A smashing end to the weekend!

IMG_1197Our car got broken into and my window was smashed. I don’t like it one bit!

IMG_1151He said

One thing I can tell you for sure was it was hard to get back into the swing of things at work this week after a glorious week away camping. It was the latter part of the week before I felt like I was in the zone again and actually useful to my team at the store.

Being that I was off for a week solid on vacation, it also meant that there would be a bit of a long run of shifts for me at work too. I was back working Monday and went straight through till today. My first day off since getting back is tomorrow. But don’t cry for me, because as of Thursday I am off again for four days and three of those will be spent taking Wolfie back out for another run. This coming Friday, the moment the daycare kids are gone, we’re on our way back to Lakeport State Park in Michigan!

IMG_1157This week being a whirlwind of working, we didn’t get much time to focus on anything else other than the wrap up of the fence. Tuesday after I was done work we had Vince over to discuss the final touches to give the fence a finished look. Boy are we glad he did, because between the ideas Danielle and I had and how he translated those into those last nuances, we’re absolutely elated with how the fence turned out.

Other than that, the only other form of excitement this week came in the form of a text from Danielle when I was at work this afternoon that said, “Can you call me ASAP” which I knew couldn’t be good. Thankfully both she and Emelia were perfectly fine, however our Pilot that was parked at the Fanshawe Pioneer Village parking lot while she, Emelia, Danielle’s friend Maria and her daughter Emma where enjoying the Teddy Bear Picnic, had been broken in to.

IMG_1158Emelia’s window had been completely shattered and Maria’s purse stolen. And Emelia was completely devastated. No amount of me trying to explain to her on the phone that while it wasn’t great that the window was shattered, that they were okay was all that mattered eased her upset. Even bedtime tonight was a tough one because she was worried that somehow they’d find our house. No amount of dissecting the rationale behind made her feel any easier.

The one thing that I do love that came from this was that we got to have a very meaningful conversation with Emelia about how people aren’t evil or mean or even focused on ruining our day – they just make bad decisions we don’t understand because we’re fortunate enough to have love and the wealth of people around us encouraging us to make better choices. And that at the end of the day we get to choose how we react: which is to say Danielle and Emelia are safe and okay, our house is full of love and laughter and we’re all more than okay.


IMG_1167She said

John has really done an amazing job summing up how the week was. I found it really hard to get back in the swing of things this week. The daycare kids all folded amazing back into daycare world, they all missed each other and me. They all played well, slept well but it was just so hard to get back to my old groove and energy. By the end of the week I was down right exhausted. I thankfully was able to get to bed at some good times and get some much needed sleep but it was not easy to get back to the real grind.

This week was our first real week of summer for Emelia, well summer with the daycare kids and her summer camp. Thankfully for us and more so Emelia we have a camp at her school daily that gives her time with some of her friends and lots of fun activities to ward off boredom have hanging out with toddlers all day. Monday was the first day of the camp and Emelia was thrilled to be back. Now thankfully she did realize her limits and only stayed for the morning and stayed home with me to rest for the afternoon. I think the late nights camping and the long trek home the day before had really caught up with her.

IMG_1188Tuesday Emelia was ready to go back to camp and even more so since her BFF Anna was going to be at camp with her. Emelia was over the moon. She had really missed Anna the week we were gone and knowing that the twins family will be gone much of the summer Emelia wanted to get as much time with her friends as she could. The girls proceeded to spend the next 3 days attached at the hip.

The week flew by and before we knew it the weekend was here. John worked until 7 Friday so when he got home we made a trek downtown for Sunfest to enjoy the music and vendors. And apparently so did everyone else. The festival was absolutely packed, too packed. We didn’t stay long as the crowds were too much for Emelia (and her parents as well) so we wrapped up the night with some ice cream and then came home for bed for all of us.

Saturday John had to work so after he we dropped him off Emelia went on with our day. The first big event for Emelia for the day was going to her gymnastics. This was her first week in the pre-competitive training and it was quite a different class for her. She is dealing with lots of conditioning so they can build the strength to learn the bigger tricks. Emelia of course is anxious to learn everything but we tell her this conditioning is the key to that.

IMG_1193After gymnastics we were off to our mommy and daughter pedicure, I was trying to figure something that would be fun for both of us. We went to a place a couple friends of mine go to on a regular basis, the prices are great and it was just the pampering that Emelia and I wanted for our special afternoon. The day flew by and just like that it was time to go pick up John from work. We ended our evening with a family movie night and it was the end of a great day.

And now today, John once again had to work so I had made plans with one of my best friends. Maria along with her daughter Emma met us at our place just ahead of noon and we were off. Just before Maria arrived Doug had texted me that the teddy bear picnic was going on at the Pioneer Village and with that our plans were made. Emelia adores the village and was more than happy to show Emma around to her favourite buildings. The girls had a great day out in the sunshine and spending lots of time together.

IMG_1196Around 4:00 we were heading out of the village and came to our truck and something was not right at all. I noticed something strange in the back of the car and then realized what it was, broken glass everywhere. Our truck had been broken into, window smashed in and Maria’s purse that was locked in the trunk was their only target. I quickly contacted John, the police and the insurance company all while having a devastated 8 year old on my leg who felt horribly violated.

So needless to say this changed our entire evening plans, we were more than grateful that Poppa was close by and the girls could go back to the village while Maria and I did our best to put the mess back together. After a quickish clean up attempt Doug took the girls back with him to their place while Maria and I took our truck back to our house to get Maria’s vehicle. Once I had John picked up from work we were on our way back to Helen and Doug’s to try our best to get all the remaining glass out of the truck so that it would be safe to have Emelia travel in the back seat.

After a long night we are home, with a little girl who is still very shaken up in bed with us having a very hard time falling asleep. No amount of reassurance right now is putting her mind at ease. So for tonight she wants to be snuggled that much closer, and that is just what we will do, assure she feels safe. And on that note I am signing off to try again to get our wee girl to sleep.

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