35 is gonna be a big year!

It was a week of birthday celebration, family, friends and equally important, cake!

he said

I’ll make it short & sweet this week… well, short for me anyway. I celebrated my 35th birthday officially on Thursday however I milked a good week out of with cake on 3 separate occasions.

Last Sunday, Danielle’s Dad, Peter, and Stepmom, Linda came down to celebrate with my parents, because they weren’t free this week. I got another addition to my burgeoning (and awesome) tool collection from Peter and Linda – a Dewalt corded screwdriver. For those of you who don’t know, Dewalt is like the Wayne Gretzky of the tool world. If you don’t understand that comparison, well, I just feel sorry for you. We had a great time and Danielle made a wonderful meal and an Oh My Gawd white chocolate raspberry cheesecake for dessert! And dude, my tool collection is fricken sweet.

Then, on Thursday I was surprised at work with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, a Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks, and a couple of gift cards for there too – they know me too well. I also assume they my like me, maybe. I came home and Danielle made me a steak dinner, and we relaxed and enjoyed a nice, quiet evening.

Saturday we managed our first celebration that was not about me. I figured, since I had already been spoiled, I would allow our friends, Leanne & Chris to celebrate their beautiful daughter Hannah’s first birthday. We had a great, albeit quick visit. (Don’t even get me started on when the satellite guy showed up, Leanne!) Like a 1 yr old, she loved the wrapping paper as much as the present! Then we made it for a late dinner with our friends, which included, our man in AmsterJax, Brian. We got out after that to Old Chicougars to see my brother Greg’s band,  The Mammals play. My oldest brother, Dave who hadn’t seen them live yet finally got a chance to.

And then today, Danielle brought out the big guns. She had a group of 20 or so family and friends over to our house and we barbecued burgers and ate so much great food she had made for it.  And I got another Dairy Queen ice cream cake – number two! Did I mention yet that I LOVE ice cream cakes?

Danielle really orchestrated a fantastic day/week for this kid. She already has – growing inside her – the best gift she could have ever given me, and yet she does these sort of things that just reaffirm what a wonderful wife and best friend I have in her. And today as I spun through visits with a big, wonderful group of people that mean very much to me, I was reminded what I love most about birthdays: a chance to gather and be with the people you don’t mind getting old with.

And that’s all anyone could ever want.


she said

As you can see we had quite a weekend –  busy to say the least but it was filled with fun, friends and family and  this pregnant girl is one tired puppy. The baby is moving like mad right now which puts a big smile on my face and my mind at ease. Since John summed up the weekend so well and it is almost 10:00 on Sunday I will sign off now and crash thank you very much!!!!

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