Campfires in the forecast!

IMG_1028I had a pool party play date at Dhiya and Simiya’s yesterday and spent almost the whole day in their pool! It was fun.

IMG_1237He said

With our first outing in Wolfie coming up this week we got to getting her ready for her first trip in a real big way this week! The material we found last week Danielle was able to find a friend who could sew the cushions and have them ready before we went out this week to boot! We originally thought this wasn’t going to happen until after this trip, but before the next trip to Presqu’ile so that was a happy surprise. And even better than that was that some of the cushions were ready to be picked up today! So, they’re already back in Wolfie and I am so happy with the results! The green goes perfectly with the curtains and the fabric itself has the look of something from the era of when the trailer was made. And long gone, is the stinky and equally old burlapy, multi-coloured material that is something we’ve wanted gone since we got the trailer.

IMG_1243The flooring that we started last week is all in — all that remains is finishing up the trim work to clean up the edges. That is something I can even finish up next week while we’re camping. And now that the cushions are finally updated, and the flooring Danielle has wanted done, in, it is time to move to other finishing touches like finding some sort of back splash solution to protect the walls in behind the stove and  sink and dress that area up a bit. Danielle and Emelia may have found us a really unique and fitting looking fabricated pressed tin panel from Home Depot that would work perfectly and – more importantly – not break the bank! We’ll take some measurements and see if we can maybe do this finishing touch soon too!

IMG_1293With all these elements of how we want the trailer to look it is really feeling like it is an extension of our family! When we added Wolfie to our lives, there was definitely a lot of loving that trailer for just the way she came to us, but now that we have personalized her, she feels so much more ours. I can’t wait to see how much better it looks and feels Tuesday when we have the camp site all set up as Emelia and I spend a weekend together with a Daddy n’ Daughter camp trip. Emelia has already field-tested her bunks and approves of the new cushion and feel. The last step is really taking her out and making ourselves smell like campfires and S’mores!

IMG_1309The only other thing I had to sort out this week was the new wiring harness for the safety lights that connect to the truck… or so I thought. And then, the jack for the front end of the trailer, as well as the clevis hooks that I needed to attach the safety chains to the back end of the truck. Before I went and ordered the length of wire harness I needed for the safety lights I did one quick connect of it to the truck to make sure it was no longer working and sure enough, they were once again working just fine. So, I happily crossed that off the list. With that off the list and not needing to replace the stabilizer legs and front jack – just wanting to – I happily crossed those off the list for another time this summer. The only thing left was the clevis hooks that I needed to connect the trailer to the truck and head over to the Trailer Hitch Centre to pick them up and get them attached. When I realized I had somehow managed to lose the thread on link bolts we did have and are not to safety standard, I ventured over our local Home Hardware and managed to find the exact clevis hooks I needed there, and saved myself the trip across town and back. And with that, Wolfie was pretty much ready to camp!

IMG_1323It’s funny, only a month ago we had an amazing seven day vacation on a cruise ship in the ocean and we were all relaxed coming back, but here I am so ready for this vacation like it couldn’t come soon enough! It’s not like it’s been stressful at work or even insanely busy—there hasn’t been too much craziness around the house either. I think I, and likely Danielle too, are just so looking forward to this because it is our first camping trip of the year and that it was sort of a last minute surprise and delight that worked out in our schedule. I am happy to think about all the campfires forecasted in my next seven days!


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This week was a very busy week. As John said the trailer was a big project over the last week or so and we have really transformed our little egg to make it truly our own. I am beyond happy with the changes we have wanted to do since our first trip and cannot wait to get out next week for our first camping trip of the season.

IMG_1331This week was a very busy one for me for sure. The first is that I had a new little girl starting daycare this week. She has blended in amazing with the rest of our group but as all new little ones there is a fair bit of work to adjust a little one away from their parents for the first time. The little girl is a snuggly 18 month old little girl and the kids and I already adore her. The other very busy part of daycare world was Friday when I had two of my former daycare girls join us for the day along with Emelia who was on a PD day from school. The energy level in the house was pretty high but it made for a fun-filled week.

IMG_1334Before I knew it between work on the trailer, a very busy daycare week, Emelia’s activities, the day to day of the house it made the week fly by. And in a blink of a eye Friday was here and the night I had been looking forward to for weeks was finally here.

About 6 weeks ago I messaged my closest friends from high school and we got to chatting and catching up, within a few messages the plans were hatched for a reunion here in London. As a group we have kept in contact through the years but it had been 25 years since the group of us were all in the same room together. Some of us had seen each other but the entire group as a whole hadn’t been together. We tried to plan that all 9 of us could get together, life got in the way for 4 of them sadly but the remaining 5 of us were able to get together.

IMG_1342I booked a hotel suite here and we met up, Cathy, Ginny, Barb, Christine and I spent all night into the wee hours of the morning catching up, laughing and having some drinks. It was like time stood still and we hadn’t missed the last 25 years. We laughed until we cried and before we knew it we looked at the clock and it was after 4 in the morning. It was an amazing night, we realized what true long-term friendship is all about. For some of these amazing women they have been some of my closest friends since I was moved to Chatham in grade 3. Some I met in grade school and remained friends all the way through until university. We shared memories of our youth, we shared stories of our lives since high school but most important we shared our amazing friendship that has stood the test of time. We have already promised that we will get together soon, book far enough in advance so that everyone can come. And man what a night that will be.

IMG_1339The rest of the weekend was a blur, it was busy but filled with more times with friends and lots and lots of fun enjoying the amazing weather. I cannot wait now until next weekend when we will share a quiet weekend with the three of us by the fire and sleeping under the stars. Until next week …


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