Ain’t nothing better than that prospect!

I am so happy to have a week at the trailer with friends and my family!

He said

After last weekend’s fun foray to East Park with her CheerStrike, the request came quickly from Emelia for her and I to go back there to the batting cages to practice hitting softballs. She didn’t have to ask me twice as that sounded like the perfect kind of Daddy/Daughter fun! And, as luck would have it, I had Tuesday off work so we could make an afternoon of it. I got my bike ride in early and did some other errands so they were out of the way after. By early afternoon we were ready to go and headed back to East Park. We spent $30 and about an hour hitting baseballs and having fun. And even though Emelia ended up taking a few pitches off the knuckles, we had an absolute blast.

Coming back to biking, I had a significant bummer moment last Sunday when on my ride I realized I had a broken spoke. While that cut my ride shorter and that sucked, what followed got way worse! We took the bike to MEC as that is where we bought it, and it made sense as warranty would definitely come into play. While the spoke seemed like an easy fix, the rear wheel rub was a bit more perplexing. By Tuesday I had my answer… for sure the spoke was an easy fix and already done. But, the rear wheel hub turned out to be a completely seized rear hub. And while it was all completely covered under warranty and they were providing great service, I was going to be without my beloved new bike for a few days at least.  Thankfully (and contrary to Danielle’s desire) we have 3 bikes as backup—most importantly the Vanterra that I happily rode all last year. So I had backup.

With supply chains still being a real challenge it means that this is going to take a little longer than I’d like to get fixed. But, I can tell you Jay and MEC have really stepped up as the solution is – as he has really gone to bat for me – is that they can’t get me the same wheel set that came with the bike, so he is getting me as good or better to correct it. And I can tell you what he was able to get to replace the wheel set, is significantly better! They’ve definitely convinced me to continue using them as a source for my biking needs and servicing. All things being equal, I will have my GT back, just in time for the MS Bike ride next weekend. Would have loved to had it here for this week at the trailer and on the G2G, but it is what it is. And I am delighted with the fix on this! Who wouldn’t want a lighter and much faster wheel set??

And, speaking to that, yes, as of yesterday at 5pm when I wrapped up work, packed the truck and made a beeline for the trailer, I am on a week’s vacation! I was to the trailer in time for dinner with Danielle and Emelia. We enjoyed a campfire with The Sherwoods before hitting the sheets—all of us equally tired. And tomorrow I woke when I wanted and was out on the G2G on the ole Vanterra for a very fun run in the sun and heat. Was the perfect way to kick off a week’s vacation. While Danielle & Emelia were back to London because Emelia had a birthday party this afternoon, and Danielle has to work tomorrow, they will be back tomorrow some time after 5pm and we will begin another week of enjoying time at the tailer. Ain’t nothing better than that prospect!

She said

This week we start our sort of second partial week of vacation. When we were planning out our summer we were trying to maxmize times with friends as well as making sure we space out our time in the summer. Earlier in July we took a few extra days around the Canada Day weekend to get a start to our summer. This week will be a bit wonky, since I already took off some time earlier in July I was only able to take a few days off this week. I am currently back at home so Emelia could be home for her friends birthday celebration and I can work tomorrow. John, Steph and Justin are currently at the trailer hanging out and enjoying I am sure a few drinks around the fire.

I was able to get some time up at the trailer, Emelia and I headed up Friday as soon as I could after work so we could have a full weekend there. Emelia and I arrived and had a quiet night just the two of us. We crashed pretty early and woke up Saturday morning to take on a few little projects around the trailer. Last summer we found some free to us Muskoka chairs, last summer she and I cleaned them up and painted them – well we used matte paint and it wasn’t standing up that well so we decided if we were going to paint them again we would change the colour to a darker colour. We picked Emelia’s favourite colour of navy blue and painted them again. Almost 6 cans of specialized paint later we have brand ‘new’ blue chairs. These have quickly become the most expensive free chairs ever! I vowed after this year if they do not hold up we are not investing another penny into them and finding a different option.

Tonight I am back home, getting a few things squared away so I can make my way back up tomorrow after work with Emelia as fast as we can. We cannot wait for our week up at the trailer. It will be a shorter one as John, Steph and Justin are in the MS ride next weekend and Emelia is away at her best friends cottage for the weekend. But with our friends Holly and Ted as well as much of Holly’s extended family up there for the week it will be a fun week for sure. Lots of fun with friends and lots of kids to make amazing memories for Emelia. We cannot wait!

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