Winding down and dialing in.

We finally had our play performance this week. I had so much fun with my friends!

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One of the things I was most excited this week was a concert I had a ticket to Monday night which was Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) performing solo at The London Music Hall. It was super cool to have this show a 7 minute drive from the house and in a smaller venue than he usually would play. But, because of that and that they limited the amount of seats the ticket was $50 which as much as Danielle would have liked to see him as much as I, she opted out of going. It was a great show despite a few of the concert-goers taking away from the show by thinking they needed to participate every chance they got – a couple of times bringing the show to a stop. The music however was beautiful and even better was being at home literally ten minutes after it ended.This week finally after all the practices after school was the presentation of Emelia’s school play. They had been working two nights a week for a couple of months and had switched to every night after school in the last couple of weeks which had made Emelia’s schedule interesting to say the least. Thursday was finally the night of The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf. Emelia was in Wolf Pack portion of the jury and did a great job—all the kids did actually. It was funny and we were blown away by the skill of the kids from grades 4 to 6.

Friday this week brought an end to my Friday morning hockey season which in one way helped to solidify that we were getting closer to summer and camping season. But, it also meant the end of my Friday morning hockey season which is something I look forward to every week. The group I have been playing with, we’ve been doing this at least 15 years and while pieces of the group have come and gone, the core remains in tact. We have a lot of fun but we also keep track of who wins so we can brag and this season ended with Team Black (my team) losing the season deciding matches. Bummer that the season is done, but I do know that September the next season will be back!

The (literal) damper on this week started Saturday mid morning with the arrival of a last blast effort by winter to interrupt what had thought even a few days earlier was finally spring. Rain that turned into freezing rain and snow by mid afternoon made for challenging road conditions as well as wreaked havoc with the power lines. By the time I left work at 5pm on Saturday, the truck was encrusted in ice and snow. I chipped that off and was home and cozy with my ladies for the night. The weather continued through the night and thankfully I didn’t need to work today and Emelia’s gymnastics practice was moved to a later 12:45pm start. We had time to sleep in and didn’t have to be out on the roads until the salters had been out.

This week marks the last couple of practices before Emelia’s first competition this weekend here in London. She looks as ready as she can be and compared to last year in so much better shape. All that remains to be seen is how she performs when it counts next Sunday. I have the weekend off as we had originally thought we might be able to camp but given her competition schedule, and the weather we’re having, thankfully we’re not. I am excited for her and she is too as a lot of friends and family are planning to come and cheer her on. She dialed in, we’re ready for her to have her big moment.

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This last week has been a busy one. For the last few weeks Emelia and her classmates have been working really hard for the school play. There have been weeks of practices and all their hard work paid off. The whole play was amazing, funny and we were so amazed how well all the kids did. The school has some serious talent and all the work that the students and teachers put into this production really showed.

With the play finally off of Emelia’s to do list it freed up a bit more of her time. Emelia’s plate is still very full (with basketball, gymnastics, acro & jazz dance) but the play being done does take a fair bit off her time commitment during the week. Some of her play practice we had to cut short in order for her to make her gymnastics practices were also important given the competition coming up this weekend.

This week at gymnastics training has a been a bit of cluster crap of a mess. This past week was show week for the rec program which meant that there was a show going on for the parents every 30 minutes, which meant that the competitive group all had to stop doing their routine for each performance. Needless to say they go zero floor time to really work through their routines. This made us very grateful for the email we received yesterday morning saying they were going to move the girls training to the afternoon to give everyone some more space. Emelia’s team got moved to the afternoon, with the provincial team away at a competition meant that the morning training had two less teams in their space for the morning and it meant that we had to share the space with only two other teams in the afternoon. This gave the girls LOTS of floor time and training time in general. They girls are all feeling much more prepared and relaxed for the competition next weekend.

This week will be a whirlwind of activity leading up to next weekends big first competition. We are so excited and touched at the amount of friends and family who are coming to cheer her on! The cheering section has been warned about not being too loud which is probably for the better anyway as Emelia doesn’t like to be the centre of attention. She will be delighted to see all the friendly faces in the crowd.

The rest of this weekend was doing some preparing for the storm we are currently experiencing. The words ‘historic ice storm’ were thrown around a fair bit this week so we did prepare for some of the worst getting food prepared and supplies ready just in case. There are power outrages around the area and the city with all the ice and wind. So far we are still with power and hoping it stays that way.

That is it for this week. An amazing and busy one. Now the countdown really starts to Sunday and Emelia’s competition.

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