From sea legs to land legs.

imageI got to snorkel for my very first time with Mommy and Daddy. I saw a stingray swim right below me. Also I got to meet a lot of Princesses and Disney characters on the boat!


We said

What an amazing week we had on the ocean! By our count we visited no less than four countries (USA, Caymans, Mexico, and Bahamas) and had our feet in two different bodies of water (Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean).

imageEmelia, Danielle and I all tried snorkelling for our very first time in the Bahamas and we saw a stingray among the many other types of fish. And we took countless rides on the Aquaduck water slide on the boat.

In a word, we were spoiled. To experience our very first cruise on one of the best in the business, for a week at sea, and on one of the biggest ships that sails, was truly amazing. It will be hard to top the time that we had.

The stops in port were great, but even on the sailing days, we were never left wanting something to do. There was always something. And Emelia had the time of her life, creating memories I think that will stick with her forever.

But the best part of it, is that the trip isn’t over… As I type this, we’re at the end of day two, of our four days at Wilderness Lodge, our home base while we make our way through all the Disney parks.

So far we’ve done Hollywood Studios, and The Magic Kingdom. Tomorrow is Epcot, and then Animal Kingdom. And then, the intent is to try and slip in a little bit more of the Magic Kingdom before we return back home to reality and the regular grind.

So, it’s off to bed for us, to rest up for the day that Emelia has been looking forward to for the entire year leading up to this trip: Her date with the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where she will get made up like a Princess (Ariel for those keeping track at home)!

So, it’s off to bed and to make even more memories!

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