A whirlwind week!

IMG_0124I love collecting and trading Shopkins!

IMG_0125He said

What a crazy, busy week it was! It seems like ten minutes ago I was sitting at this very spot talking about our weekend away, last week. And here I am sitting down to do the same process with about a week I am not even sure when or where it happened! It is one, big, crazy blur. And, after having the entire weekend off, that lined me up for five straight days at work. And in one of those five days we introduced the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at the store which meant a whole changeover in the store and a lot of getting ready all this week which mostly is what led to the torrid pace of time. But it was one amazing launch that went off without a hitch and was made especially less stressful by the reserve in store option that negates the need for people to line up and hope there will be a phone for them. We still had people lining up over night, but the craziness we used to experience is a thing of the past.

IMG_0126The schedule this week also saw me with a lot less closing shifts (actually maybe even not a single one!) which was great for Emelia who had really been feeling it as of late. I was able to do pickup at gymnastics on Wednesday night which was fantastic for me to get the chance to see Emelia and how far she has developed as our little Nadia Comăneci. She’s gotten so confident and much better at the skills she is learning—I am floored that she really only has been at this for under a year. And like her father she even had to do pushups for goofing off when others were working through the drills. Unlike her father she was very concerned that I saw she had to do pushups and she wanted to reassure me it was just because they weren’t given clear instructions to stay off the mini trampoline while others were doing their drills. I on the other hand would have known I was responsible for the extra laps around the hockey rink, cause I earned them and it was worth it!

IMG_0127The other big moment Emelia’s life this week is an intense return to the world of Shopkins. (Don’t ask, they make zero sense to me!) They mini collectible toys entered Emelia’s vernacular on her eighth birthday when she was given some as a gift by her twin bestie friends, Anna & Grace. But they really didn’t have much staying power then. But, now in Grade Three they are all the rage and every day we’re hearing tales of trading and showcasing Shopkins every single recess at school. And now Emelia had re-engaged headlong back into the world of these toys. Twice this week, we had trips after school to the mall to use allowance money to pick up more Shopkins. I don’t begin to understand them, but I am sure she feels the same about my records. And at the end of the day I am happy to see her have such focus and joy from these little wads of rubbery plastic.

IMG_2686Friday night, was a fantastic night of being a grownup and getting out to see live music. Emelia went for an overnight visit to Poppa & Grandma’s while Danielle & I got out to see the always amazing Spencer Burton play the Aeolian Hall. He is a favourite artist of both Danielle & I, and once again his amazing voice, hilarious between-song banter and incredible songs were the perfect remedy to an otherwise busy week! And after we even played more grown up and went for a late night snack at our neighbourhood local: The Bungalow. We had a drink and some food and then retired home for the evening.

IMG_2695Saturday was a rare unrequested, but equally appreciated day off which allowed me to feel like part of the family on the weekend agenda. We were able to get up a little later, have coffee together and then pick up Emelia to enjoy the usual Saturday routines they do without me. We got groceries, swim class, gymnastics and even managed to squeeze in picking  up Grandma her fancy new iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold for her! By the time all that was done, it was back home to enjoy a quiet evening at a much slower place. It was perfect and something I don’t get as much as I’d like living in the retail world. But, it makes these Saturdays all the more better as I don’t take them for granted when they happen.

IMG_2700Tonight finds us quickly trying to navigate the night time routine so that we can all, as a family get outside to try and see the Super Blood Moon that is coupled with a full lunar eclipse. Emelia is crazy excited to see this, as is Danielle & I. So that is all for the week—I am headed to the front lawn with a fold-up chair and beer in my plans.

Signing off from another great, whirlwind week!

She said

IMG_2710This week really was a blur. John had a very full week and Emelia and I had one as well. Between gymnastics, cross country, swim classes, homework and running the daycare it makes for very full weeks.

Right now we are in the middle of an indian summer and it is absolutely amazing, we have been spending every single minute outside that we can. The kids are loving it. We have been enjoying doing fall crafts and being out in the beautiful weather. I know our days like this are really numbered and I want to cherish each and every one.


IMG_2714Before I knew it the week was over and we were due for our grown up night out. John had bought tickets a while ago to see Spencer Burton at the Aeolian. Emelia had a visit lined up with Poppa and Grandma so John and I could enjoy an overdue grown-up night out.

Once John was done work we quickly made our way to the Aeolian Hall, Spencer was amazing! He has an incredible voice and his banter is absolutely hilarious. After the show we went out for dinner at our local pub The Bungalow. It really ended the perfect night out for the two of us.

IMG_2716The morning came earlier than we would have liked but we did get to sleep in a bit. We made quick order to get Emelia from Helen and Doug’s and on to the first of the many things we do on Saturdays. We started out at the YMCA for her weekly swim classes, then off to the mall to pick up Helen’s cell phone that she had ordered, then after grabbing a quick lunch we darted over to Emelia’s gymnastics. Once she was settled in John and I did our grocery shopping before heading back to catch the last part of her gymnastics.

After gymnastics we were back to Helen and Doug’s for a brief visit and to get Helen set up with her new toy/phone. The visit was brief as we had to get home for dinner at home and some other work around the house.

IMG_2738The big task for me this weekend was taking care of the disaster that our front garden bed has become. Between the changing seasons and the work done on the roof the front flowers had taken a real beating and looked – well terrible. So I figured that it was the perfect time to take on fall clean-up. Once I clipped back all the daisies and hosta plants the garden looked quite sad and pathetic. So on to fall planning.

That brought me to today. John had to work so I took on the task of fixing up the entire front of the house. Emelia was my helper and co-planner. She and I went to the garden centre and Costco and stocked up on fall flowers and fresh mulch. It was a fair bit of work but it looks a million times better. I am quite proud how it turned out and have bigger plans for how to finish transforming the front of the house next spring. The full transformation of the outside of the house will hopefully be complete next May and once and for all we can really be proud of the exterior of our home.

IMG_2739All the work around the house really gave me quite a workout and it has been a long week, so I am going sign off and enjoy the last of my Sunday night before I back to the grind at the crack of stupid o’clock tomorrow morning.

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