Practice, painting and planning.

I am getting really excited about my gymnastics competition! Only five more practices to go.

He said

This week saw the end of the Wellness Challenge we had going on at work. I was happy to have reached my goal of Gold seven days ahead of the end of the month, but my other goal was to close the rings at least two times for calories burned and movement every single day of the month as well as maintain the stand goal too. On Tuesday, I crossed that threshold by the middle of the afternoon. And the good news is, as hoped, I carried on with my exercise right through the week. While I won’t shoot to be at the gym every single day of the week, because that’s just not sustainable, my new goal is be at the gym, or doing some comparable level of exercise five days a week.

Being off Monday, allowed me to go and watch Emelia’s gymnastics practice. It’s crazy to see how far she has come since starting a couple years ago. She’s gained so much confidence but also continues to floor me with what she’s able to do. She’s really being focused on her bar and floor routine in the last few weeks. She’s working on getting her ponytail in just the right spot that doesn’t throw off her back pike roll which has been the thing she’s had the most frustration with. But the best part was being able to watch her in her element with her gymnastics friends being equal parts competitive and supportive. And I’d be lying if I didn’t recognize and enjoy the ham she is when she’s goofing off thinking her coach and parents aren’t watching.

This weekend we finished up a little more of the work in the basement. I built and mounted a revised version of our coat rack in the stairwell and Danielle got started on painting all trim from the dark brown it was to bright white. I also managed to finally tackle the finish trim work on the door in the stairwell and the wainscotting — stuff that I had been meaning to do ever since we did the basement nine years ago! I am happy with how it turned out, and I am sure Danielle will be too once the painting of trim is done, but that is going to take a few more coats before we will call that complete. How it’s looking so far, we’re really happy that we decided to change out the colour palette. Quite frankly, I think both of us didn’t like the colour scheme we went with from day one. This already looks lightyears better.

We’ve already booked our first week of camping at Arrowhead Provincial Park for the week around Canada Day. We’re excited to try out a new camping locale and love that it’s close to Charlie, Todd and Marshall as well as being in the heart of the cottage country in the  Muskokas. There will be no shortage of fun things to do and the campground comes highly recommended from friends who’ve stayed there. But, this week marks the time we need to make our reservation for our second week out in Wolfie, heading her back to Bon Echo – the one locale I won’t bend on going to every summer. And the best part is that with the success of the fundraiser last week, this trip we’re booking will begin with the Wolfe Island Music Festival!

So as reno’s wrap up and plans now turn to camping, even the lingering attempts of winter to stick around can’t dampen our spirits. We know that at the end of the month Wolfie will be returning to our driveway, and that camping season is that much closer!


She said.

In comparison to weeks past this week was a bit calmer on the ‘to do’ list front, at least during the week. The week was a yo-yo of weather and that meant that we were going a bit stir-crazy by the end of the week.

By weeks end I was more than happy to see the weekend ahead of me and Emelia was beyond excited for it to arrive. Why was she excited? Well it was the birthday of her best friends Anna and Grace. The girls were on the countdown all week and Emelia was fussing over assuring she had the absolutely perfect gift for her besties. The girls are attached at the hip these days and I just love seeing how they really look out for each other and are there for each other through everything. The girls and their family have really become an extension of our little family. The three of them have hit the age where as parents we are able to give them a bit of freedom as long as they stick together. So they make their way around the neighbourhood now as a little herd and bounce back and forth between each others houses. I just love seeing them grow up together – it doesn’t seem that long ago they were starting that first scary step off to JK together, now over 6 years later they are even closer than before.

We spent the better part of the weekend with the girls, we were at their place for the party and even stayed more than an hour after the party itself had wrapped up letting the girls play even longer. Today they were back at it again, this time Susan (the girl’s mom) and I got a chance to meet up at the gym and get some time to take care of ourselves and get a great workout in. Before we had even left the gym the girls were already asking when we could get together again. We made tentative plans to touch base once we got a few errands done.

The errands we needed to get done were some important ones to take another stab at finishing off the basement – this time was materials to finally get the coat rack fixed for the stairwell. The curse of an old house is lack of closet space so this 10 hook system in the basement stairwell is a must have around here. We finished that project finally and I took a stab at more painting downstairs. The last few touches on the daycare decorating have been done and I am about 70% done the painting. The last step will take another dedicated day but then once and for all we will be done the much needed change over downstairs. Another completed task on a never ending ‘to-do’ list.

And with that I am signing off, I just want to veg for a bit before crashing for the night. I am ready to spend the last of our Sunday with a glass of wine and hanging out with John.

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