Finally on the mend!

IMG_1844I didn’t feel much better this week. In fact it got worse before it ever got better. But Mommy & I went to the Doctor on Monday and got some medicine that finally started to work by the time Saturday rolled around!

He said…

What we thought was just a bug and some molar pain ended up being a full grade throat and mouth infection that had pretty much prevented Emelia from eating any reasonable amount of food for at least 9 days.

IMG_1847By Easter Monday, when Danielle and Emelia brought my lunch to work, it was apparent that we needed to get her checked up. I had noticed just how lethargic and pale she had looked and was kind of concerned.

Before I had even had a chance to text Danielle saying I think we should get her checked out, Danielle had texted me in the early afternoon saying she had already been to the Paediatric Medical Clinic and was on her way home from picking up antibiotics. The diagnosis was that the fever she had for a few days had caused a bacterial infection basically as a reaction.

I was happy to hear that we had her on something that was going to make her feel better! As it was it was the better part of 3 days on the meds before we even started to see a return to her appetite. She was still needing naps during day up until Friday. But as of this weekend, and today especially, she has her full appetite back. And is back to her old spirits! Much relief for Danielle and I.

The trip down to Toronto for work that I was supposed to be returning from today, we found out midweek was put on hold. The training program it was for, is undergoing some changes so they decided to put it off for the time being. Which was fine by me, as even though I worked on weekend, it meant that I came home at night to Danielle and Emelia.

The only other big tidbit of news this week is that we confirmed our Saturday headliner for Home County this past week. And while I can’t tell you who it is just yet, I can tell you I am over the moon about it. One of my favourite Canadian musicians… what good fortune we’ve had again!

And the last bit of news is about my wonderful parents… If the Disney trip wasn’t enough, we now have them to thank for teaching Emelia about the food chain. I have for a couple years now wanted to try our hand a planting a garden that would produce food for us. But, given our very limited yard space, and that we have to leave space for the daycare, its never been a reality. That was until I asked Mom & Dad if we could borrow some of theirs.

Well, it seems they were more than just okay with the idea… Poppa and Emelia have been – unbeknownst to us – planning their produce pretty much ever since I asked if it was okay. And knowing that I was working all weekend, this weekend, Poppa and Emelia worked out yesterday that Emelia would go over and she and Poppa would go pick out and plant the seeds for some pre-growth in Poppa’s basement greenhouse to get them ready for when they can go in the soil.

The funny thing is, I am not sure who is more excited about this project. I just know that I am happy to see the both of them go at this with such zeal. Especially because what Emelia will learn about providing for yourself, and the literal fruits of her labour. We’re so thankful for the connection that she has with them.

So that pretty much wraps the weekend that was for me. It seems every day we get immediately closer to this Disney trip. And that is all kinds of awesome — especially because it’s been a year since we’ve been planning for it. Which brings me to…

Only 32 more days till Disney!!!



She said…

As John said it was quite a week. Emelia who we thought was at the end of her virus was just at the beginning of the worst of it. I thankfully have the entire Easter weekend off from daycare including Monday because by Monday morning we had one very sick little girl.

IMG_1848We had arrived home late on Sunday from Helen and Doug’s so Emelia got to bed a bit later than her normal bedtime. This normally means she is up even earlier but not this time she slept through until 8:20. A very late time for our early riser. We got her up and brought John to work. Because it had been a long week I slept in a bit so instead of getting up to get John’s lunch together like normal I told him I would bring it down later in the day. We had originally thought we would be going to the gym for a program so I could workout. It took one look at Emelia to know that was not going to happen.

Off to work John went and Emelia and I came home, less than 2 hours later she was out cold again on the couch for almost 2 hours. I had to wake her to bring John his lunch and she was barely functioning in the back seat. Right then I knew we would be going to the clinic that day to get her checked.

Off we went to the Children’s clinic across from the mall. Her foul breath, swollen gums, ashy complexion  and inability to stop sleeping it was two seconds and the doctor said we have a bad infection. He told both of us that the medication would have her on the mend right away and she could likely return to school the next day. I knew there was no way that she would be going. She had not eaten at that time for 8 days and she was so physically weak.

She woke the next morning so upset that she was still not feeling well enough to go to school, and the medication had taken its tole on her. She had thrown up before we could even get her first morning dose in her. She was a mess. John had to go to work and I had to take care of the kids. I have never been so grateful that I am down daycare numbers as I was on Tuesday. I had less kids and they were wonderful through everything. Emelia was a trooper. But I was worried sick about her, now on day 9 she still could not eat. She had thrown up and I was getting more and more worried that she was going to end up in the hospital.

Poppa to the rescue! I called Helen and Doug and asked for their help. Emelia could not drink or eat anything. Poppa with a list that Helen and I made went to the store and a frozen yogurt place and got her some supplies. With clear broth and pedialyte she took a couple sips. She had some time and attention from Poppa while he lovingly watched over her for a bit. She had spent most of the morning napping and much of the afternoon. She had at least eaten a bit, even if only a couple bites.

By 4:40 she was out again, this time for the night. I tried to get her to wake to try eating but she wanted nothing to do with it. I moved her to her bed and waited for the long night. She woke at 9:30, we gave her another dose of her medication, a story and snuggle and she was back out within 15 minutes this time until 6:30 in the morning. Needless to say she needed rest to recover.

By morning she was back to herself, not eating much but feeling MUCH better. She could return to the daycare for the first time and we took it easy. She took little bites but filled easily. The next day she was back at school. Her amazing teacher kept a close eye on her and she had a great day.

I thought she was done, but Friday afternoon she asked to have a nap (yes this NEVER happens), I figured she wouldn’t sleep. But she went on the cots with the daycare kids and slept for 2 hours. That was the end of it. We brought her to family swim that night to wear her out and finally said good-bye to the longest virus our poor girl has ever had. This was a week I would like to NEVER repeat.

This made this weekend even sweeter, the weather was warmer, our girl was healthy and we had lots of time outside in the slightly warmer weather. She and I spent lots of time with Poppa and Grandma. She and I had our day together today filled with lots and lots of time at the park and playing together.

A sweet end to a bitter week!!! Cannot wait for 5 weeks from now when we get 12 days of family time!

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