Dear Santa…

blog-headerI got to see Santa today! I told him how I want a desk for my bedroom to do my homework on.

mv6-ebs-spp-3839He said

It was a bit of a busy week for me as we had Black Friday at the store this week which is always a very busy day. There was a lot of planning as well as making sure we had everything in place and ready to go. Then at home, we’ve mostly been planning and focused on getting everything ready and mapped out for Christmas. And on top of that the Pilot had a service appointment this week too It felt like there was a ton to get done this week, and now looking back on it, I realize why: there was!

mv6-ebs-spp-3837I had Wednesday off this week, and definitely by the time it rolled around, and knowing that Friday was going to be crazy busy at work, I spent a good portion of the day being super lazy. In fact I don’t think I even got a shower until just ahead Emelia getting home from school. But, knowing that she’s been a little challenged by the close shifts I’ve had lately, we made sure that the rest of that evening and any night that I have an earlier shift, was focused on spending the time together.

img_0737The funny thing about it was for someone who complains that she doesn’t get enough time with me, she certainly didn’t mind giving me all the same protest Danielle gets when they work on homework after school. First, I needed to make a grocery run to pick up some things Danielle needed for dinner, so our thought was Emelia and I could have some one-on-one time running that errand. Only trouble is, Emelia wasn’t really keen on that. It wasn’t until Danielle pointed out to her, that she’s often complaining about not getting enough time with me, and here’s an example of where she passes it up, did she decided she would come along with me. We did have a great time together and got back to the house in a much quieter state with the daycare kids gone to their homes.

img_0743Then after dinner, I started to work with Emelia on her spelling homework. Pretty much right off the hop I got to experience the same frustration and protest that Danielle frequently runs into with Emelia. After about an hour of her stubbornness and over emotional behaviour she was sent off to bed on her own less some privileges and significant toys she adores. It wasn’t until she was on her own for bed without story, her beloved music did she finally recognize the error in her ways and she remorsefully apologized. She still went to bed without her music.

img_0729Thursday and Friday we had a much better version of Emelia. Now, mind you I was at work so this comes all via Danielle, but she was much better and had earned back some of her things as well as the trip to see Santa at the mall on Sunday. She and Mummy pretty much held down the fort Thursday, Friday and Saturday as I had a string of closes at the store which left them with the evenings together. The visited me at the mall on Thursday night and they were having a evening together.

img_0724Sunday was my other day off this week and it was a big day on a couple of counts. Number one, we didn’t have anywhere to be first thing so we were all able to get up without an alarm and start the day at a very slow pace. But the second part of the day was something Emelia was looking forward to all week: we were headed to the mall to see Santa and get our picture taken with him. Emelia worked hard on her letter to Santa to ask for her desk that she wants for doing homework and I think Santa was as surprised and delighted by the practicality in her gift request as her parents are (truthfully I don’t think Danielle was as surprised as she was delighted – she is practical to a fault, too!)

img_0721After we visited with Santa and got some other errands done, we headed over to Mom & Dad’s so we could visit and watch the Grey Cup together which is something we try to do every year. Being that Dad played high school football on a championship team it’s always been something we’ve shared enjoyment watching together. Plus it’s just another excuse (like we really need any) to visit with them.  We had a great time, ate too much and came home – like always – with more than we went there with. Mom & Dad hearing Emelia was having some challenges with spelling managed to find on eBay for Emelia a vintage Speak & Spell and Speak & Read like my brother had growing up so she could practice and get better. (Thanks Poppa & Grandma!)

So, there you have it. One event-filled and busy week that ended with family, food and help. I can’t think of a better and more comforting way to wrap a week – with Emelia in bed, Danielle on the couch and me about to join her. TTFN.


img_0716She said

This week felt like a blur. As John mentioned we had a ton going on, add in the insanely busy day and weekend for John at work we were more than ready for a quieter pace of the day today.

The week started out pretty normal, the children adored that we got snow last weekend and had fun playing outside, but the blanket of snow was short lived and by Tuesday the weather turned to drizzle and grey skies which basically kept us limited to more inside activities than outside. Well the kids are not used to all this indoor time and they were more than squirrelly but the end of the week and so was I. I did a ton of work in the week to revamp the daycare space and plan out more activities to keep these little ones busy for the long season ahead.

img_0719The week was packed but it was very productive. This weekend was the big Black Friday sales so I took full advantage of the sales and basically finished up 90% of our Christmas shopping. I was able to finish up shopping for Emelia and got the shopping done for John as well. Basically I only have one more present to get and I am happily DONE! Now admittedly I think we might have gone a bit overboard for Emelia this year but she didn’t ask for a lot, and what she did ask for we got on sale for crazy prices so we were able to get her a few more things and stay in budget. I was feeling a bit bad for getting too much but remembered she really doesn’t get a lot from many people for the holidays so this allows us to get her a bit more for her. But if I add it all up and there is a bit too much I can always hold on to a few things for her birthday next month. It does feel amazing to be almost done this early and can just sit back and wait for the big day to get here. There is always still so much to do but not having to think shopping is pretty fantastic.

img_0715One of the big holiday traditions was taken care of today – Emelia’s annual trip to see Santa. She and I had gone out last week and picked out her holiday dress for the school concert and Christmas. We put on her dress, got her hair done and off to the mall we went. Before going to see Santa she wrote her letter carefully cutting out picture of the exact desk she wants for her room. Once we were done with Santa we did a bit of shopping for Emelia who is growing again like a weed, picked her up a couple tops and some pants on the big sales. So hopefully we are set for a bit but not likely assuming the next big spurt for our tall girl is just around the corner.

img_0750We wrapped the weekend with a great visit with Helen and Doug, Emelia just adores spending time with her grandparents and they are just so amazing with her. We are so grateful for her relationship with them, having grandparents in your life is just so important and we are lucky to have two of the best in our lives. That was the week that was, hopefully this week will be a bit quieter and we can take things a bit easier.

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