Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_2698Today is Mother’s Day and I got to spend the whole day with Mummy!

IMG_2644We said

First off, given that it is Mother’s Day we have made the executive decision to give Danielle the week off updating y’all in blog form. So, the update this week comes through the filter that is my perspective.

After all the running around last week to pick up Wolfie and get the Pilot tow-ready, this week was a bit of a breeze. Snow tires are off the car and in storage, Wolfie is in the driveway ready to go, and the wiring we needed for the Pilot to connect the electrical to the trailer is all in. And that feels marvellous as we head out in her maiden voyage for the 2015 Camping Season this Friday at noon!

IMG_2650We’re back off to the US and Lakeport State Park for the weekend on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron to roast marshmallows by the campfire and to catch a sunrise or sunset on the beach. With Wolfie in the driveway and all the packing we’re doing, it is starting to sink in that we’re off for a much-needed four days together—just the three of us together. I can’t wait! And I know Emelia and Danielle feel the same.

IMG_2682The weather we had all week was sunny, hot and had us convinced we had finally put to bed the lingering cold weather and winter that beat us up a bit this year. The sod we laid last weekend is doing wonderfully—looking lush and green and actually better than the front lawn. The flowers and leaves are in full bloom and the front lawn has already needed a trim. It’s official – summer is here!

IMG_2683One of the down sides to having four days off next weekend for camping has meant that I ended up working all of this weekend. The kicker on that was that this Sunday was Mother’s Day so we had to do a rushed egg and bacon breakfast this morning for Danielle this morning as well as give her, her gift—all before I needed to speed off to work.

We had a bit of a hiccup with the present that Emelia got her Mummy though, to start the day. Weeks ago Emelia had seen a garden statue of an owl at Home Sense and while we all agree Danielle loves owls, I was hoping that gift idea from Emelia would fizzle from memory. This week when it apparently had, I suggested that we get Mummy one of the zero gravity folding chairs that she has been wanting for the entire time we have had Wolfie.

IMG_2686The great news was that Emelia thought it was a brilliant idea as Mummy had been talking about getting one the last couple of trips to Walmart. So Saturday morning while we let Mummy slumber away, we snuck off to Canadian Tire to pick up the chairs that we had online shopped for. We got back home, hid the chair and covered our tracks… All was well with the world, Emelia was proud of her gift.

IMG_2688This morning though, after we had set the chair up in the front room with the bow, and were working away on her breakfast, Mummy came downstairs and she immediately told Emelia how much she had been wanting the chair and what a great idea it was. For a brief thirty seconds, everything in the world was perfect.

Then it hit… Emelia for some reason started telling Mummy about this owl statue that she saw for the garden and it was perfect and that I never let her pick and the chair was my pick and so on.

IMG_2734And then came the meltdown…

I guess we should not be surprised as for the last three or four years running Emelia has had some sort of selfish meltdown on Mother’s Day that turns the day more into about her than Danielle. They’ve gotten so predictable, that they’ve become somewhat comical to Danielle and I. By the time we had to get me off to work she had somewhat settled down and recognized the err of her ways. Heck, I even got an apology as I kissed her before heading off to work. And by all counts she was reasonably better for Danielle today throughout the day.

IMG_2740What I have learned about the experience is next year, leave it completely up to Emelia—let her pick, decide and bring home whatever it is she wants to get her Mummy. And to take my input and stick it to another time, no matter how much I think I have something that I really know Danielle wants. And, to let Emelia make that call and to live with whatever that decision is. And… then to try and minimize the effects of the temper tantrum that ensues.

IMG_2741While I felt pretty bummed the entire day that I was at work and not spending it with Danielle it did sound like she had a pretty great day with Emelia. We ended the night after I wrapped up work over at Mom and Dad’s to celebrate Mother’s Day with the London Teeter’s and it was a perfect way to end the evening. We got Emelia to bed – like usual – a tad to late, and as I type this, Danielle – who I gave the week off bogging – is off to slumbersville getting some much-needed rest.

IMG_2742So, Happy Mother’s Day, Danielle, thank you for all that you do to make everyone around you have a better life. You have shown me energy where I’ve not thought it possible, love where I thought you had given it all, and companionship where I you already were knocking it out of the park. Thank you for the mother of our child you  have been and father you convince me I can be. I hope you live the rest of your life knowing just how much we love you and how great you make us feel!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other mothers out there too!

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