No more sleeps!

imageThe trip is finally here! I got to go on a plane, and today we get to go on the cruise ship! And I finally get to see Mickey!

He said
So the trip we’ve been counting down to for well over a year is finally here at our doorstep. I am actually typing this from the hotel room in Orlando. It seems a little surreal that it’s finally here, and a little sad that Mom and Dad aren’t with us, but so far pretty darned great too.

To start, all week, Emelia was noticeably wired having progressively more trouble getting to sleep at bed time as the week leading up bore on. The least two nights before we left she got to bed after 9 after several wake ups. She was obviously excited about the trip… Though I couldn’t really blame her, I was too.

But then, the day finally came.

It was a whirlwind of errands, packing, and making sure we had everything done that needed to be. But then, all of a sudden there we were at Mom & Dad’s loading the last suitcases and travellers in the Robert Q sprinter van. We all thanked Mom & Dad, hugged them, and away we were to meet up with the Welland Teeters at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

The flight was delayed by about 40 minutes which was especially hard on Emelia who was already exhausted from a week of excitement, and the flight that was originally at her bedtime now pushed well past. She had a very hard time falling asleep on the flight — not getting there until half way through the flight. I may have even cat napped too.

But we got here.

Today, we board the boat. Emelia who needed me to sleep in her bed to get to sleep, got up at the crack of dawn as expected – telling me “Daddy it’s morning!”. This, I was completely aware of as she – ever the bed bully – after spending the night basically bulldozing me around the bed was now up with the roosters.

So, it’s high time I pass this over to Danielle while I get to this coffee and my shower so can meet with the rest of the family for breakfast and then get on that boat!


She said

The week went by in a blur, we had so much to do to get ready that it seemed before we knew it it was the day of our flight and we were off.

The excitement and anticipation of the trip has meant a very excited little girl, she was bouncing off the walls waiting for the big day. And it is finally here. It seems like a strange dream that the moment is here. We have seen the videos over and over, we have researched online all the wonderful details of the week that will be but nothing will compare to seeing the big ship in person.

My blog right now will be short and sweet. It will be saying a HUGE thank-you to my incredible in-laws for this generous gift of a dream family vacation.

Next week we will have details of the big week on the ship and the start of the week at Walt Disney World. A week of once in a lifetime vacation, a vacation we dreamed of bringing our little girl on, a trip that John and I have wanted to do as a family since the second Emelia was born.

And it’s finally here!

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