A perfectly acceptable forecast

I got a Mermaid Tail blanket from my Aunt and Uncle. I love it so much!

He said

After the crazy busy week we had last week, we were treated to two things that suited us just fine: 1) Spring weather which included plus temps, and, 2) a much slower pace to our days. Both of those things were the perfect remedy to the lingering winter we’d be having and all the running around we’ve done in the last few weeks. But the absolute best part of this week is that our driveway saw the return of our beloved trailer, Wolfie. That meant one thing — the camping season was (literally) at out front door step!

Emelia was back at it at Gymworld this week immediately working on the basics with her coach that resulted in deductions in the competition last week. We’re four weeks away from her next competition that will be here in London and the girls are all working hard to better their results. Thankfully my work schedule this week allowed me to be able to see Emelia’s practice on Monday which is really important for her these days. But I also truly enjoy every opportunity I get to see her. And this week was truly special to see her turn really focused and commit to what her coach was asking of her. Not that she wasn’t before by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s certainly stepping it up!

This week my work schedule needed to change to make adjustments for one of the other managers and as a result I went from working all this weekend to having today off. This was great for many reasons, but most notably was getting time when Danielle was off too, so we could have a day together with Emelia. I opened the store yesterday, so pretty much from 5:00pm yesterday, we’ve been enjoying time together. With the weather being so beautiful yesterday, the first order to take care of with this time off was to christen the new BBQ with some steaks.  And with that our weekend was off to an amazing start.

This morning we were able to wake up whenever the heck we wanted and take the morning at the slow pace we cherish. We had breakfast and then hatched out plans to go pick up Wolfie from her winter hibernation place. Before we knew it, we were back in the driveway with our familiar fixture in the summer and my thoughts immediate turned to camping and being excited about campfires, S’mores and sleeping under the stars. While we unhitched and docked Wolfie in the driveway, we listened to the London Knights playoff game on the radio (they won!), and my thoughts – as I am sure were Emelia and Danielle’s – were steeped heavily in all the happiness we get (and have gotten) in that trailer sine it became part of our lives. But the best thought of all was knowing that this summer, we will be headed back to Wolfe Island.

This week is pretty exciting because with that Knights win today, they’ve forced game seven against Windsor here in London Tuesday night so being the homers we are, Emelia and I are going to have a Daddy/Daughter date at that game! We’re hoping they win, but know regardless it will be an exciting and fun-filled night. The rest of the week will really be focused on lots of hockey as the playoffs loom for the Leafs, cooking on the BBQ as much as possible and spending as much time as we can outside. That’s a perfectly acceptable forecast!


She said

This week for Emelia was a much slower pace, what this meant was I was moving in high gear again with training and building work for the new wellness business. I have spent as many moments as I could this week doing what I love to do, research and build my knowledge. I am absolutely loving this new challenge and love the business that I am trying to build. What I also love is the absolute love and support I have from Emelia and John. Emelia told me on Saturday that she admittedly thought mama was a bit nuts taking on so many changes with using the essential oils even more but now that she was using them and loving them she didn’t think I was that crazy. Love the honesty of a 10 year old!

This week the weather was an insane mixed bag, from cold to warm, to rain to sleet. Thankfully by the time the weekend rolled around Mother Nature realized what season we are supposed to be in and spring arrived. This weekend the weather was glorious, it was exactly what the body, mind and soul needed — tons of sunshine and natural vitamin D. Emelia spent as much of the day outside and had a blast later in the day at her friend Taylor’s birthday party. She left the party covered in glow in the dark face paint and a big smile on her face.

Today we took at a gloriously slow pace, we woke when our bodies wanted to, spent as much time as we could in the sunshine and Emelia basked in the sun playing for hours outside with her best friends. I loved watching the girls bounce from house to house to house with childlike freedom giggling and playing away. I love the friendships she has with her closest friends and I adore seeing them grow up together.

Today was all about family (got to snuggle with our sweet niece Zoe), and friendships. And what else in life is important than that!

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