Happy Canada Day!

photoI got to spend THREE WHOLE DAYS with just Mommy and Daddy! We got to go to the beach in Grand Bend. And then! Today was Canada Day which means we got to have sparklers and go see fireworks downtown. And I got to stay up late too!

He said

What a perfect weekend! After not having a weekend off together in a little while, heading in to the long, weekend with three whole days to be with my girls couldn’t have made me happier. Originally I was only supposed to work 8-5 on Friday but because it was Matthew and Shawn’s anniversary weekend, I took Matthew’s 11:30-8:30pm shift so they could get out of town earlier for their weekend away together. It’s their 10th anniversary of being together and to celebrate Shawn popped the question! So, they’re engaged.

We got the news as we were headed off to Hensall first thing Saturday morning to pick up a replacement battery we’d ordered for our lawnmower weeks ago. We’re beyond happy for them, and it was hard to contain our excitement as we headed north of the city.

Since the trip was close enough we decided if the weather held up we were going to surprise Emelia with a trip to the beach since Grand Bend is really just around the corner for Hensall. It was the least we could do for strapping her in to the car seat for an hour trip to a farm implement dealer to pick up the much needed part for the lawnmower.

And, as luck would have it, the weather stayed dry and reasonably sunny for us. While it wasn’t quite warm enough to take a dip, we certainly found plenty of things to do… The least of which is going to bring us back next week for a return trip. We found a shop that runs a class twice as day that teaches and allows kids to make their own glass artwork. And of course Emelia wanted to do that. So, next week, we’re headed back to pick up her creation to see how it turned out.

Sunday we got over to Poppa and Grandma’s to help with some much-needed yard work for them, and laundry for us. Emelia even coerced Poppa and Grandma that she could stay and visit with them, while Mommy and Daddy did groceries – which she had no interest in. Though… truthfully I think Poppa was just as much in on that deal too as he seems to really revel in time with her.

And today… Canada Day. As has become the tradition in the last few years, good friends of ours convene with us downtown at the forks to take in the fireworks. Our friend Dawn comes down from Toronto, and we get together with any of our London friends that happen to still be in town. Most always this is Liz and Derek. It’s always a great time filled with laughter and snacks. And I have to say that this year’s fireworks were the best we’ve seen in recent memories.

It was a great way to punctuate a three-day weekend. And the best part is that somehow I have managed to have next weekend off too. So, plenty of time for us to be a family together! I have no complaints about that!


photoShe said

This post will be sweet and to the point as it is now midnight and we are back to the grind first thing in the morning.

This weekend was exactly what we needed, it is hard that John has to work so many weekends as part of his job so having three days off together with relatively no plans was my idea of heaven. It made me feel like a normal family again.

Gone for the three days was running around from place to place trying to get all the errands done in between getting John to work. Add in that our dryer has died it means trips to Helen and Doug’s to get our laundry. And although we love visiting with them it does make a busy weekend even busier.

Saturday was just about perfect as far as I was concerned. We took the morning at a slower pace, I got a bit of extra sleep as John and Emelia hung out in the morning. We made breakfast when I got up, packed some snacks and the beach bag and off we went.

The sun was shining and we were together, just the three of us. We puttered around Grand Bend with a promise to Emelia that we would return next Saturday and hopefully we have much better weather. On our way home we stopped at Old Navy. With our healthy new life of healthy eating, exercise both John and I have lost weight.

Well this time it was John’s turn needing some smaller sized shorts for work as his other shorts were falling off him or in pretty bad shape. While he looked around I peaked at the clearance rack as I will need some much needed new clothes for the fall/winter. So I saw some jeans, I went looking for the size I am wearing at Old Navy now but admittedly they are getting a bit loose. They did not have the jean style I wanted in that size so I grabbed the size down just to see. Well they fit!!!!! So I am not in a size 6 jeans! Not bad from the girl who was unhealthy, overweight and inactive 18 months ago wearing and barely fitting in a size 16.

See what healthy eating, getting the right amount of calories and a lot of activity can do to you? Who says you cannot loose weight in your 40s? I have been so lucky to have the incredible support of some amazing friends, John and even Emelia who is in on the action of activity.

This weekend also was another first, back to running. I had a real want to run on Saturday night. I wanted to open the door and go in the crisp night air. So I went. I am not a distance runner, but I did it, ran for 3KM straight! It felt incredible! Today even Emelia and John got in the action. I laced up my shoes and John and Emelia got on their bikes and off we went as a family to go for my 3KM run. I plan on adding to the run as I get stronger. But just another thing I can add to my list to assure I stay healthy and happy!

Well off to bed to rest my tired body. Being up since 7 with Emelia, the run, my metabolics, cleaning the house, doing 45 minutes of gardening and then celebrating with friends at the fireworks tonight has really made me a tired mum.

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