I had such a fun birthday weekend!

He said

Yes, there was only one thing on the agenda this week: Our (not so) little (any more) girl turning eleven years old! Sure there was gymnastics, acro & jazz and getting any free time she could on the practice bar and beam at Poppa & Grandma’s, but all that paled in comparison to Friday and the arrival of a new age!

We were a little taken aback this year when Emelia said that she really didn’t want to have a birthday party with a bunch of friends. She would be happy if she could do something with her two besties – the twins. The plan was all along to take them to the trampoline park opening here in London when it opened in March or April. With those plans off in the distance we made plans for this weekend with Olivia, Emelia’s bestie from gymnastics. After their usual Sunday morning practice we’d take the girls and have a day together.

First we’d take them for lunch, A&W of course (Emelia’s favourite) on our way over to Poppa & Grandma’s so that Emelia & Olivia could play on the practice bar and beam. Then, after that we were headed to the mall so that Emelia could get her ear’s pierced again – something that she has wanted for some time and had saved the money for. We let the girls play around at one of their favourite makeup stores. And, then it was off to the big plans of the day which was taking the girls to Palasad so they could play laser tag and we had supper together. After that, we took Olivia home and visited with her parents for a bit while the girls played some more.

It was funny as we approached her birthday on Friday I was reflecting back on that day eleven years ago – also a Friday – when I missed my weekly morning hockey in lieu of heading to the hospital to meet Emelia for the first time. When people remark how they can’t believe she is eleven or how grownup she looks, I am left with the same dual feeling in that I feel like it has both flown by in a heartbeat while at the same time feeling like the last eleven years has been more than the thirty-five I had before she joined us. And when I look at what she has become already, I am blown away.

This blog started because of you, Emelia. One day when you work your way back through your journey through our eyes, I hope you get a sense of just how proud we are of you and what you have taught us along the way. And most of all, I hope you understand just how much we love you and how lucky we feel to be your parents.

Happy birthday baby girl, love you to the moon and back.



She said

Not going to lie it is always a bit emotional when we reflect back when our little girl has another birthday. This past year we have seen her grow so much. Not only has she sprouted up so much in height she has grown so much emotionally and athletically. Last year was a big transformation year for Emelia. She really became her own person. More sure of herself, more secure in being who she really wants to be and happy to be in her with those who cherish and love her. This year Emelia has really grown so much in school, she left grade 4 so frustrated and lost and coming into grade 5 she is so much happier, so much confident and this has to do with extra support and finding her own voice. We are so proud of her and all the work she has put into it this year.

This year she also just blew our minds with everything athletic. She took on anything and everything she could. Not only did she move to the next level of gymnastics she is blowing us away in her strength and skills every week. Not only is she training hard there she wanted to take on another strength challenge in acro, she also stated jazz which has really helped her with her routines in gymnastics even though she doesn’t find the jazz class challenging enough. Add in track and cross country at school there is little slowing this girl of ours down.

The whole weekend was about her, a few weeks ago she told us she didn’t have much interest in a big party, she only wanted a sleepover with a few friends. Those plans had to be shifted when two of her best friends were not able to sleepover. So we started planning other options. I had suggested that we could do a fun play date with Anna and Grace if she wanted in lieu of a party. She instantly said she wanted to go to our soon to be open trampoline park. The park was supposed to be opened either late January of early February. So we thought perfect. Sadly there have been delays so it won’t open until spring so her birthday has been pushed a fair bit. We shifted gears again and suggested we could have her gymnastics bestie Olivia over for a sleepover, again this could not work so we thought we could do a one on one play date with Olivia so Emelia could have Olivia there to be there for her getting her ears pierced. This moved to a full and fun filled day.

Today and this weekend has been so much fun, all about our little girl. I am so proud of the girl you are becoming – gentle, genuine, loving, and strong. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for you baby girl. Mummy and daddy love you with all our hearts, you make us proud each and every day. Love you to the moon and back!

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