Cutting molars just ain’t any fun…


I haven’t been feeling all that great all week. I missed both days of school and spent a lot of time in Mommy & Daddy’s bed watching movies. But, I did get a brand new bicycle for Easter! I love it.

He  said…

So the week started strangely as Monday morning rolled around and I was getting ready for work, Danielle ready for the daycare and what should have been Emelia getting ready for school, ended up a day with Emelia staying home. She was running a fever, complaining of a sore mouth and throat and had no interest in breakfast — this coming from the girl who wakes early and is starving.


So, Danielle decided to keep her home and let her have a day in our bed with movies and resting. By the time I got home that evening she hadn’t improved much. She hadn’t gotten worse mind you, but still wasn’t ready for regular daycare interaction by Tuesday either. And before we knew it, she went the whole week off school and upstairs taking it easy.

Near as we can figure it out, she is getting her 6 year molars which are causing her quite the discomfort in her mouth, with her gums red and swollen and breath quite rank at times. To add to it, we think she has a canker sore at the front of her mouth and has been running a borderline fever at times throughout the week. To make it worse, she has absolutely no appetite and that is leaving her even more drained.

She finally started to take a turn for the better by Friday which we all had off together, but much of the weekend we will still certain that she wasn’t 100%. And with today being Easter and all the excitement of seeing her cousins, the gifts, as well as the candy, and it seems we might not be fully better till later this week. Here’s to hoping those molars stop wreaking the havoc on her mouth and she gets back to feeling normal, soon!

The other thing I wanted to talk about this week was Danielle’s amazing wrap up to her Biggest Loser Challenge amongst friends and acquaintances. She did her final weigh-in this morning, and she rounded out the challenge over 20 lbs down from where she started. A total of 60+ lbs down from when we decided to get better about our health. What’s more is that as she ends that challenge she already has her next one lined up.

I am not surprised by it to be honest, because I know how determined Danielle can be when she wants something, but I am also super proud of her all the same! I love how she looks and more importantly how she feels about herself. But what I love most is how she has changed this household for the better too. Eating better and staying active are part of the daily vernacular around the house. She is both an inspiration and a beacon for Emelia and I to gain from. Well done, D!

This week will prove to be a bit of a marathon, as I had the last two off, I will run a seven day stretch that takes me in to next week. I am not off till Monday with Sunday being a day down to Toronto for some training sessions for work that I head down Saturday night after work for. But with trip looming so close now that we’re in April tomorrow, I think I will survive!

Oh and only 39 more days till Disney!!!



She said…

As John said this was quite a week. It is heartbreaking enough when your children are sick but add in working with 5 children 3 and under plus taking care of Emelia it was a week set for burn out. Thankfully Emelia was a trooper for the three days she needed to be isolated from the daycare kids while she worked her way through a high fever and extreme fatigue.


By Thursday her fever was behind us, she was feeling better but then we started into this extreme pain in her mouth that has not allowed her to have any appetite and finding eating very painful. She has not eaten really anything in now a week. She has lost a few pounds and I am worried about her. Hopefully tomorrow with a day when I have off and we have little that needs to be done out of the house she can get some rest and we can get our high energy girl back.

With her not feeling very well we took the long weekend at a slower pace. We did still manage to have some fun activities that she loved. Friday John and I both had the day off, after a trip to the gym in the morning we made our way over for a visit with Poppa and Grandma. There was a special package there for her and Emelia loved her new bike all shiny and blue (her current favourite colour). She was long overdue for a new bike as our very tall girl had outgrown the bike Gramps and Oma had bought her for Easter 2 years ago. She loved her old bike but was pretty excited to move to her new bike. She went for a ride with Poppa and Daddy and showed off how fast she can get those legs going. All in all she was in heaven and after dinner we brought our very tired girl home and we settled in for the night.

Saturday she woke looking better and ate a bit. We thought we would take advantage of the first real spring weather weekend and make our way to the sugar bush for the last weekend they were opened. Emelia had a ball, she played on the climbers, went on a horse drawn wagon ride and even had an Easter egg hunt. She didn’t want to leave but we had to make our way to swim class.

John took Emelia to class while I snuck in a workout. She is our little fish and even with her energy not quite 100% she managed to get the energy up to swim all over. We left class, finished up some errands and then we had a chance to bring Emelia for a long bike ride on her new wheels. She went for a very long ride, this pretty well wore her out and before we knew it we were finishing up dinner and putting a very tired and excited girl to bed.

The excitement was for this morning. The much anticipated visit from the Easter bunny. Emelia has been counting down the days until this morning. She has putting on her best behaviour hoping that the big bunny would bring her some little treats. She was not disappointed. This morning in her basket was some My Little Pony toys (her recent obsession), a My Little Pony colouring book, some chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny. She was pretty excited for her haul. But her energy pretty well crashed out after that.

We had planned on bringing her to the gym to put her into a program while John and I got in our exercise but her emotional meltdown at getting dressed showed us we had a very tired little girl who was still not quite herself. John convinced her to lie down with him and before we knew it she was out cold for an almost 2 hour nap. Needless to say we know that her energy is not back, her lack of eating is impacting her ability to get better. She is not sick necessarily but she is having extreme discomfort from her new molars and the havoc they are playing on her tongue, her stomach and her ability to eat.

She was better after her nap and we made our way over to Grandma and Poppa’s house to visit with the entire family. She loves her cousins so much and they had a ball, they set up the badminton net in the backyard and the kids played outside for hours. Emelia certainly managed to keep up with her bigger cousins. But by the time the play ended we had one tired little girl.

She is out now, hopefully will sleep in a bit in the morning so we can have our happy girl back again in the morning.

Off to enjoy the last of our Sunday together as John has to go back to work tomorrow.

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