What! No camping?

I almost have my high bar kip and I did four back handsprings in a row this week at gymnastics!

He said

It seems weird for the first week in a while that we’re not recapping a camping trip. After back-to-back weekends out, we were definitely spoiled and getting accustomed to so much time out in Wolfie Too. But, in another twelve sleeps we’re right back out, off to our yearly trip to Wolfe Island Music Festival, and then we finish out the rest of the week at the beautiful Bon Echo Provincial Park with our camping friends the Jornitz’s. And added bonus, one of Danielle’s daycare families who live down the street and we’ve become good friends with, are camping there too!

This week was really uneventful. My work week was mostly focused on writing employee reviews and supporting the other managers so they could do the same. I had a couple of closes which allowed me to be the one to drive Emelia to gymnastics practices a couple of days which for me is really great one on one time with her. Oddly enough, it’s always the been the time where she’s most talkative to me—there’s even been the odd time where I’ve found out about something before Danielle. But, I really relish those drives where we get to talk. And for those that have known her for any time, would notice how much in the last few months she’s really started to come out of her shell.

This weekend I had to work a close on Friday and then an open on Saturday which I requested so that I could be done by 5:00pm so I could jet over to Mom & Dad’s to be with the rest of the family to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Unfortunately Linda wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trip and Aaron stayed back to keep her company, but the rest of the family was there and it was good times. Between Greg, Testza, Matthew, and Shawn, I walked into the house with a feast ready to go. We sang to Mom in a usual Teeter way and generally just laughed, ate and maybe even swore a little too much. It was the perfect way to end what was a pretty busy week. And I even toasted myself, being all done writing my employee reviews as of that day!

Today was a Sunday off which was a delight. Earlier in the week, Susan, the mother of Emelia’s besties extended the invite to us to come out to their cottage at Ipperwash Beach. We didn’t need to think twice – Danielle told Susan we’d be there with bells on. After sleeping in for a bit and taking the morning easy, we got ready for a trip to the beach. While the weather looked to be gloomy, it was anything but at Ipperwash. We got to the Carter’s cottage got unloaded and promptly got our butts to the beach and into some beach chairs. The girls happily played while we hung out in the sun and occasionally took dips to cool off. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The girls were in heaven to see each other and be reunited in the lake to play like they’re pretty much done every day together since JK.

After we had our fill of swimming, we made our way back to the cottage and got to work making dinner. Before we ate Matt took the girls for a bike ride. When they got back, we sat outside and ate – it was another great dinner. After dinner we were off to the Ipperwash Beach Club to get ice cream cones and then for another walk to the beach so the girls could have one last dip together. Unbeknownst to us while they were in the water, the girls put together a ‘play’ that they showed us by the camp fire that Matt had going in their backyard. The play was hilarious with a mixture of youthful naïveté and oddly enough a lot of murder! Danielle and I both were surprised at how much talking Emelia did. When they were done, we roasted some quick marshmallows and then loaded up the truck and headed back home to cap off one heck of a great weekend and week!

She said

This week was relatively quiet in terms of our household. John and I worked and Emelia trained. That was the week that was for the work week. However once the weekend came we were happily go-go-go. It was all about friends and family and lots of laughs.

Before I get into the recap of our weekend I realized in our chat last week we talked entirely about our camping trip completely forgetting how busy the week was leading up to our 4 night/5 day camping trip State side. The big event for our little girl was her much anticipated and very delayed 11th birthday party. Considering the fact that Emelia hit the 11.5 mark this past week her birthday celebrations with friends was long overdue. The reason for the long delay was the repeated delays in the opening of the trampoline parks. So with the parks opened, exchanging lots of messages between friends and their parents we set a date for Emelia’s belated celebrations. Wednesday night following her gymnastics training Emelia came home to her 3 closest friends from school happily wanting to celebrate with her. We had homemade pizza, a ice cream pizza before heading to SkyZone. The 4 girls giggled and jumped for the full hour and had an absolute blast. They all proclaimed it to be the best night ever so I would say it was worth the wait.

This week we had less on the go after work although Emelia was full on busy with her training at the gym. I have to say her progress this season in such a short period of time has blown us away. Every night when she comes back she is beaming and going on and on about all the skills she is mastering. She is doing amazing, she came home Friday night talking my ear off about getting her high bar kip, working on her form for the low bar kip, nailing her double back handspring on the floor with amazing form and even managed 4 back handsprings in a row on the air track. She is really impressing her parents as well as her coach.

Back to the weekend. This past weekend has gone by in a flash, but that was due to it being filled from start to finish with lots of family and friend time. This past week my mother in law Helen celebrated her 77th birthday so family (sadly less Linda and Aaron) got together at Helen and Doug’s to celebrate Helen and our family. The grandkids had so much fun and so did the parents. The entire night was filled with love and laughs. We left feeling so grateful.

Today we took the morning at a bit of a lazier pace and then packed ourselves up to head to Ipperwash Beach to hang out with some of our favourite people. The Carter family are not just friends but feel like an extension of our family. Our girls have been the best of friends of 8 years and we love to spend time with them. The afternoon and evening flew by and we cannot wait to head back again later this summer for an even longer visit.

That is it for me as we have another busy week ahead and I want to enjoy the last moments of the weekend before we are back to the grind in the morning.

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