Plagued by the… plague!

I got to take my Gymnastics besties Kathleen & Olivia to Palasad for Laser Tag and Pizza for my early birthday celebration. We had fun!

He said

We were treated to probably the roughest 48 hours of our lives as a family this week. Wednesday I got a message from Danielle that she was feeling completely drained and her stomach wasn’t feeling well at all. This was in addition to the severe headache that she woke that morning with. By the time I got home from work that evening Emelia was in her bed feeling the same and Danielle in hers. I called and canceled a doctor’s appointment Emelia had as it was clear neither Danielle or Emelia were in any shape to go. With neither of them interested in supper, I ran out to get some take out and some Ginger Ale for the girls. Within the hour of me getting home, both girls had thrown up.

That was the beginning of it for all of us. I spent the next three hours helping out as each of them had repeat visits to the bathroom. Both of them seeming emptying the entire contents of their bodies twice over. I refilled water bottles, got ice packs, and managed the clean patrol as best I could. Deep down I was wondering how long until I get struck down. With the two girls sick we decided to adjust the sleeping arrangements so that Emelia & Danielle were in our bed, and I took over Emelia’s bed on the slim hope that I might avoid it. About an hour after going to bed, we realized how we had long missed that window of opportunity. I was up every single hour the entire night with repeated trips to the bathroom.

For the first time in six or seven years Danielle had to shut the daycare. I called in sick to work, and of course Emelia stayed home from school. We spent the entire next day in bed and mostly sleeping. Aside from Powerade and Pepto, I don’t think a single other thing went into our digestive tracts that day. I was the roughest for wear out of the lot by Thursday evening still feeling completely exhausted and light headed any time I stood up. I made the decision to stay home a second straight day which is odd since like Danielle, I have managed to not use sick days. But, I knew the sleep was necessary to get better. After spending an entire day in bed sleeping on and off Thursday I was in bed and out for the night at 9:00pm and slept straight through to the next day almost 11:00am.

I still ended up sleeping a good chunk of the day but, by the mode afternoon, I was starting to feel like recovery might be possible (I was still doubtful it would be a full recovery). Danielle who was the first to puke was the furthest along, was feeling well enough to reopen the daycare, but we kept Emelia home as a precaution to make sure she had the time to fully recover. By the end of the day Friday, we were all in varying states of getting better. The good news was I happened to have the weekend off, and we didn’t have any major plans during the day Saturday so we had even more time to recuperate.

Finally today, I think we can all say we’re on the mend. I’m definitely not 100% better but a million times better than I felt Thursday and Friday. We’ve had a pretty low key weekend and used the advantage of no alarm clocks and a quiet house to get some extra sleep each morning. Tomorrow we’re all back to the regular grind and I am looking forward to waving a hearty goodbye to this nasty-ass stomach bug that demolished our house for 48 hours!

She said

This was certainly not the first week back to work post Christmas break we had thought we would have. I had a little one starting this week who was quite the snuggle bug, the little ones love her and she is settling in nicely. But underlining the week was this virus that was starting to make its rounds. Now normally I can be surrounded by viruses and somehow be spared from it, this time we were not so lucky.

Wednesday morning I woke with a horrible headache, I figured it was overtired from a few nights of insomnia. Took something for the headache and after about 2 hours it finally faded. Around noon I was starting to feel a bit off but nothing really horrible, it had been a long week I just figured it was the week catching up with me. Around 5:00 when the last daycare kiddo was being picked up I was managing texts from Emelia telling me she wasn’t feeling so great. It came on that fast, she was fine coming home from school and by 5:00 she wasn’t feeling well. By 5:45 she and I were both puking. That fast.

This continued for the next few hours, John took care of us and Emelia and I took turns being sick. The next few hours were a blur, Emelia and I finally stopped and were both beyond worn out and crashed for what we hoped was for the night. John settled in Emelia’s room. We had hoped he was spared but nope. It wasn’t long before it hit him and he spent over half the night in the bathroom.

As we reached the morning we desperately needed supplies. We had kind offers to get things for us but we needed some things sooner than later. I mustered what little energy I had and went to the closest Shoppers and grabbed what I could as fast as I could and got home. That took everything out of me and I slept for 5 hours. The rest of the day was basically the same, John and I basically slept the whole day. Emelia napped for a good part of the afternoon. Like most kids she was recovering much faster than her parents.

Friday John was still not well enough to work, I was back at work and we kept Emelia home to assure she was 100% and to control any chance she could spread the virus to any of her friends. She was back to herself on Friday and was a good help with the kids so I could take things a bit easier.

Thankfully we all woke symptom free by the weekend because Emelia had the first of her birthday celebrations. Emelia has two distinctive group of friends, one from gymnastics and one from school. To make things less overwhelming for her we decided a few years ago to do two smaller intimate celebrations vs a big party mixing her friends from all her areas of friends. This weekend John had it off so we picked it to be her first celebration party.

Emelia decided she wanted to laser tag and pizza at the Palasad. We picked the girls up a bit earlier so they could do what pre-teen/teen girls love to do, hit up the mall. The girls went off on their own for a hour while John and I killed time. Once they were done shopping we went to the Palasad. It seemed that is what everyone was doing this weekend. The place was a zoo, we had about 45 minutes to wait for our table so we sent the girls off to do their laser tag round one first. We finally got our table and the girls dove into their pizza before heading off to get their second round of laser tag. With full bellies we brought Kathleen and Olivia home. Emelia had such a great time with some amazing friends. Thanks to the girls for celebrating early with her, you mean the world to her.

Today we were back to gymnastics. Emelia was thrilled to see one of her teammates who has been out for a few months due to an injury was back. Emelia was thrilled! Gymnastics has been a challenge this year so to see her so happy at practice and having a great practice was so amazing to see. We even got to see her vault which looks amazing! Next week we are hoping for a much less eventful week!

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