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Best part of my busy week was going to East Park with my Cheer friends!

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When we left off last week, we were just getting going with our vacation. Danielle was still looking at the better part of two days up at the trailer and I didn’t have to be back at work until Friday. Really, the plan was to spend as much time as we could relaxing by the fire pit, and of course for me to get in my daily bike rides on the G2G Trail. And we did just that. After my recovery ride on Sunday with Danielle, I was settled on doing at least 25 km each day going all the way in to Blyth and then heading back to the campground, which I did. And the best part is we had amazing weather for it the whole time.

Shortly after my bike ride on Tuesday morning to Blyth & back, The Sherwood’s and Danielle & Emelia packed up and headed back in the early afternoon. Emelia had an appointment for a long-awaited haircut that afternoon. After they were on their way back to London, I decided to use the afternoon cleaning things with the pressure washer. First, it was the roof of the trailer that was long overdue. Then, I moved onto the trailer after mucking the sides up with debris from the roof. And then lastly—because why stop there?—it was my truck. By the end I was ready for a shower myself, and a beer or threeve by the fire pit. I had a quiet evening at our fire pit.

Wednesday, after getting up and going through the usual routine bike ride, I decided that I was going to head back in to London in stead of Thursday as I had some errands to run for Mom & Dad so it just made sense. I got back around the same time Danielle was getting home from work and we had dinner and were able to get Emelia off to softball practice and then get some groceries that we needed. Thursday ended up being a lot more more running around than I anticipated, so I was happy with the decision to come home a day early. And being back earlier allowed me to get a longer 30km bike in on the TVP to boot.

But the big highlight of my week was Thursday evening because Emelia had a softball game in her home diamond and I was actually able to see her play a game for the first time this season. She literally decided to take up this sport just over a month and a half ago and it is amazing to see how she has taken to it. Mostly she is doing it because her best friends from childhood are doing it, but also some new high school friends are too. What was most impressive to me is to see how much she has caught on. We have never played catch, hit balls, much less talk about the sport. And here she is doing it. But my favourite part was just being able to see her out there smiling, laughing and trying! She was in her own and I was Fire

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After a shortened work week because of our half week at the trailer it seemed so full that it wasn’t really a short week. Emelia had a softball practice, cheer practice, softball game, Emelia had a hair cut plus I had a ton of work to catch up at the office. It was a very very busy week. By the time Friday rolled around I was ready to head back to the trailer and have a quiet night there. Emelia wasn’t originally going to head but she decided at the last minute she wanted a mommy night so she came up with me.

Emelia and I arrived at the trailer in time for dinner, we spent time with Steph, Justin and even a surprise our friend Andrea was up for visit with the Sherwoods so we got a chance to catch up with her. Once Andrea left for the night and everyone had a yummy supper it was time to settle in around the fire and enjoy the rest of the night. None of us lasted very late Friday night and were all off asleep by midnight. The next day we all started out very slowly all getting in a great sleep in. Emelia and I took a very lazy pace for the day and eventually we settled for a river soak to share a drink in the sun before packing up and heading home. Emelia and I got home around dinner just in time to rush her off to her babysitting job!

After getting to bed far too late last night (Emelia babysat until after midnight) we had to get up very early this morning. This day was one that Emelia had been counting down for weeks! A few weeks ago an invitation went out from the cheer gym owners to entire gym to join everyone at East Park for our summer party to celebrate the start of Season X at Cheer Strike. Emelia was beyond excited to spend the day at the water park with her friends and we got to spend the morning with our cheer friend parents. Now the added bonus we found out not that long ago is that this invitation wasn’t just to the cheer All-Star team it was for the entire gym including families who have been enrolled for a year in the recreation program. So we got to see Greg, Testza, Zoe and Abi as Zoe has been going to cheer this last year as well.

Once we all settled in Emelia was able to spend some time with her cousins before she connected with her friends Olivia and Flo. The girls were off and had a great time. They went on a few of the water slides (including the bullet), played in the wave pool and hit up the splash pad. The two hours flew by and before we knew it we were wrapping up and heading home for the day. I cannot say enough amazing things about Emelia’s cheer gym, this is just one example of the community they have built! Emelia had an amazing time and is even going to head back to East Park with John this week so they can hit up the batting cages and is already planning another trip to the waterpark this summer with more friends. All in all today was a pretty amazing day!

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