Happily ever after


I got to stay up really late at Uncle Matthew and Uncle Shawn’s wedding. I had so much fun with my cousin Brooklyn.

IMG_0678He said

What an amazing weekend! Of course the focus all this week was completely on Matthew and Shawn’s wedding yesterday. Through the week, we had to get all the final touches taken care of to be ready for the wedding like getting my suit from tailor as well as some things to help Matthew be ready for it too. But, for the most part it really was just waiting for the big day to come.

IMG_0679But first off this week there was that iPad Pro I went on about in last week’s post. And yes, I can confirm I am posting this week’s entry completely from said iPad Pro which was one of the big reasons I wanted it. But, after using it for a good four or five days, I am entertaining the notion of returning it and going with a MacBook—which ironically enough was what got bumped out off the list when the iPad Pro was announced. As much as I love the iPad Pro – its stunning screen size and sound – the big thing I miss is a trackpad. And I know, I know the screen itself is this massive trackpad, but for how I plan to use this – mostly as a laptop – it is cumbersome for me to constantly reach over the Logitech keyboard case I have for it to scroll through pages.

IMG_0694The other piece is that the keyboard case itself while more stable than the version I had with the Foruth Gen iPad I had, doesn’t make the iPad Pro a viable lap mate on the couch as I feel like it is going to tip over. The plan for this device was to replace or minimize the stuff I need to go do on the iMac upstairs, but in the end with the iPad Pro I am left still having to find a place with a stable surface I can sit at rather than on the couch or just anywhere I want like I envisioned. Having to always search for that surface and a place to sit at, is less of the freedom I was looking for. And in the MacBook I will still have a retina screen, a lighter total package, but a much more stable surface befitting of laptopping on the couch.

E1419D53-6E54-41E9-BFEB-604030D5587CI will say this though, I will be sad to say goodbye to a digital drawing book. I was using the Pencil with various drawing and doodling software and was in love with that experience. It is the closest I have experienced to the actual act of drawing and painting and I will definitely miss that ability. The pencil was very responsive and blew me away at how much it felt just like the real deal. But, being able to doodle and something I would love to do more of, wasn’t enough for me to justify this iPad when so much more will be covered off by the MacBook. I suspect I will one day own the iPad Pro as a device for creating artwork, but for what I need right now, this while stunning just isn’t that. So this week, I plan to exchange it, and hopefully by next week, I’ll truly be be posting from the couch.

IMG_0693Now… for the wedding.

What a fantastic and perfect day! Eveything about it was so thoughtful and a perfect reflection of who Shawn and Matthew are. And sure in true Matthew fashion there was just so much he did, and was even doing up to the last second. But, the one great piece of advice they got from one of their friends was that no one – except them – will know what didn’t go precisely as they envisioned, and that to everyone else it will seem perfect. And it was. From the Super Mario Brothers themed seating chart, to the Super Mario wedding favours, to the Mario Brothers themed trivia to get the couple to kiss to the Mario Brothers cake topper (sense a theme here?) everything was more than perfect—it was them!

IMG_0698Emelia and Danielle looked absolutely stunning. There was a lot of outfit changes in the last week, and in the end the dress that Danielle found for Emelia for $6 at Talize was beautiful and made our baby girl look a lot more grown up than I was prepared for. And, Danielle’s last minute dress change to this beautiful black and red floral print dress she had, tied all of our outfits together. I can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding!

IMG_0716Emelia just revelled in the day first of all for getting the be dressed up and second of all to play with her new cousin by mariage Brooklyn, and Shawn’s niece who Emelia has for some time loved playing with—now even more cause they’re officially family. She and Brooklyn pretty much had run of the hall, dancefloor and any enjoyed the freedom to a fault that we offered her, even to the point of staying up until midnight! She was upset to finally leave the reception, but fully recognized she was tired and needed to get to bed. After her head hit the pillow when we got home she was asleep and snoring in seconds. We weren’t far behind.

IMG_0721I couldn’t have been prouder and more taken by what love, support and ‘family’ looked like last night. It was something special to be part of and really restored me in a lot of ways I can’t even rationalize just now. Both Matthew and Shawn kicked off the party part of the reception with amazing speeches that were testament to what love, support and unwavering acceptance can bring and how that is the very fibre of what makes this journey we’re all on, so amazing. I know that this will be a wedding for the ages that everyone there last night will carry with them forever, and we were all better for having experienced it. And while it wasn’t the start of their relationship together, it is certainly a very important waypoint on their journey together to happily ever after.

Congratulations Matthew and Shawn!

And thank you for reminding us that the only thing that really matters, is love.


IMG_0726She said

This weekend was all about Matthew and Shawn. After 12 years together as a couple and 18 months of detailed wedding planning the big day was finally here. Matthew with Shawn planned a day that was perfectly them. I am not sure how they managed to do it but they made a video gamed theme wedding beautifully elegant. There wasn’t a detail that they missed, from the incredible introduction video sharing their early stages to their relationship, to the beautiful ceremony that spoke of love and family and their future together to the music chosen, to the personal video montage that Matthew edited that was all the interviews he conducted with the family and their closest friends. It was an beautiful glimpse into their lives and their beautiful relationship.

IMG_0728All in all it was an absolutely beautiful day celebrating two people who not only love each other no matter what but they are incredible people for everyone around them.

Our day started early, Emelia and I along with Shawn’s sister Tracey and niece Brooklyn met at our salon to get all dolled up. The girls were pampered and dolled up and ready to party. After leaving the salon Emelia and I got one quick errand done and then home to meet John. By the time we got home John said that we needed to get the wedding venue a fair bit earlier than planned to help with some last minute things. Emelia and I quickly got dressed, finished getting ready and out the door we went. We arrived to help the venue do some last minute set up and help anyway we could. After some last minute hiccups down to the last minute wire everything was set and the rest of the evening seemed to go without a hitch.

IMG_0731To say the night was a night we won’t soon forget would be an understatement. It was one of the most personal weddings I have ever been to. The boys really outdid themselves with every detail. The love between them filled the room and everyone who was there was so over the moon happy for them. I have known Matthew most of his life and Shawn for the last 12 years and I can without question I have never seen them happier. I want to thank Shawn for being that love for Matthew and for being the happiness that Matthew so deserves. And to Matthew, thank you for being an amazing little brother, I will always love you like you were my brother and I could not be happier that you have found your true soulmate in Shawn.

IMG_0746Tomorrow the boys leave for their mini-honeymoon that a group of the family organized and I hope it is the perfect getaway for two people who so deserve to be pampered and have a great time away.

This morning we all woke with smiles on our faces remembering the night before. Emelia since she got to bed after midnight did sleep in thankfully until 9:00 so we could take today at a bit of a lazier pace. But now that our focus wasn’t on the anticipated wedding she was focused on Christmas.

IMG_0861Our plan (ok my plan) was to put the tree up until next weekend but Emelia didn’t want to wait any longer. So our home is filled with Christmas cheer and now our focus will shift to the big day less than a month away.

I want to finish this week’s post to say once again, we love you Matthew and Shawn – we could not be happier for you! Enjoy this week together we cannot wait to hear all about your trip and to see all the wedding photos.

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