Look Ma, no braces!

I finally got my braces off!!

He said

One of the things I haven’t shared on the less fun side of being one of the primaries supporting Mom & Dad in their assisted living setup is that I have to go every two weeks for COVID-19 testing. I had to be tested and have a negative result before being allowed to go in, and I have to go back every 14 days and have the same result. So far I have been tested twice—both with a negative result obviously. The first time I was in and out in 15 minutes and the test itself was nothing like people have described. In fact she was done swabbing before I even knew it was in. The second test – a week ago last Friday – was not the same. This one I could definitely feel go in and it could not come out fast enough before my eye was releasing a river of tears. I’m curious to see what it’s like this week and hoping for more like the first time. At any rate a small bit of discomfort to be able to help Mom & Dad and see them is worth it.

And that’s the thing… I was over there today to help them assemble two bathroom wall cabinets that Mom had ordered online that had to be put together before the maintenance team at Oakcrossing will mount them. I could tell they missed the connection and catching up with family as they missed their 4:30pm dinner call in the dining room which is quite the social time that they look forward to each day so they could watch me build cabinets. We got in a nice visit, I got the cabinets all ready to be hung, helped them move around a couple of things and then cleared out so more stuff they needed out of the way. It was a great visit, and I will be able to get over there again on Thursday and/or Friday this week again.

While the weather this past week was gloriously and unseasonably warm which allowed for bike rides to continue, today’s weather – cold, wet, and very windy – leads me to believe I may have seen the last of my outdoor exercising until the spring. The wipeout I had a few weeks ago on a cold, wet day where I found a patch of wet leaves on the bike path, leads me to believe that while I prefer to do my daily workout outside, safety is going to prevail and I will move back to the rower and the bike trainer for the winter months. This whole fitness journey started a year and forty pounds ago with just the rower, so I am happy that we’ve had the bike trainer to help get through the winter months. That and shovelling the driveway…

And lastly, big week for Emelia. Monday we had her final braces appointment. That is to say we were going to take them off! She was so happy for this day to come. We took a picture before we left – her last braces smile and then we took the same photo when she got home with them off. It was funny because as we were in the car on our way over I asked what food she was most looking forward to eating and she responded without hesitation saying, “I ate the things I wasn’t supposed to eat with braces, so nothing really” And that’s where I know she’s my kid. She came out from the appointment smiling and excited to show me the loot bag she got from the orthodontist. And we were happy for her to be free from her braces.

She said

The big thing this week for us was the big event on Monday with Emelia’s braces coming off, we couldn’t be happier with the results. She is so happy and so are we! It has been worth all the money and pain for sure. Her smile is perfect and the changes she needed in her teeth and jaw all came together! It was a great day for sure!

The rest of week has been a bit more on the normal side for us, we are moving into a new routine and things are going pretty smoothly considering how big this change has been for our family. We are finally starting to shift focus on our house and getting things organized and make the changes around here post daycare business life. We are still working on transforming things around here to make our home truly our home, not our home with a daycare business within it but our safe place in a crazy world we live in.

We have been trying to make the best of what we have around here to reuse what I had for the daycare and other things around here and its coming together really nicely. We have finally changed things in the basement, it’s now a secondary hangout area for Emelia and her friends as well as a workout area for our family. We are loving it, especially the workout area. The family every day uses this space, Emelia and I get up bright and early every morning and workout before work and school. It’s our time together and I do love it. I am feeling better, more fit again and love that we have shared this love of physical health with her. She does her own workout and I do mine but its our time together before life takes us to different places. John has been such an inspiration and driving force with all of us taking all on this amazing fitness ride. I am so proud of him and glad that he is here to challenge me every day to make sure we are staying healthy as a family.

Everything is coming together, I am settling in with work, its been busy but great. Things at John’s work are getting really busy which can only mean that Christmas season is just around the corner!

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