It’s about time.

IMG_2125I have been asked to try out for The Elites – the competitive gymnastic team! I am so happy!!!

IMG_2135He said

So… what a busy week! We had this whole Watch thing happen at the store on Friday which for me meant working a couple of back-to-back overnight shifts at the store to change it over to display the watch in two, stunning tables that allow us to showcase this amazing new product in a way that allows people to get up close and personal with the Watch to get a sense of how it works, feels and looks on their wrist.

IMG_2136The first overnight on Wednesday was about reconfiguring the tables with product to allow for the two, new tables to come in to the store. Pretty much two-thirds of the product in the store moved tables and was rearranged the first night. The second night – Thursday – was about bringing in the Watch and the two new tables as well as the stunning new window displays. Both nights were a huge undertaking and this was my first time leading an overnight as a manager. It was a lot of fun and I am really proud of all the team accomplished through the back-to-back nights. When we opened for business on Friday morning, the store was completely changed over and ready to introduce people to this completely new product.

IMG_2142After the first night, I came home and immediately slept until one in the afternoon. I got up and went to the gym to have a workout and wake myself up a bit. I got home and puttered about the house before having another late afternoon nap. The second night however I decided against sleeping for any real length knowing that I needed to be able to be back on track to go to bad that evening to reset my circadian rhythm. I had asked Danielle to try and wake me up at noon but that came and passed and I think she was finally able to rouse me much closer to two. The next three hours I was a groggy mess.

IMG_2150Part of the reason Danielle didn’t want to wake me was that when I got home from work Friday morning, rather than going directly to sleep at eight, I had to stay up and watch the kids so that Emelia and Danielle could head off to the urgent care where the twin’s Mom is an ER nurse. It seems some time in the last week Emelia’s earring back had actually gone inside her eating hole and the earring had come out.

IMG_2158Super over tired and not necessarily at my steadiest, I wasn’t able to get the backing out. Given that I was so tired I shouldn’t be driving but could sit on a couch and watch kids, we decided it was best if Emelia and Danielle went to the Urgent Care. The visit was successful and they were back home just a little after ten in the morning, and I was almost immediately off to bed and fast asleep—before my head even touched the pillow.

IMG_2163I was thankfully off work Friday and Saturday which allowed me to get caught back up on sleep and more importantly reconnected with Danielle and Emelia after having a schedule that put me at different ends of the daylight hours from them for the latter half of the week. So, Friday night Danielle took a stand that she didn’t want to make dinner and wanted to have ‘something out’ and I had zero arguments against this. We ended up at Bangkok Pad Thai an authentic Thai restaurant that Danielle hadn’t stopped raving about since going their for Susan’s birthday a few weekends ago. We both tried the dinner special which included a choice of appetizer, entrée, dessert, and glass of wine or beer. Danielle went for the pad thai and I opted for the red curry. Both were amazing and the prices couldn’t be more reasonable—I am certain we will frequent this place a lot more to make up for all the times we’ve looked at it but never went.

IMG_2167Saturday we got up when our bodies wanted to. For Emelia and I that meant seven in the morning, but for Danielle that meant we could let her sleep off the cold she had been battling for the last week. Danielle eventually rose around nine and we continued our very lazy pace to the morning. By noon, we decided it was time to get out of the house and make use of the free day. We spent a portion of the day visiting some of our very favourite second hand vintage furniture shops in the city before Emelia put in a very determined plea for some shopping at places she likes too. We managed to appease her and ended the day grabbing some steaks for the BBQ and headed back to the house ahead of dinner time to de-winter the yard given the beautiful weather we finally were having.

IMG_2176Danielle and I tag-teamed for a super delicious dinner and then spent the night vegging out on our couch catching up on some new series we have been watching. It was the perfect end to just the kind of day I needed after spending so much of it at the store in the dark hours of the day and sleeping in the house during the light hours.

Today I was back at the store—the first day back in since we launched the Watch and it was very cool to finally be in the place where we could share with the public all the amazing features and design of this entirely new product for us.

IMG_2178The day flew by in the blink of an eye and here we are at the blog wrapping up another week. The weather today and forecasted for this week lead me to believe we’ve finally seen the last of the winter-like behaviour of mother nature and are in the fast lane to spring! I was even able to enjoy dinner on the front porch tonight in shorts with a beer to properly punctuate the wonderful week and weather. Now, I am going to do some more of just that before it’s bed time!


IMG_0980She said

As John mentioned it was quite a busy week. With the flip of John’s schedule we did things a bit different and I was able to get to the gym right after work and get in a few good workouts. I really needed them to fight off the end of this cold that I caught last week. I did some really great and strong workouts and it felt amazing.

IMG_0985It was a rather hectic week, between John’s upside down work schedule and the rather wet and cold weather meant for long days with the daycare kids. Thankfully the weekend made up for the wet week of weather.

Emelia had a few appointments this week, one expected and one not so much. The first appointment was another ‘teach’ to see if she was ready for contacts. Sadly she has decided she is not really ready for them, her eyes are just too small and she cannot get her eyes open wide enough around her long eyelashes to get the contacts in. She tried so hard, she was so motivated to do it but we are just not there. She seemed OK with it and we have decided to give it a go in a couple months or even a year to see if she is ready.

IMG_0987The second appointment was far from planned. A few weeks ago we were given the green light to change Emelia’s piercing earrings over to some more ‘fashion’ earrings of her choosing. So a few weeks ago we went out and got earrings made from a friend of mine that are hypoallergenic. Well there was a wee bit of a mishap and the earring backings got tightened too much and the pressure pushed the backings inside her actual lobe. John and I both tried without success to get the backings out. I was concerned we were going to do damage and cause an infection. So I popped a quick text to my friend Susan who happens to work at the Children’s emergency room as a nurse asking her what she suggested for where to get treatment. When we spoke and she spoke to one of the doctors on for the day they said to bring her in right away as they were not busy and could get her taken care of right away properly.

IMG_0993So off we went, we made our way across town and were in and out quickly. The doctor was able to put the right pressure on and pop the backing out with no further intervention. It was suggested that we might want to take both earrings out and let them re-heal and get the pierced again at a later date. We left the hospital and were home within the hour. I got her to school and then freed John from the daycare kiddos and let him finally get some sleep.

IMG_0996Later in the day I called the piercing shop we had her earrings done at and they were surprised that they suggested taking the earrings out completely and to re-pierce and that she could come in that evening to have the ears assessed. Well, by the time we went in that evening Emelia’s ears were almost completely healed and we were able to put in earrings (hoops this time) and can treat her earrings with the same cleaner that we did when she got them done the first time and be done with it. Today you would never know there was a single issue, her ears look perfect!

IMG_2186By the time Friday night had rolled around with the long week that we had all had I said there was no way I wanted to cook supper so I suggested we go out for a family dinner. I had been going on and on about the Bangkok since going with Susan a few weeks ago so we decided to try it out as a family. Needless to say John now knows why I loved the food so much and we now have a our go-to for Thai food going forward.

IMG_2188The big day of the week for Emelia was actually today. Today was her big final show for her gymnastics class. As I came in to her class I went to register for the next PD camp for next week. It was at that time that one of the owners of the gym asked if I had registered Emelia for the elite competitive team try out in a few weeks. I had said we hadn’t as we thought it was best for her to be at the advanced program for a year and she said that she thought Emelia was ready for a try out, that her name had come up a few times with the coaches as a great match and readiness for the elite level. Needless to say Emelia is over the moon, I prepared her that this is a tryout and not a guarantee to make the team but that if she wanted to try we would talk about the possibility and figure out the balance to get her to the training.

IMG_2204With this news she bounced her way to class and had a blast with her classmates and was a star in her end performance showing off all her skills. She was over the moon when she got her report card to learn she not only mastered the next two badge levels and that she was already working on her next badge. Our gymnastics loving girl is so excited for this next challenge and we could not be happier to see how it has boosted her confidence.

IMG_2205So if that wasn’t enough excitement for her she also got to spend the afternoon with her baby cousin. My sister on route back from Chatham with a visit with our Dad and Linda made a special trip and came to visit us. Emelia was soooooo excited and could not get enough of him. The weather was beautiful so we spent the entire day outside. We showed Uncle Todd, Aunt Charlie and Marshall our local park and Emelia was loving playing on the swings and showing off for everyone.

IMG_2208We had a great but short visit. Marshall is growing so much and changing every time we see him. I got in lots of snuggles and a great visit with my sister. Unfortunately they had to get on the road before John was done work but we already have lots of plans for the summer so we will have lots and lots of time with them over the next few months.

And that was our crazy week that was, John and I are going to go veg on the couch and watch more Game of Thrones.

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