Gettin’ healthy, getting historic!

Tomorrow is a big day! I get my braces off!

He said

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had hit a significant milestone when it came to my fitness journey – I had hit 200 pounds! A year ago when we got the rower, the far off hope was that I might get near 200 pounds but not necessarily under it. But, in the last few months, it became more of a reality that I could. Well a week and a half ago that milestone came and the “2” finally became a “1”! I feel so much better, I have had to make a wardrobe adjustment and fit into a pant size I don’t think I ever have in my adult life.

With the season starting to change, and the prospect of being able to continue biking outside looking more and more like it’s wrapping up we’ve started to organize a bit of a workout room in the basement where the daycare used to be. We already had the rower, and have since added a trainer that we hooked up to Danielle’s bike for indoor riding through the winter. There’s some other equipment that Danielle and Emelia had and before we knew it we had a space that everybody was making part of their day. Before work and school Danielle & Emelia do their workouts. And then on the days I am not able to get outside to ride, I am able to still get in my workout. It feels great that we’re all part of this.

And lastly this past week I moved into my 12th year of participating in Movember! At the turn of 12:00am on Halloween night last week off came the beard I had grown since we began quarantine for COVID in March, and so began my 13th campaign. In all the time I have participated I have managed to raised $6,845 since 2009! Way back when I started my participation with CBC Radio 3 friends and have just kept going as it is something that has hit close to home for us and many friends and family. So if you feel so compelled, I would love to have your donation for my campaign this year!

She said

This week we are making some final closure on a few things. This week we brought the trailer in for winterizing and put her into storage for the winter. It was a sad day for sure. The other sign that the season is changing is the fact that we had to bring my car in for the winter service and put on the winter tires. Signs for sure that the seasons are changing and we are on the cusp of a long winter ahead.

The other big closure this week was packing up more at Helen and Doug’s place. With the house now sold we were able to arrange to pack up and move out the majority of the furniture that we used for staging but would be moved to new homes within the family. David was in the biggest need for new furniture so with a big rental truck we packed him up. It was great to see family (even through masks) and get things packed up. Not going to lie — it was sad to walk around at the end of the day, seeing the house all but empty. The house has been the centre of our family life for 30 years and seeing it all but empty made it even more real.

With the house all but emptied we were able to move forward with long overdue projects around here. We had been putting a lot around here on the back burner while we dealt with Helen and Doug’s place. This weekend I was able to get a fair bit done. Last week John and I took on the storage around here but today while John was at work I finally cleaned up the mess of a house, reorganized a bunch of things, brought more to goodwill and I was able finally set up the basement for our new hangout space.

With the basement no longer a daycare space we have spent the last few months clearing all the daycare stuff out of the house, I have finally the last of it out of the house this week and we could finally assess what we had that could be used to make the basement work as a hangout zone for Emelia and her friends as well as a workout area for us as a family. We have reused as much as we could and happily it has started to come together. We are pretty happy with it.

I finally feel we are finally found a good groove—we are settling into a new routine for our new life and it’s all settling in.

Part of what I want to talk about so Emelia when she gets older is the big events that are happening around her in these formative years, obviously the big impact on our lives right now has been the pandemic but the other big event this week has been the US election that happened this week. After a long week it was finally announcement yesterday that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump but for Emelia the bigger news is that Kamala Harris became the first not only woman but the first black woman, daughter of immigrants to reach the office of Vice President. It is long overdue and I feel that Kamala Harris will be a role model for Emelia, for women and for integrity for everyone. It is an emotional moment and one that I hope that Emelia will remember for the rest of her life.

That was the week that was, tomorrow we have the day Emelia has been waiting for over 19 months, the day her braces come off! She’s more than a little excited. Can’t wait to see her after work tomorrow smiling ear to ear!

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