Couldn’t be happier!

I am so happy to be done school and camping with my friend Olivia for a week!

He said

He were are happily three, full days into our first vacation week of the year and we’re happily enjoying seasonal camping! Going from a place where we thought that the camping season would be completely gone to being able to camp and camp more regularly than we have in past few years has been a pretty amazing turn of events. Today alone we spent the morning getting up at a lazy pace and then I went for a 15 km bike ride with Justin for an hour and then after we got back, we all got our tubes out and headed for a couple of runs down the river. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Now, we’re setting up for an evening campfire and the kids for an outdoor movie with the projector and the screen. There’s no better ways to spend a day.

This week we had a few more odds n’ sods jobs to wrap up more of the side yard reno project and it’s coming along quite nicely. We have gotten the shed put in. We have the patio set all together – including the two Muskoka Chairs that Danielle and Emelia got me for Father’s Day last weekend. This week, Danielle got the painting of them started with the first few coats of fire engine red that we wanted them. Set up in the yard they look awesome, and I am really delighted with how it’s all coming together. At some point we will figure out an umbrella for it all and then, we’ll be set up with our outdoor space. One day we will get hot tub, but that is certainly not for the pocket book this year.

Work this week was fast and furious. We can tell people are happy that we’re reopened and there’s a lot of students getting ready for whatever their first year of university might look like next year and getting the computer that will take through their studies. It is a completely different world than what we were used to with all the precautions we take, but we have heard nothing but good things from our customers about what we’re doing to keep our team and them safe. Which is pretty great considering the very different results south the of the border in the U.S. By the time our last day in store on Tuesday came around I was feeling pretty tired from 3 straight and very busy days. It was great to be back, but better to have some rest from it.

The next week at the trailer should call for a lot of rest and relaxation. Even in just the 3 days we’ve gotten in so far, I am already feeling a really good mix of relaxation. But I am really looking forward to more of that to come this week. Just this week the pool was reopened which will help with being able to refresh after the hot, sunny weather on the forecast. But there is also the river to tube down. This week should be all sorts of balm for us all. Emelia has been having a blast with having her bestie Olivia here and they have been doing all sorts of stuff on their own which has been great. And the best part is we have our friends The Sherwoods here too. It’s the perfect remedy the challenge of the last three months and we couldn’t be happier!

She said

This week has been a bit more about closure or an attempt at closure. This week I had to start piecing together what was 12 years of my professional life and start Dismantling it piece by piece. The biggest part was trying to figure out what to do with 12 years worth of educational material, learning games and other fun stuff that I do with the kids over all the years of doing daycare.

Since I will have some kids on a very part-time basis over the summer I had to keep a few things around but what I did do was get rid of most of the biggest things in the house in order to start seeing what our life would look like post take care. It was a lot more emotional than I expected but it also is very freeing. I had a chance to give a lot away To my current daycare families some past daycare families And some young families in our neighborhood. It felt really good to see all the things I collected over the years go to people who are really going to appreciate it.

With this part starting to move forward I know I have to look forward to a future that is going to look very different than what we’ve had in our life for the last 12 years. It’s going to be a huge adjustment for our entire family but especially Amelia. What I have to focus on now is what I’m going to do professionally so that I can help support our family. With the daycare world starting to come into the past we had to start looking towards the future. And plan for our new life. What that life will look like I’m not sure.

After a really long week we were looking forward to our week off as a family at the trailer with some of her closest friends. Thursday night after John wrapped up work we packed to the whole truck up and headed up to the trailer. This entire week has been full of lots of laughs time in the water and lots and lots of sunshine. We can’t wait for the rest the week and all the adventures we’re going to have. Having the trailer at a seasonal site has been exactly what we needed as a family to make the most of what could’ve been a pretty crappy summer.

We plan on making the most of every day as a family because in the end that is what life is all about.

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