To the lake house!

We got to go to my friends lake house. I love it there!

He said

The weeks after camping seem to blow by in the blink of an eye and really leave us on Sunday thinking, “wow, there isn’t near as much to recap this week, like there was last week…”. Aside from the fact that we launched the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and then the Apple TV 4K Friday at the store, the week was over before it even began. As much as launch days are always exciting—like Christmas for nerds—the real day on our radar was Saturday.

One of the daycare families, who happen to live three doors down from us and have recently bought a lake house on the shores of Lake Huron, north of Grand Bend, and they invited us up to spend the day with them on Saturday. I’ve been there once already and Danielle & Emelia have been a couple of times. It’s a beautiful property and they have a path that takes you right from their back yard to a private beach on Lake Huron. And if that’s not enough, there is a pool to swim in on their backyard, and they have a rooftop deck that gives you a clear view to the lake and to sunsets!

Despite switching over to Fall this week on the calendar, the weather had turned to the dog days of summer with temperatures well over 30ºC before you added in the humidity. So the forecast for the day lended itself perfectly to a day spent swimming – either in the pool or at the beach. We woke up a little later and eventually made our way to their place by middle afternoon, at the apex of the heatwave. I think I was there all of five minutes before I was into an ice-cold beer and their pool with their wonderful four kids and Emelia.

We had an amazing afternoon where the kids played happily on their beautiful property that includes the aforementioned pool, an outdoor shower, an in-ground trampoline, the beach of course, the roof top deck to see the lake from, and a landscaped property that would make any green thumb envious. There is plenty of space for the kids to explore and play, as well as the same amount of space for the grownups to sit and just enjoy watching the kids have fun.

We headed down to the beach before dinner and took in the most refreshing of swims in the crystal blue waters of Lake Huron. The kids entertained themselves on the beach with as a family that featured Emelia and her little sister Greta (their daughter), their pet penguin Till (their son) and their pet cat Emma (their daughter) while the grownups and their newest daughter Elsie enjoyed the beach. The lake water was actually warmer than the pool—it was so amazing.

After the swim, it was back up to the house for dinner up on their back deck. While Pat made us an amazing meal, I took in the sunset over Lake Huron from their rooftop deck. It was utterly stunning and the time lapse video I got of it, did a lot to capture how amazing their view is. Under the wonderful dusk sky we ate the meal—everyone quietly contemplating just how remarkable a moment like this was, I’m sure.

We let the kids play a bit more and then as they started to settle down for the night they watched some Scooby Doo on Pat’s projector while the grownups sat and visited on the back deck. It couldn’t have been a better way to end the week. Amid all that was going on, it was nice have become great friends with this amazing family that has chosen Danielle to care for their two youngest kids. As we drove home under a beautiful late summer night, I know Danielle and I truly felt lucky to have become friends with such an amazing family.


She said

As John mentioned compared to the past few weeks there isn’t a ton to update. Life was busy but normal busy. Emelia is back in the groove of school, extra school programs, cross country and her intensive gymnastics training. It makes for a busy and active life but we love that she wants to be so active but it does make our life quite busy.

This week will be another busy one because she has the same schedule but added into that is the fact that she has her first cross country competition on Tuesday so it will be another busy one. What has made this week a bit more hairy was a sudden and extreme heat wave. The end of August felt more like October and this week near the end of September it felt like August.

We have been having record breaking temperatures which has been making our days shifted a bit to assure the the little ones get as much outside time as possible before the heat really kicks in. This heat has also made it a crazy challenge for my little athlete because she is running every night in the heat after spending a whole day in a non-air conditioned school. Needless to say we were all ready for the weekend to come and figure a way to take advantage of this last kick at summer but at the same time giving a bit of a break from the heat.

As the week plunked along and the heat rose and rose we started to look towards the weekend. When the invite came to go to the lake house of our friends we had our Saturday all planned out. We love spending time with this amazing family. The kids all get along so well and this house is made for families especially kids. Between the in-ground trampoline, the huge craft room, the pool and well the lake it is a perfect family lake home.

We took the morning a bit slower and I got a ton of cleaning started after a long week with the little ones. Once we finished breakfast and I got some work done we were finally on our way. We arrived in the mid-afternoon and the kids were instantly off and playing. Even with the lake breeze it was still pretty hot out there so it took maybe 10 minutes and the kids and the dads were in the pool.

As always it is a great time, we have such a great time with Ilka, Pat and the kids. Our kids get along so well and it takes no time what so ever and the kids are off playing and making up the most amazing games and stories. I got in lots of baby snuggles with Elsie and we had a great time hanging out with the adults over a glass or two of wine.

We wrapped up the day at the beach, home to see the sun set over Lake Huron and then end with the most incredible meal. The kids went inside to relax and watch a movie while the adults had a beverage and some adult conversation. All in all it was a perfect day! We drove home with full bellies and looking up through the sunroof of the truck at a sky full of stars. These are the moments that will stay with you forever, quiet and simple times with family and friends.

Today John had to head back to work and I had an early start to get Emelia to her Sunday training. I ran back home to the house to get the house cleaned. I had a great visit with my cousin Lisa in the afternoon talking essential oils and new oils available for even more amazing natural health support. Once we wrapped things up I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the porch reading my book while Emelia was off playing with her friends.

Next week will prove to be another busy week, good busy but busy none the less. But the best part of it all is that this week can be a bit of planning for our Thanksgiving camping trip with friends. We are pretty excited for our mini getaway hopefully surrounded by fall colours, sun filled days and nights around the fire!

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