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blog-headerI made officially made the Competitive Elites for gymnastics!

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This week some long overdue (and equally expensive) work was done on the house that completed something we’ve been going at in phases over the better part of the sixteen years we have been in this house. First was the kitchen and bathroom windows, then came the basement windows, followed by the rest of the upstairs. Now, finally on the fourth phase, all the windows on the main level were replaced with new, energy efficient ones. Ones that actually open! Of the nine windows on this level previously, not a single darned one could open. When most of the living we do is on this level, this is a wonderful change. And especially at this time of year when the humidity is gone and fresh air is cool and crisp. I am most excited to be able to listen to records on the front porch.

fullsizerender-2The other thing that we chipped away at this week was the table project that Emelia and I started last week. admittedly it took forty-leven more  stages to sand and stain than I really wanted, but in the end I am happy I spent the time and effort to complete as the finished product looks great in the room and does a great job of what we wanted it to do which was be a home for Emelia’s iMac and my upstairs turntable and Marshall amp. It’s made quite the little nook in that room for both Emelia and I to play. And with the clean that Danielle and I did to the mountain of crap that had accumulated, the office feels like a place to relax again. I am not entirely sold on the layout just yet, but for now it’s workable.

fullsizerender-3Wednesday this week we (as in the Apple, we) introduced the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Given that it was on my birthday (the 7th) and the phone is the 7, I feel like the universe needs me to get it. Or at least that is what I have told Danielle. But, the reality is that the new dual camera on the 7 Plus is enough for me to justify getting it. Plus, I have the ability to sell my unlocked iPhone SE for enough to cover the cost of the upgrade on our Rogers contract. So it has been preordered… all that is left to do is to wait for it to come in. I can’t wait to get a bigger screen for these aging eyes.

img_3369This weekend coming up will mark our last trip out in Wolfie. It is only a weekend trip, but we’re down to one of our favourite Provincial Parks in Sandbanks and on the Saturday we will be taking in the Sandbanks Music Festival that is going on in the park. We went last year and trult enjoyed the weekend, and this year, our friend Jim Bryson is playing as well as Sloan is the headliner. It’s going to be a perfect way to end another amazing season of camping in Wolfie and will make up for the fact that this past August we missed the Wolfe Island Music Festival (the festival for which Emelia coined Wolfie’s name from) as it too a one-year hiatus to reorganize after some fundraising delays.

img_3388After the weekend we will start to making plans to get Wolfie ready for going away for the winter in her hibernation shed on the outskirts of the city. As much as it’s a bit wistful when we put her away for the season, we have had such a great summer with her, the memories will enough to carry us through the winter months. Plus, it will be nice to have the space back in the driveway of the weather isn’t going to feel like camping in weather anyway.

fullsizerenderAs I sit and share this week’s post, every last window on this level is open and the crisp air is cascading this level in a way that I had dreamt about for the entire sixteen years in this house. It is so nice to know that we finally have arrived at this place. Certainly not light on the wallets but also very recharging to us all the same getting all this fresh air in the house and into our lungs. I end this week with the perfect amount of excitement for the things we’ve done around the house, the products we launched this week, and for the weekend we have upcoming that is the perfect mix of our favourite things: camping, music, friends and us. Can’t think of a better spot to be right now!


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This week wrapped a busy and eventful one. First was the start of the school year for Emelia. Emelia started grade 4 this year and as must school year starts there was a bit of worry about the unknown. We had a pretty good idea of who her teacher would be this year but until you hear your named called you just don’t know. Emelia was happy to see that she not only got the teacher she really hoped for and for the most part got her friends in her class, she was upset that one of her close friends Abby was not in her class but the girls have made a point of playing together after school and at as many recesses as possible. So all in all it has been a great first week, she is settling in quickly to the routine and is really loving her teacher.

img_3376Once we got into the r0utine of school we had to start into a whole new routine around here for daycare. My enrollment changed drastially this year but it has meant that we have met some new friends in our little circle of daycare friends. The new girl is settling in nicly and although she isnt here perminantly she is fitting in amazing with the kids and the daycare. That has really helped with the transtion for everyone.

img_3434Once the new little girl was settled in we had to quickly throw all the girls into a loop with a shift in our life around here. On Thursday the installer arrived and we had to tear the main floor apart to make sure he had space to work. The kids were amazing about all the upheaval and we made some tweaks to our plans but all in all it went smoothly and we are beyond happy with the results. The timing could not have been better – all week we had unbearable heat and then finally last night we had a break and we have been able open every window in the house today and enjoy the fresh crisp fall.

img_4136In the midst of the week of school starts and renovations we also had a special day for John. On Wednesday we celebrated his 45th birthday. We kept it low key just the three of us. I made his favourite meal and favourite dessert. We celebrated with our wee family of three just the way we wanted to. His birthday presents were ordered and we are waiting for them to come in sometime next month so it will be like getting two birthdays in one year. But getting the Tragically Hip records he (well we) have been wanting is worth the wait.

img_3430This week is going to prove to be a great one, we are planning our potentially last camping trip of the season (although hoping to get one more in maybe in the fall) to one of our favourite camping locations. Add in that we are going for a music festival it is a weekend we are really looking forward to.

Until next week…

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