Go Knights Go!

IMG_1181I got to go to two London Knights playoff games! And the Easter Bunny brought me a Hermione Pop! doll.

IMG_1147He said

This weekend which was supposed to be three days off with nothing much at all planned turned out to be a whole lot more activity that we originally anticipated. Knowing that we had three straight days together to play family and that the trip is coming up in a short month’s time, we were resigned to do a lot of relaxing. Good Friday pretty much meant everything was closed, and the same went for Sunday. The only real plans we had were to hang with the rest of the Teeters (that could make it) at Poppa & Grandma’s for Easter dinner today.

IMG_1150Friday morning we took at one of the slowest paces in recent memory. I don’t think I was fully out of bed until close to 11am that day while Emelia and Danielle vegged out downstairs. By the time I got up and downstairs we tried to come up with some possible things to do. Danielle having bought a Groupon a couple weeks ago for laser tag and pizza at Palasad looked whether they were open (which they were) and plans were quickly hatched for pizza (and gluten friendly options for Danielle) and laser tag for the three of us.

IMG_1154Emelia had a blast trying the arcade games first before we tried out our back to back games of laser tag her,  Danielle and I. We had been once years ago before Emelia was born on our trip to Disney with our friend Raena and this time around we had just as much fun. The first game we played we were on teams – red vs. blue – and the second game was no holds barred everyone against everyone. All-in-all it was a  great deal and we definitely buy that Groupon again if it comes up!

IMG_1158While we were paying the bill, Danielle got a message from one of the Mom’s she had made friends with in her Mommy & Me group when Emelia was born. It seemed she was at the London Knights first game of the playoffs and had enough extra tickets that we could go to the game if we wanted — and the kicker was they were free. We all made hurried pitstops in the bathroom before hauling our butts downtown in time to catch the start of the second period with no scoring in the game to that point. Emelia had a blast! Well… we all did as the Knights proceeded to take it to the Owen Sound Attack and handily win 4-1.

IMG_1162As soon as we got home and got Emelia to bed, on a whim I checked to see if there were any tickets together so that we could go see game 2 the next night and low and behold there was. While it went against Danielle’s better judgment of saving as much money as we could before the trip, she eventually green-lighted the tickets when I presented her my YOLO perspective on going. It helped that the Knights scored enough goals Friday night to get us a sorta free dinner at Harvey’s.

IMG_1164Saturday was a little of the regular routine with Emelia’ gymnastics and Danielle & I doing the grocery run during. We got all the errands done while Emelia had her usual gymnastical fun. By the time we got home one of Emelia’s besties from down the street was chomping at the bit to play with Emelia so the girls were off to her house for an hour more of energy burn. By the time Emelia was back home it was time to get ready to head downtown for our extravagant dinner at Harvey’s and for game two fan fest that was happening outside Budweiser Gardens for the couple hours ahead of the game. Emelia was a huge fan of the kids cheerleading demonstration that was going on out front, and after a lot of encouraging from Mummy, Daddy and one of their coaches, participated along with them in a lift move.

IMG_1170The game on the other hand wasn’t much fun as the night prior. I mean we managed to have seats close to the action, but the Knight’s play was a lot more hesitant and by the end of the second period with no score they were getting outshot by the Attack by a 2-1 margin. Emelia of course still managed to have a grand old time, and even finally got one of the warmup pucks she had been coveting for the three games she’s attended. The third period saw the Attack get a goal and the Knights never able to match it and in the end they lost a disappointing 2-0 game which Emelia decided that like her Daddy, she doesn’t like the referees.

IMG_1185Today of course was all about the visit from the toothy, long-eared fellow who leaves chocolatey treats. Emelia after two straight nights of extremely late bed times and no sleeping in either morning — and against all of our best-placed pleading – still managed to wake us up at the crack of 7am! The most we could squeeze from her was 10 more minutes in bed (which was probably closer to 5) before we had no choice but to get up and go downstairs to find out what the bunny had left. And Emelia was delighted with the leave-behind from the Bunny.

IMG_1189The rest of the morning was taking it as easy as we could and trading off catnaps here and there when we could. After some baking for tonight and a lunch, it was time to get ready and head over to Mom & Dad’s to hang out for Easter Dinner with the Teeters. The weather couldn’t be any better and there’s no better prospect than hanging with the people that mean the most to you to close out a wonderful week. Can’t think of a better way to end such an amazing and fun-filled three days together!


IMG_1206She said

This was one of the best weekends we have had in as long as I can remember, it was a perfect weekend for time as a family. With John’s job we really cherish the times we can spend just the three of us, and this weekend was just that all about the three of us. We have had other weekends when we have had a lot of fun amazing things going on but this was the first in so long that we could just pick up fun plans and just run with it. We started out with literally little planned and quickly filled it with so much fun.

IMG_1231Friday morning we took the day at an incredibly lazy pace. We all stayed in our pjs for hours, hung out, and just spent time as a family. We really needed it. Emelia and I snuggled in on the couch under the blankets and watched Harry Potter as John caught up on some much needed sleep. Around noon we all decided we should get moving a bit and make a big breakfast (lunch for Emelia) and started to plan out more of our day.

IMG_1247In the mid-afternoon we had squared up plans to go to the Palasad to have a fun family day of laser tag and pizza. Emelia had an absolute blast doing this at her best friends birthdays that the second it came up on Groupon I grabbed it so we could have a fun family evening out. We had a great dinner, played some arcade games and then went off to play laser tag. The laser tag was so much fun, Emelia really got into it and was laughing and smiling the entire time. As John mentioned by the end of the first game I had received a message from a friend of mine, June that I have known since Emelia was a baby. She had 4 extra tickets to the Knights playoff game and if we could use them they were  free for the taking. By the time we finished the second game we had things all squared away and packed up quickly to haul butt downtown.

IMG_1244We thankfully found parking quickly and we were in our seats as the second period started. The game was amazing and Emelia had such a great time. We left the game with souvenir play-off shirts ready to cheer the boys on throughout the play-offs. When we got home we had a tired girl who quickly crashed. Just as I was leaving Emelia’s room John announced he has found tickets for the next night in the lower bowl. Not going to lie I wasn’t happy about the suggestion, I am desperately trying to save money these days but John persevered and we decided to maximize our weekend plans together and go to the next game.

IMG_1195Saturday rolled around and we had another lazy start of the day. By later morning however we were in full gear and getting ready for our busy day. Emelia as always had her weekend gymnastics and John and I had our weekend groceries and errands. We dropped Emelia off and busted out to tackle the busy stores on the holiday weekend. We did make quick order of it all and before we knew it the two hours were up and we were back at the gym picking Emelia up from her training. We got home just in time for Emelia to go visit one of her closest friends Marin who lives a few doors away. The girls along with Marin’s little sister Gracyn had a great time and a couple hours later I was gathering our happy girl back up and we were heading out for dinner and the game.

IMG_1193Because the Knights had scored 4 goals on Friday night one of the promotions that they have is that everyone who has a ticket from the game can go to Harvey’s the next day for a free burger. We packed up and got the burgers and salad for me and had a quick dinner before heading to the game. We arrived downtown early enough to enjoy all the activities that they have set up for the fans during the play offs. There is the fan zone which had music, road hockey, other booths and the highlight for Emelia – a cheerleading demonstration. She was in complete awe and was approached if she wanted to try some tricks with the cheerleaders, it took a bit of convincing but she eventually agreed and as you can see from this weeks photos just adored every second of it. We finally pried her away from the demonstration and convinced her that we needed to head in and get our seats to see the game. Although the results weren’t what any of the fans wanted it was still an amazing game and family night out.

IMG_1189Now we get to today – Easter Sunday. You would think with a few late nights we would be lucky enough to get a sleep in from Emelia this morning. But nope – she’s a kid and was up at the crack of stupid ready to do her Easter egg hunt and see what treasures she was given for Easter. She was smiling from ear to ear that she got the much wanted Hermione Pop figure she had been asking for as well as a buttload of candy. She was in kid heaven. The rest of the morning we took at a lazier pace, mainly because the whole family was tired and wanting a crazy lazy morning. So we stayed in our pjs literally until we had to get showered and out the door for the family dinner at Helen & Doug’s.

IMG_1250Tonight was about family. We met up at Helen and Doug’s with the entire Teeter side of the family less David’s family who were not able to attend. We did a potluck dinner and there was lots of yummy food, lots of laughs and games. All in all a perfect end to an almost perfect weekend. So with that I am signing off, Happy Easter everyone, hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did! Oh and 40 more days until we leave for our trip.


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