Settling in quite nicely

I am excited I can finally see some of my friends with stage 2!

He said

After the craziness of last week, this week was a little easier on us. The driveway and patio concrete has been poured, sealed and the fence put back together as of this weekend. It was a huge weight off our backs, as now we can begin putting the yard back together which most means getting on top of the pile of things on the front porch from the yard. With all that stuff settled this week, we made plans to get out of the city on Thursday and head up to the trailer for the weekend. The biggest thing that has come from having a seasonal spot is that we’ve been able to camp every weekend and even able to extend some of our stays as the wifi allows me to do my work from home days, there.

An hour from getting in our vehicles and leaving the house Thursday, we were pulling into the campground. With Stage 2 being approved by the government a lot of things have started reopening like the malls and also transient camping – more on that in a minute. But with Stage 2 meaning malls can reopen, it means we’re getting closer to our store potentially reopening. So, we’re making sure we get as much as we can out of the work from home days and getting to the trailer every opportunity we can. For Stage 2 at our campground it meant that transient camping was reopened, so the park was a lot busier than it has been. Even with the sites being booked up we still found it was everything we wanted out of camping and have no regrets.

Having three full days and one partial day at the campsite was perfect for me. Sure I would love to have stayed longer, but I am going to be able to get right back up there Thursday this week. And the reality is we have had already 4 camping stays, last year that would have taken us 2-3 months to have had that many camping trips. We may find that we like this so much that we just choose to do this again next year. And so far all signs point to that. We love our site, we love our neighbours (The Sherwood’s), and we love the distance of where it is. There isn’t one negative we have found yet.

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This is a first for me I’m doing my part of the weekly blog post on my phone while John is at home getting ready for his work week. I decided that we would stay back another day to make the most of the trailer with Emelia and The Sherwood’s before life gets thrown on its head once again this week.

This week with the pandemic restrictions lifting again daycares were thrown under the bus (once again) trying to get ready for reopening. When reopening stages were starting to open it was told that protocol and plans would be sent out to certain sectors to give time to rework their businesses and sectors to meet new safety protocol. Well, this hasn’t happened. The government announced on Tuesday that daycares would be opening with strict measures in place and heavy fines for those who didn’t meet these measures. The safety measures are firm and not at all the care that anyone who cares for children want for the children’s wellbeing. S,o we have days not weeks to meet these new protocols.

I am able to take the time I need to get things ready but I’m not at all looking forward for this new reality. I will likely lose money vs making a viable income. Not ideal at all. So John and I will spend this week reworking our yard space to finish things up and once that is done and I can access the daycare space the real work for me begins. It will mean a lot of boxing up items I’m not allowed to have in care, limiting items and doing everything I can to rework my program to make a fun environment for the kiddos. I’m doing everything I can to assure the kids feel the changes a little as possible. I will have less little ones back I care for the summer with some shortened hours to account for all the work needed to assure I can keep the cleaning under control.

With all this on our minds we decided we needed to escape to the trailer to have a real break from reality. Being up here is exactly what we needed. The next few weeks will be hectic so this break was needed for sure.

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