrapped up were home and she was in bed & asleep in easily an hour. She was one tuckered out girl.

Saturday was a day for all of us to be together and just enjoy the world a lazy pace. Needing to do some bike repairs to my bike and further assembling to get Danielle’s up and going, Danielle and Emelia spent the morning putzing around while I worked on the bikes. After I decided I had enough time bike repairing we went for a drive and enjoyed the weather. We did a bit of window shopping for the Pilot’s one day replacement and then came home to retire for the night of some BBQ, a grown up drink or two and a S’moreo for Emelia by the fire pit. It was the perfect way to cap three straight days with my girls and the weather was super kind to us to boot. As the nights stay warmer, the sun up later it convinces us more camping trips out in Wolfie are a lot sooner than we think. And that’s the perfect kind of itinerary to have on our radar: Campfires, starry nights and lake water.


She said

As John mentioned it was a quieter week on the to-do list for sure. Tuesday came back to reality with the daycare kids and it was the normal day most teachers/providers dread – the post holiday hangover. Every long weekend it never fails the kids come back in overtired, off schedule and down right miserable. This year was no different. The kids came in Tuesday on fire and it made for a long day especially considering the rain.

Thankfully by Wednesday things calmed down a bit and add in the weekly playgroup that I take the kids to it things were settling down a bit. But not going to lie I had my eye on the weekend pretty well the whole week.

Friday came before I knew it and I was able thanks to John’s support and help sneak out a bit early so I could attend a wellness summit put on by doTerra in the city. It was amazing, inspirational, and educational. I love this journey I am on with natural health and wellness and the more I learn the happier I am that we have made these incredible shifts in our lives. I cannot tell you how much it has positively impacted our family with our health and well-being. The evening was packed with amazing information and I was so happy I was able to be part of it. I came out with even more information to share and I love it so much.

By the time things wrapped up for the night I called John and found out Emelia was tucked in for the night and I quickly grabbed a bite to eat for John and I before coming home to have a nice lazy night at home together.

We woke Saturday morning realizing that we had little to nothing really on our t0-do list for the morning. It was bliss! We took the morning at a nice lazy pace before Emelia and I snuck out to get our hair cut and then back home so Emelia could play with her friends. After going on a call in the afternoon we paced the rest of our afternoon again at a lazy pace. Emelia played more with her friends and John and I got a few things done around the house. The night was capped off perfectly with a family night around the fire pit and then tucking Emelia in bed.

Today sadly John needed to go back to work but with not a lot on our agenda today I was able to get a few things done around the house and then we decided on a nice hike as our activity for the day. We invited Emelia’s best friends Anna, Grace and Marin and the girls and I were off for an almost 90 minute hike down but the river on the hiking trails. The girls had a great time. We spent the rest of the day with the girls playing and then over at a neighbours for a swim. Emelia finally got to try out her much loved mermaid tail and it was the hit for all the girls. Once swim was wrapped up Emelia and I went over to meet John and Helen and Doug’s for a little visit and dinner. It was the perfect cap for a pretty amazing day with my girl.

Emelia is happily sleeping now and I am going to sign off for the week to enjoy the last few hours of our weekend with John. Until next week!

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