Back to school ready?

FullSizeRender 2I really love Gord.

FullSizeRender 3He said

Well our little friend Gord has folded into the mix quite (and surprisingly) well. He has a bond with Emelia that involves a night time routine that starts with her at bedtime where he snuggles with Emelia as she drifts off to sleep and then after about an hour of that, he comes down to check what Danielle and I are up which is usually some version of couch surfing and boob tube. He has a run-around spazfest around 11pm and then has sorted out that after that is really time to chill the eff out and hunker down for the night – save for the odd I need to attack your feet under the blanket because they might be monsters moments.

FullSizeRenderSo, with the cat so quickly into a routine and the household not being turned ass over teakettle the focus this week turned to getting ready for school. Or, more importantly getting ready for Emelia to be back at school… which loosely means the purging of stress and daytime activity planning. Something parents of school-aged kids everywhere can understand and find solace in. Hard to believe, but we have blown through  the summer and have arrived a September—whether we’re ready for or not. While most of the back to school prep was really spearheaded by Danielle in terms of clothes, supplies, and… well… everything really, I was able to help with all that was left to take care of. Which was nothing. The point is between Emelia and Danielle, it sounds like we’re ready for back to school—including the all too important first day outfit.

IMG_3009It will be nice to have Emelia back at school as this summer was really quite the challenge with her. She often skirted the line between being intensely independent and frustrated with the pace of the daycare which – rightly so – is focused on activities to engage and entertain 1-4 year olds, and then needing Mummy to focus all of her attention and efforts on her. It really led to some frustrating moments for Danielle and a lot of acting out behaviour that was followed by some serious and lengthy conversations with Mummy and then Daddy when he came home. We get that she’s having a hard time navigating the development she’s going through, but we also need her to understand and respect better all the stuff Mummy does rather than focusing on what she doesn’t get—as most kids do.

IMG_3013The reality is, and we know, that she will be more challenged, entertained and fulfilled once she gets back into school in a couple of weeks. It’s just getting through the last few weeks where she navigates the daycare kids being here, any anxiety she might be having about school, as well as her feelings as some of the daycare kids she’s known for good chunks of each of their lives, as they leave the daycare and go off to school themselves. As her parents navigate these waters too, it might mean more frequent – than we care to admit – trips to the LCBO or Beer Store for some Calgon to take us away

IMG_3014That really the week that was. Our sister-in-law Linda continues to navigate – with courage and tenacity – chemotherapy for her cancer. She’s doing as well as you can and keeping such a positive outlook despite facing such a scary foe and has become an inspiration to all of us. This weekend my brother David and their kids were down in London to spend some time with Poppa out at the village which allowed Emelia time to reconnect with her cousins and for us to do the same with David. And, by proxy of David in some, small way reconnect with Linda. It would have been nice to see her, but even this was great for everyone in our family, to feel some level of closer.

So with that perspective and connection, I will put a close to this week’s story, with a shout out to Linda for the inspiration that she is to us, and the same to Danielle for all that she manages in the same not even thinking twice about it, like Linda does!

IMG_3022She said

The week was a busy and long one for sure. Emelia challenging behaviour this week made for some very long days. For the majority of the summer she has been amazing but the last two weeks she has been pushing every single button with me, her daddy and the daycare kids. Her emotions have been all over the map, part of this is she is terribly upset but the changes that were coming at the end of this week. My longest term clients in daycare had their third and last child leave care to go off to school. Emelia had grown up beside each and everyone of their children and the idea that this was the end of their family in care had Emelia (and the Hare children) very emotional and upset.

IMG_3026Over the last 7 years this family has been part of our daily lives, add in that their oldest is one of Emelia’s best friends from daycare days and continued to stay close since Addison went to school 5 years ago. Both girls were very upset by the change and were worried that Mason being done daycare would mean they wouldnt see each other anymore. Both mom and I promised this was not the case that they would forever be part of our lives and the girls would continue to see each other. This gave them peace of mind for sure.

IMG_3042The shining light in a stressful week was how amazing Gord has adjusted to our family. He is a sweet snuggly kitten and is so crazy gentle and loving towards the daycare kids. Emelia just adores him and the feeling is mutual for sure, he seeks her out and wants to go to bed with her every night until she has fallen asleep. They will be life long buddies for sure.

IMG_4069The work week was finally done and we were on to the weekend. I had plans on Friday night and John had to work so I had already made arrangements for Emelia to sleep over at Poppa and Grandma’s. She was bursting with excitement when I told her that her cousins would also be coming for the weekend. There is a mandate in high schools in Ontario that in order to graduate you must complete 40 hours of volunteer hours, with Andrew due to graduate in the spring he needed to get his hours in. Doug had suggested that they could get their hours in at the Pioneer Village, after hearing how much both Emelia and Vaughan had volunteering Andrew signed up for the weekend.

IMG_4070Emelia was so excited to be able to spend not only the weekend with her cousins she got to spend a lot of time with Andrew, she also relished the idea that she got to be the trainer and boss for the day since she knew how to run the presses in the print shop. The kids had a great time, so much so that when I came to meet the family for dinner the first thing she said was she wanted to sleepover again and go back with Andrew to the village the next day.

IMG_4072It was so incredible seeing the children. We wish we could have seen Linda but she is in a courageous battle with cancer. Her positive attitude, constant smile and never give up mentally has been a true inspiration. We are so incredible proud and inspired by you Linda.

That was our week, this week we are going to have a great week trying to enjoy this last week of summer vacation with Emelia before she starts school. How did our baby get old enough to be starting grade 4?

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