It’s all about High School these days!

I am getting nervous & excited about High School!

He said

We had a pretty eventful week for Emelia. It started on Monday with Emelia having her High School Here I Come orientation at Lucas. She was a bit anxious about it, but the good news is she was going the same days her best friends Anna & Grace were so they all rode together. I dropped her off, and off went the girls to start their High School lives. By all counts the day was okay and kinda boring but at least they were learning where things were before their first days.

On, the morning of the second day, Emelia was feeling the effects of a cold. After running herself pretty thin all weekend having the Cheer Choreography Camp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and add in that Emelia doesn’t do well in heat. And then, add in she wasn’t getting the greatest of sleeps the last week with all that was going on, it finally caught up to her and we called the school, and let them know she wouldn’t be able to make day 2. Because she was majorly bummed to miss it, Danielle was able to arrange a condensed make up day for Thursday.

The one thing we didn’t share last week was that Dad was finally (about a week and a half ago) released from the hospital and returned back to their place. I had the chance to get over and see them this week and Dad was looking so much better than the last time I saw him. He still had the IV line in so they could keep him on the antibiotics, but he said he was feeling much better and they was great news for us. He was even able to make his way down to the front door when they had Ice Cream Truck day.

Next weekend will be a bunch of things for us. First, it is the last weekend of Emelia’s summer as school starts the following week. Second, it is a long weekend as it is the Labour Day weekend and luckily I was able to make a 4-day weekend of it so we will be up at the trailer as much as we can. And last, it is the last weekend before I turn 50 (my birthday, being Emelia’s first day of school). So, we’re going have make the most of this weekend for sure!

And then on Sunday, Danielle is going to drop me off in Guelph as early as our bodies will allow, and I am going to make attempt number 2 to ride the full G2G Trail from Guelph to Goderich. This one will be solo, but because I wanted to try and get this done before I turned 50, I just couldn’t get my usual ride buddies lined up. So here’s to hoping next Sunday (well, Monday because that’s the holiday weekend tradition), I am posting about having finally completed that ride… lock, stock and barrell!

She said

Last week wasnt exactly how we thought the week was going to go. We had a full week booked but much of that got sidelined when Emelia caught a cold. She was pretty well worn right out after a very busy weekend that the cold hit her hard enough. With covid restrictions she wasn’t able to go to cheer practice, her second day of high school orientation and had to reschedule her hair appointment. What this means is that next week that was already busy is going to be even busier.

Thankfully by the weekend was feeling much better so she and I headed up to the trailer to meet up with John. On Saturday it was just her and I, the heat was pretty intense so we took things pretty easy. Well she did at least. I had a pretty full day, I took the morning a bit slower but I tried to get a start on the big weekend project before the heat of the day. The trailer was LONG overdue for an outside cleaning, it took 2 full hours and lots of sweat but the whole trailer was clean outside from the roof to the tires. Lots of work for sure.

Today we spent the day together, got to spend some time with Steph, Justin and Olivia before we had to head home to get ready for a very busy week ahead of us. This is our last full week before Emelia starts high school, we have appointments every single night/day. It will be a busy one leading into the long weekend.

Next weekend we are so excited, it looks like we will be able to celebrate John’s 50th surrounded by lots of family which is all he wanted. We cannot wait to see each other, it has been far too long. So the countdown is on!

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