Warm days and cool nights


We welcome one of the bestest months in the whole year, September. The month that brings us warm days and cool nights, and the first inklings of our favourite time of year: fall. And maybe a renovation completed?

he said

We finally tackled the basement which had become the storing area for everything from the reno including the scattered Braveheart-esque battlefield of abandoned & strewn tools, installation instructions, and odd pieces of wood and ‘things’. We got rid of a lot of junk.  And then, I got a good start on the woodwork for covering in the soffit with oak to make it look like an old structural beam. Once I get that done and some trim work done, we really will be officially done this renovation. And that will feel nice. Of course with my new found experience, and reno bravado, it will be hard to sit idle. Thankfully our bank account will help police me in that!

Now, I know I am stealing a bit of Danielle’s baby thunder by reporting this next bit of news, but since I picked it out, I get to toot the horn! 🙂 Once of the reasons we wanted to go to Toronto, aside from seeing Danielle’s sister and our close friend Cheryl (who happened to be in town), was to check out baby strollers. There are a couple of really good baby shops there with a much better selection than here, so we went to these in hopes of nailing down a good baby stroller. It is the one thing that everyone around us with kids tells us is important to not skimp on. And to make sure we get a good one that is both practical and well made.

Being that we have been given so many things for this baby already, we planned on spending a bit more on the stroller since we have free things all around us. So imagine my chagrin when I found the stroller we both agree on, and that it’s being pimped by Jon Bon Jovi. Even worse, it’s called Rock Star Baby. Yikes!! Every cell in my body wants to turn far away from something being pimped by someone who lent his name to Young Guns Deux but it’s a pretty damn fine stroller.  And Silvio likes it, so okay! And every review we’ve read seems to agree as such. And since we’re not yet of the same bank account of A-List Hollywood and can afford a Bugaboo stroller, this one is a little more gentler on the wallet. More expensive than a Peg Pérego, but it feels more sturdy and a much smoother ride. And a much tighter turning radius than the Quinny (which Danielle and I think you need a degree in mechanical engineering to know how to use). The wheels on the RSB will take the winter head on since we’re going to have a late January baby. So a Rock Star Baby we will have!

And yah, we did manage to slip in great visits with both Cheryl and Chantelle down in Toronto, both separately and together. We’re elated to hear things turning around for both of them in such positive directions. We got to Yorkdale, and to Queen Street West, Eaton Centre and one of favourite haunts The Distillery District. The couple of days were a blur of activity but, at the same time a nice change of pace from the every day. And we even managed to finally try our Kari’s favourite restaurant, Salad King. And Danielle and I agree, it is wunderfically yummy.

Today Danielle has invited her Dad and Linda and my parents over for a mini pre-birthday gathering pour moi. The menu looks good and I get cheesecake – what have I got to complain ‘bout? Oh and I still have another day off work tomorrow!!!

Colour me, content.


she said

Well John summarized the week that was pretty well. In addition to the basement clean out, on Tuesday I went through the mountain of second hand baby items we had and made some hard decisions. We simply do not have a house big enough to house all the items. Plus what child needs 3 pack and plays anyway??? So we filled the back of the CRV and went off to the Goodwill so that another child could benefit from the mountain of wonderful items.

Yes, the visit to Toronto was productive: We wanted to leave the city with a decision on the baby stroller. Despite my efforts to hate it because it is called “Rock Star Baby”, it is an amazing stroller that will do us well. John and I are too active to stay at home and this baby will be with us everywhere so we wanted to have something that was easy for us and comfortable for the baby.

I have a ton to get done before our guests arrive for dinner so I will sign off for another week. Boo, I am back at work Tuesday, but it was such a great week off – exactly what this pregnant woman needed!!!!!

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