Happy Birthday to ME!

I am so happy that all my best friends are in my class for school and I got the teacher I wanted!

He said

What a week! It started with Emelia’s first day back to school and ended with my birthday this weekend. In between a lot of work and moving around. Last weekend we camped to kick off Emelia’s last week of summer freedom and that weekend spilled over into Monday with it being Labour Day. But Tuesday it was back to business. Unfortunately I had to deke off to work in the morning, but Danielle organized her life as she always does so that she could be there for the drop off at school. Emelia was up at the crack of daylight and immediately FaceTiming her besties as they excitedly worked through wardrobe options and planned their day.

About an hour into my work day I got text messages from Danielle with pictures of Emelia and her besties. All smiles. All was right in the world. All of her friends in the same Grade 7 class, and with the teacher that she really wanted too. Our not-so-little girl was over the moon, happy. That made us happy too. By the time I got home that evening I got to hear all about it and could tell just how relieved she was. We knew she was a little stressed about school the last few weeks (though she would never admit it) and this was a huge load off all of our backs.

The rest of the week for me was work which has been a whirlwind of back to school. Not only have the kids returned to gradeschool this week but so did all the university students which has meant our neighbourhood has gotten twice as busy, but so has the store. The last week especially has been the last minute students trying to get their computers and tech all squared away for school. Twice this week, Danielle & Emelia stopped by the store while at the mall in the evening and I really only had time basically to wave hello. Makes the day fly by for sure, but also makes for a tiring day too.

This weekend being my birthday weekend, I worked all weekend. Part of the bargain I made to have some of the Labour Day Weekend off and then again this next weekend off for our Anniversary weekend at Sandbanks for the Sandbanks Music Festival. So even though I had to work all weekend I did have the early shift on Saturday which allowed for Danielle & I to go out for a sushi dinner before meeting up over at our friends The Sherwoods to hang out with them and the kids after Oliva’s birthday dinner. We had a nice evening filled with laughter and grown up beverages before retiring home for the night.

Today was work… But, it was a great end to a busy week. I came home after work to the a box filled goodies that Danielle & Emelia had worked very hard on collating for my birthday. It was full of things I loved. The entire first season of Northern Exposure on DVD, welding gloves so I can relocate logs in the fire pits when camping , a beautiful framed pic of Emelia and I at Bon Echo, some beard care balms, a beer that Emelia picked out, and the same “College” shirt that John Belushi wore in the movie Animal House. I was spoiled. It was the perfect way to end a busy but rewarding week. Happy Birthday to ME!

She said

What a week! We are back to our old normal with the return to the school year and soon to be sports schedule. Emelia was nervous as the weekend wrapped worrying about which teacher she would have and how many of her friends would be with her.  Tuesday Emelia woke up ahead of her alarm and got ready for the day. She had planned out everything, her outfit, her hair and her shoes. Everything had to be just right.

The excitement by 8:30 was heightened when her best friends arrived at our front door. Moments later Emelia, Anna, Grace and Neeka were off to the school. When we arrived at the school the girls were running all over reconnecting with all their friends. I love seeing Emelia in these moments, not just with her two best friends but with all the other girls at school, seeing her jumping from group to group and being in her zone at school.

The time finally came, the teachers came out with clipboards. And much to the girls relief they were all together and with the teacher she wanted. This year she has Mr. Panopolous. She is so happy, this is the teacher she wanted and she is with all her friends. It was the happiest of first days. Emelia came home from school super happy and super excited about school and that is all we could ask for. The rest of the week was just getting back into the school routine and honestly enjoying the quieter evenings, the calm before the real storm which starts next week.

The real push for us was getting to the weekend, it was a busy weekend indeed. John sadly had to work all weekend but it didn’t stop us from celebrating his birthday. Saturday John’s actual birthday, he had to work but we still were able to celebrate. Emelia was invited to one of her best friends Olivia’s birthday party for dinner, this gave John and I a chance to have a nice dinner out to celebrate just the two of us. We went to Sushi Galore and had an amazing night of all you can eat sushi and a couple glasses of wine. It was incredible. The night went by quickly and it was time to head over to the Sherwoods to meet up with friends to finish celebrating Olivia (and John’s) birthday with friends. Lots of laughs and a couple drinks later it was time to come home and head to bed.

Today John had to work again and this left Emelia and I to wrap up the last minute gift ideas to finish up John’s present. Emelia loves making gift baskets now for presents and this time it was all the things that John loves. She was pretty pleased with the outcome and so was I. We were happy to show John how much we love and cherish him and celebrate his birthday just the three of us. Next week the real craziness starts, 4 days a week in sports, plus school obligations our lives are about to go back to normal busy lives, this weeks quieter pace was nice while it lasted.

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