A hockey household!

Daddy and I went to see the London Knights hockey game Tuesday night. And they won!

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This week we got a little hockey-centric. Of course there were two nights dedicated to gymnastics practice, but the rest of the week’s focal point was on the spring playoff drives of two of our favourite hockey teams. With the Toronto Maple Leafs trying to return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2013 when they were heartbreakingly dispatched in a game seven collapse against Boston while were on our first Disney Cruise, we have been watching the team closely this week while they inched closer to a playoff spot. Over and above that, our hometown London Knights were also at the same time this week in the first round of the OHL playoffs, up against the Windsor Spitfires.

As should be expected with me in this household, hockey dictated the agenda—be that watching Leafs game or trying to snatch some tickets to see the Knights play. When it comes to the latter, I was able to get a hold of a pair of tickets for Tuesday’s game seven after the Knights were able to battle their way back into the series with two straight must-win games to force the last game standoff at home. Emelia was beside herself that we had tickets and that we got to have a special night out, on a week day no less. I was elated that she was as excited to go as I was.

Tuesday as soon as I was done work, it was straight home to grab a quick bite to eat for supper, get ready and have Danielle drive Emelia and I downtown to be dropped off for the game. The arena was electric with energy and Emelia was adding to the mix. We found our seats nested perfectly at centre ice, second row in the upper deck with perfect site lines of the whole rink. Emelia and I settled in and got ready for what would become one amazing game! We had a lot of fun, especially when the Knights jumped ahead to a two goal lead. On the first goal I got so excited when they scored and I jumped up to cheer, I managed to elbow Emelia in the head. But to add to the excitement, in the third period the Knights collapsed and let Windsor back into the game with two quick goals. That period was end-to-end excitement for Emelia and I, but thankfully the game ended the right way with the Knights scoring a power play goal and then an empty netter to ice the game 5-3. Emelia decided that was the best Knights game she had ever been to.

With the Knights on to the next round the focus turned to the Leafs. They botched a couple of games which ultimately landed their extra season down to needing to make up at least a point in their last two games. The hardest being last night against the Stanley Cup defending Penguins. Out with some friends from work we saw them play an inspiring come from behind win in the third period which guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs. Ending after Emelia’s bedtime, the first thing I was asked this morning by Emelia while I got ready for work, was if the Leafs won. I was happy to tell her they had. I was even happier to tell her that Mummy had managed to get all three of us tickets for the London Knights game Tuesday night against Erie who they’re tied one-one with after the first two games in their barn. So more hockey this week, and no complaints from me. Or Miss E!

Tomorrow is a day off for me which means hopefully we’ll have an answer as to what is going on with our Mini. A week ago, we noticed the engine making a bit of a funnier noise. After sharing that noise with our mechanic we were told to get it to them immediately. Well, we did and we’re $300 in and don’t –as of yet – have an answer what’s going on, and are pretty certain it might be an expensive fix. What’s worse, is with how busy our mechanic is, presumably a lengthy fix too as it took two days to even get to the answer we’re at now. All we know is that the valve lift motor they thought might be going last fall is okay, but that a cylinder isn’t firing and they don’t know why. And that it’s likely to be not cheap to fix. This car has been great fun to drive, and necessary in our busy lives, but we’ve learned that Mini’s are also expensive to fix.

So if you have any car karma, we could use it this week. And while you’re at it, put in a good word for the Leafs and the Knights for us too!


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With the household a buzz with hockey I was continuing my second business venture with the wellness business. I am amazed and love all the training that I am able to acquire through doTerra and the more I learn about this company the more I am proud to be part of it and adding it to my path to a wellness business. I was able to get a ton of training done this week including a program called Deep Dive which really digs deep into your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you to use all of them to inspire others and ourselves. I am in the second week of this course and really loving it.

The wellness business has really brought together everything that I love – nature and sustainable health, safe stress management for families, helping people take control back in their own health and most importantly being a positive force within our family for our health and well-being.

This week I was able to send out my first sample packages because my all my business materials came in that allowed me to not only send out samples to people but more importantly send them out information. It was an amazing week talking and sharing with old and new friends about how I can help them. It is beyond my expectations. I am excited in a few weeks to be doing my first class and only hope that I can help and reach more people every day. I love it!

This weekend was another special one. A few weeks ago, all of my good friends who I have met through running the daycare, all came together to do a surprise shower for one of our fellow providers and my very good friend. My amazing friend Trish is one of the most giving, sweet and humble people I know and everyone was happy to come together to make her feel specical. She was so surprised and we were so happy to share this special day with one of the most special people.

The week coming up we are hoping that the week only brings the best news with a win for the Knights and a not so painful bill from the mechanic and our car to be returned to us. This week is a short week as we are about to go into Easter weekend, I am not going to lie I am more than excited to have the extra long weekend with my girl and our family.

Happy Sunday everyone – until next week!

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