Launch weekend!

Things were going great, until… I decided to end the week with a tantrum.

He said

Yes, as the title suggests this week (or weekend was all about launch new stuff at our store! A little over a week and a half ago in our September Event we announced the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. And, if that wasn’t enough, we also introduced the Watch Series 5. This weekend was the weekend all of that became available in store which is alway a super exciting time at Apple. Launch weekend is like our Super Bowl. It’s busy like Holiday with people who are just as excited about the new tech as we are.

It also means there is an all hands on deck approach during week leading up as we ready for launch and into the weekend. That was my week as there was a lot to get ready. But as busy and hurried as it can feel, it is one of my favourite times of year at the store as there is just so much excitement around it. By the time Launch Day arrived Friday the week seemed like it had flown by in a minute. After a week and a half of focusing solidly on the launch, we ready to unleash the new phones and watch.

Friday and Saturday I had the closing shifts at the store so I didn’t have to miss my first skate of the year with my usual Friday Morning Hockey group that goes from September to April. I already had missed the first skate with our trip to Sandbanks last weekend, so I was happy to find out that launch wouldn’t interfere. So Friday morning I got up bright and early, went to hockey to start the weekend off right and then the rest of the weekend was working the launch. The thing about it is aside from the excitement is, it is so busy the shifts fly by in a blink. Before I knew it, my weekend was over and my Sunday off was upon us.

It was so nice to wake up this morning with no alarm clock (even though the furthest I could sleep in was 9:30) and take the day at the laziest of paces to start. As much fun as the entire week was, the go-go-go made the Sunday off with not a lot on the itinerary the most perfect of things. We did have Emelia’s gymnastics to get her to shortly after lunch, but that was basically it. We did go over to Mom & Dad’s so I could help cut their lawn, but other than that there was nothing much to be done. What a perfect way to end the weekend…

That was until Emelia decided to end her day with enough sass and tantrum to put a grinding halt to what was an otherwise great end of the week. While she’s up in her room sorting through the privileges she’s burned through and lost for the week, Danielle & I are wondering when is too soon to have a glass of wine. Some time later Emelia, when you come to read this, and are hopefully over the emotions and hormones that kick you all over the board, I hope you appreciate all that we do fo you in a way that you don’t right now. I need to find the wine…

She said

This week was down right crazy for John but for me it was a bit calmer, well as calm as life gets around here. It was an emotional week for Emelia full of change and new goals. The week for me was the normal life balance, work, Emelia and the house. It was busy because of just those, add in some medical appointments for Emelia it made for a week that flew by. The daycare week went really well mainly because of the incredible weather we had this week that allowed the kids and I to spend as much time outside as possible.

Emelia was in her normal constant movement with sports and school. She is tied up 4 nights a week with gymnastics and dance but she has also joined the cross country team at school which means 4 lunch breaks a week she is prepping for the meets that will begin very soon. This has meant we have a pretty tired girl who doesn’t always listen to her body and get enough rest.

Add into the mix of a busy sports schedule there was one big change on Emelia’s gymnastics team. One of her long term teammates has decided to ‘retire’ from gymnastics and move her focus to cheer. It was a hard decision for her friend and their family and the change has left a hole on her team and some heavy hearts. What this has also started is once again Emelia’s want to try cheer. She has been asking for years to try cheer but with everything she has going on we pushed it to the back burner.

Well, with her friend and teammate Kate leaving and going to cheer this has brought the conversation into the mix again. We have told Emelia we are going to sit on this for now and see where her heart is come next season. Emelia doesn’t want to give up gymnastics, or dance, or anything but wants to take on more. This conversation will has a pin in it to see where her heart lies in the spring when tryouts for both gymnastics and cheer take place.

So needless to say there is nothing slowing Emelia down when it comes to sports, she is balancing most of it well with school, social life and family life and we hope that it keeps going as she wants to take on ever more.

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