What more could we ask for?

I got my haircut shorter. I love it!

He said

While it was nice to have Monday off for Thanksgiving and to spend with family, I always find the week after, I am always lost as to what day of the week it is, and strangely enough the week seems to crawl along slower than the ones without the holiday. This was absolutely the case this week for me, for sure. Tuesday at work I spent most of the day trying to navigate which day it was and not really having any success. The treat of the day was that my work day ended in enough time for me to be able to catch a bit of Emelia’s gymnastics.

However at some point Tuesday afternoon I realized that I had tickets for Danielle & I to see The New Pornographers at The London Music Hall on Wednesday and we had no one to watch Emelia. That meant I had to send a rush help message to Mom & Dad to see if it was okay that Emelia could have a sleepover that night. Like always, they were more than delighted to spend the evening with their granddaughter, which meant Danielle & I could have the night out for a rawk show. And it couldn’t have been for a better band – despite loving their music for some time, The New Pornographers is one band I had yet to see. And it was especially sweet to see them in London rather than Toronto which is their only normal stop nearby usually.

The next day I was closing the store, which meant I had time to run over to Mom & Dad’s in the morning to collect Emelia before school. What was funny is this year Emelia leaves for school the second she’s allowed to be on the property. She as we left her at Mom & Dad’s I was given very specific instructions of what was the time that I HAD to be there to pick her up in the morning. Her first directive was that I would be there to get her at 7:30am, however I quickly nixed that, and we settled that I would be there at 7:45am. And at that precise moment, as I drove across town to get her, the truck’s audio system played the text she sent me asking, “Are you coming soon?”. She certainly doesn’t get the punctuality from me!

Aside from that, the week was essentially the usual things we get up to: her gymnastics, my work and the daycare for Danielle. Before we knew it, the weekend was here and because I had an open shift at the store Saturday, and then today off, I got a reasonable portion of the weekend to be with my two ladies which was a delight. It was nice to be with Danielle to drop off Emelia at gymnastics this morning and to be able to visit with some of the other gymnastics parents. And then, we got to spend the rest of the day lazing about. Most of that was visiting some antique vintage shops we love and just hanging out.

As far as weeks around here go, it wasn’t the most eventful but it certainly didn’t leave me wanting more either. I was able to see some of each of all three of her weekly gymnastics practices, Danielle and I got out to see a band play, and we got some time to weekend together. What more could we ask for?


She said

What is it about short weeks that feel like they are twice as long? Normally as a daycare provider I dread the post long weekend starts because the little ones are often over tired, off schedule and just not themselves. Tuesday came and the kids came in amazing, happy and ready to be back on schedule. But this week felt like the longest 4 days.

I think that the problem with this week is the sudden change in weather. Fall in Ontario is always all over the map, you can go from shorts, to sweaters to shorts again all in a week. That was this week. We went from AC to heat to heat off and windows open again. But what happened this week was a shift sadly is our normal winter skies. We get a lot more grey skies and a lot less sunshine. This instantly effects me and my mood. I felt like my feet were dragging and by the end of the week I was feeling really worn out. I shifted my mindset by Friday and brought my essential oils to shift energy building and I felt a lot better.

With the weekend upon us Emelia and I started planning some fun for just her and I. We started out by a trip to the hairstylist and getting a big change haircut for Emelia. She instantly looked like a tween when she chopped off about 5 inches from her hair. She adores the style and finds it much easier to keep looking good. And we love it too! Once we were done at the salon the timing was perfect for a trip to the mall to have lunch with John. This gave Emelia some much needed daddy time and we had an hour to just spend time together. Once we wrapped up at the mall Emelia was all about hitting up the Halloween stores to look at all the decorations. Emelia adores Halloween and looks forward to this seasonal stores every year.

Our day was fun filled and was over before we knew it, we got home in time to welcome John home and spent the rest of the night quietly enjoying time together.

Today we were able to squeeze in a bit of a sleep in before we brought Emelia to much loved gymnastics. John and I were able to see her train for a bit and hang out with some of the our other gymnastics friends before heading out to get our boring weekend errands done. We managed to get everything done and get back in time to catch the last 45 minutes of her training and view how far she has come in some of the her training. We are so proud of her and all the hard work she has put into it.

The rest of our day was super laid back and lazy just what you need on a damp and cool fall day. Off to spend the rest of our night together before taking on another week.

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