A week like any other…

I really liked gymnastics and dance this week and speaking in the Remembrance Day Assembly.

He said

This week wasn’t all too exciting in terms of events that weren’t the regular weekly activities (work, gymnastics & dance, school, etc.). I mean we did launch a brand new version of the iPad Pro at work this week and that was pretty darned exciting as it was met with a lot of excitement on Wednesday when we finally had them available in the store. And, that excitement transferred over to me as there is enough compelling upgrades that I think I will make the plunge… As long as Danielle thinks it’s okay.

Wednesday I was off work so I got to spend a nice, lazy day at home. But, being that it was an evening that had nothing on our shared family iCloud Calendar too, and that we had a bunch of Cineplex gift cards amassed form over the years from Daycare families we decided it was the perfect time to finally use them and go see The Nutcracker and The Four Realms as a family.

Ever since seeing the trailer for the movie, I knew it was one Danielle would want to see and suspected Emelia would want to as well. If I am being honest I was more going to see it with them knowing they would want to. However, I was blown away by it and I think I enjoyed as much – if not more – than they did. Keira Knightly blew me way in her performance.

The rest of the week for me really was work focused as this was my weekend of the month where I was all-in, through the weekend. My Friday closed shift allowed me to watch the daycare kids so Danielle could sneak over to the school to see Emelia’s part in the Remembrance Day assembly at school. She had a speaking part which we were surprised to hear as she’s normally quite shy about, but Danielle came back blown away at how comfortable she was in front of an audience. And I got to see video of it to boot!

This weekend was – for me anyway – all store focused as I was there all weekend. Though both shifts in effect were opens so I got to come home to my two ladies and spend the evenings with them which was perfect as far as I am concerned. If you’re gonna spend a weekend working it’s most important that the moments in between are filled with the people who matter the most. And that was what I came home tonight which was perfect—the reminder of why I do what I do.

She said

In the scheme of weeks for us this week was relatively quiet. Well there was the normal running around for Emelia’s training but otherwise it was pretty low key. Taking full advantage of the quieter week we decided it was the perfect week to have a quiet mid-week family night. Ever since seeing the trailer for the Nutcracker we knew we wanted to take Emelia to it. She adores the story and was pretty excited to see it. Now I will say it is a pretty big departure from the story Emelia has grown to love but she absolutely loved the movie. The special effects were out of this world and the twists of the original story were pretty incredible. Emelia loved it.

Before we knew it Friday was here and I was excited to see Emelia in her Remembrance Day celebrations. Once again this year Emelia joined the school choir, but this year her class took a more active part in the ceremony including giving a number of her classmates speaking roles. I was truly blown away with how well Emelia did. Normally shy, quiet and reserved she spoke clearly and confidently in front of the whole school and parents who came to watch. The ceremony was simple, personal and beautifully done.

John had to work the close on Friday so Emelia and I had a mommy/daughter night. Emelia has grown like a weed the last couple months and as much as we have tried to hold off she really needed a bit more clothes. She and I went to White Oaks Mall and we looked around a few of her favourite stores and came out with a couple outfits. I really cherish these moments with her, she’s growing up far too fast.

This weekend John had to work the entire weekend so Emelia and I were on our own to fill our days. Saturday we made our way to St. Mary’s to cheer on her ‘cousin’ (her uncle Shawn’s niece) in her ringette game. The girls haven’t seen each other since Matthew and Shawn’s wedding 3 years ago so it was great to reconnect with Shawn’s family. We quickly made our way back in town in time to see the twin’s little sister Lydia in her hockey game. It was great to see how fast Lydia has taken to hockey and how that wee little girl just takes charge on the ice. Emelia and Anna played while I watched the game. We came home for dinner and soon after the twins were over visiting for a few hours of giggling fun here.

Today was more of our normal Sunday routine. Emelia and I took the morning at a bit of a lazier pace, I got a few things done around the house and then we were off to get Emelia to her Sunday gymnastics training session. I didn’t stay long today to watch so I could get my Sunday errands done. We wrapped up the night with some school crafting with Emelia. Sort of a perfect end of the week.

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