Happy Birthday Emelia!!

This weekend was my 12th birthday and I had so much fun with all of my friends this weekend!

He said

Where last weekend was solely focused on Emelia and her first gymnastics competition at Level 4, this weekend we were focused on Emelia and her 12th birthday. Suffice it to say Emelia got to have two weekends back-to-back that were all about her. And let’s just say it wasn’t lost on her.

Friday, her two besties from gymnastics were over for a movie night and sleepover in the basement playroom. I set up our movie screen with the projector that we use for camping, and then we filled the floor with air mattresses for the girls. The night started with tacos and make your own sundaes and then they retired downstairs for an evening of giggles and non definitive bedtime. Danielle and I enjoyed a movie on the main level and then went to bed… before the girls.

Saturday, the girls – despite going to bed after us – were up and playing before we woke up. They had some fun together before their parents started arriving to pick them up. By all counts the girls had a great time. We had a little bit of time in the afternoon to run some quick errands before getting back to the house awaiting the arrival of her school besties for party number two. The second party was a trip to Flying Squirrel – a indoor trampoline park where we had an hour jump passes for five girls to jump to their heart’s content. (And to hopefully, tire out Emelia)

You may remember last year’s birthday party destination was a trampoline park. However, none of the three trampoline parks that sprouted up in London in the last year were ready at the time of her birthday. In fact, it ended up that none of them were open until July when we finally were able to have her birthday party. Thankfully this year, she wanted to do the same thing, and she didn’t have to wait for six months for that to happen.

They actually rounded up the hour to the next time slot which gave the girls an hour and a half of jumping. There was smiles and laughter and the girls had so much fun. On the way over in the truck I was treated to the same signing dance party as last year’s party, and got more of that on the way back too. When we got back to the house we treated the girls to Emelia’s pick a Treatzza Pizza (ice cream cake) and then she opened presents.

It’s so great to see these girls from school that Emelia has literally grown up with as they all start to turn into little ladies. When Emelia went to bed last night, she told us she had the best birthday weekend. And that’s the best possible thing to hear – especially for Danielle who put all of her hear and efforts into this weekend. Happy 12th Birthday baby girl, here’s to another great trip around the sun!

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It’s hard to believe that we just wrapped up the weekend to celebrate Emelia’s 12th birthday. It literally feels like yesterday we were celebrating her 1st birthday and now we just spent the weekend celebrating her last birthday before she enters her teen years!

This weekend was full of activity from start to finish. With Emelia’s closest groups of friends they are two very distinctive groups with her two worlds – school and gymnastics. Once we had started planning things out before Christmas it was decided that it would be a lot easier and better to have two mini parties vs a large joint party. So once we had decided that it was pretty easy planning. Emelia had been wanting a sleepover birthday for a long time. She and her gymnastics friends have had sleepovers with camping so we knew that would be a good fit. We planned for Friday after school so the girls would have lots of time together and would leave Saturday evening for her school friends.

Friday before the daycare kids were even gone her friends had arrived and were busy planning out their night. There had been some debate back and forth about where they would sleep. I had suggested the basement to let the girls to have their own space, room for the movie set up and a bathroom for them in the night. Emelia wasn’t so sure at first. Once we tried to set up her room for 3 girls she thankfully agreed to move things downstairs.

John got everything set up for the night while the girls planned what they wanted to watch for the night and I got supper ready. The taco night was a hit followed by make your own sundaes. The girls had a great time and settled in for a night of tween movies and giggling until all hours. I know that this birthday will go down as a great memory from her childhood. I still remember my sleepover birthday parties at her age and they were always amoungt my favourite parties.

The three girls were up at the crack of dawn, after waffles they settled in to practice some gymnastics before the girls were picked up around noon. Once we de-partied the house we were off again to plan the last minute details of her school friends party. The afternoon flew by in a flash and before I knew it I was off to pick up the pizza for supper while John and Emelia waited for her friends to arrive.

The girls were balls of energy the second they got together. It was at that time John and I were beyond grateful we planned the party to be at a trampoline park – they needed a place to burn off kid energy. This week we had been slammed with every type of winter weather you can imagine and what the resulted in was a whole lot of being inside and not getting outside to burn energy. You could see the girls needed to go-go-go. We arrived just after 6:00 got the girls registered and off they went for an hour plus of jumping. Emelia was in her heaven and the rest of the girls had so much fun.

The weekend was just about perfect, lots of time as a family and friends. Thank you to all her friends for the special gifts and spending time with her this weekend. Next weekend will be all about family when we get together with the Teeter side of the family to celebrate both Emelia and Amy’s birthday.

Happy birthday baby girl, we love you more than words can express. We love but please slow down you are growing up so fast.

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