Happy Birthday Papa!

20 Sleeps Till The CruiseI got to play a lot this weekend with my friends Marin and Gracyn.  And we got to celebrate Papa’s birthday this weekend too!

IMG_0101He said

The real journey this week was the ever changing weather! As Charlie, Todd and Marshall made their way home last Sunday from their visit the weather was a cruddy dose of snow and sleet that made their drive home quiet challenging and long. We woke Monday morning with more white stuff on the ground and we less certain then that spring might ever come. But, as the week rolled on the weather forecast hinted at the reward for the last few weeks of snow and drizzle: plus temperatures and in the double digits!

IMG_0151By the time Friday arrived, bringing Emelia’s PD day from school and my day off work, we were digging out shorts and t-shirts for our warddrobe! It was my last week of Friday morning hockey, and for the first time since the season started last September, I was freezing going to or from the rink, not on the ice. The weather was an absolute delight! When I got home from the rink Danielle had the daycare kids pretty much lined up at the door ready to get outside to play at the park and be outside. I got to spend my morning at a pretty nice, slow pace.

IMG_0153I managed to slip in a morning trip to the gym for a workout while the kids, with Emelia in tow, were out with Danielle. By the time I got home, got my shower, and they got back, it was time for Danielle to get the daycare kids down for their naps. We used the quiet time with the kids asleep to sit outside in the warm sun, and let Emelia play. But, in a matter of minutes Emelia’s friends from down the street, Marin & Gracyn popped down asking if Emelia could go ride bikes with them. After considering it for all of a nanosecond she was on her way to lopping the block with her besties, enjoying the big girl freedom while Danielle and enjoyed as much of the outdoor weather we could.

IMG_0159The evening was all about barbecuing steaks before we sent Danielle off to her friends Epicure party while Emelia and hunkered down for a movie night together. She chose Hotel Transylvania 2, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. There was no better way to cap off such a beautiful day then spending it on the couch with Emelia giggling at all the same funny parts. Shortly after I got Emelia down for the night – exhausted from all the sun and fresh air –Danielle showed up and retired for the night after a bit of boobtube together before calling it a night.

IMG_0163Saturday and Sunday I worked which isn’t the least bit surprising, considering in two short weekends we’ll be readying for the cruise. Saturday was the close shift for me so I was able to get Emelia off to gymnastics before I got to work. Sunday of course was the regular shift, and before I knew it my weekend in the store was over and I was making a beeline for Mom & Dad’s to meet up with the rest of the family along with Danielle & Emelia to celebrate Dad’s birthday together.

IMG_0168With the weather being as beautiful as it was the plans were to barbecue and have dinner and desert out on the deck. And that is just what we did. David, Linda and The Welland Teeters were having car troubles and not able to make it, but the rest of the London Teeters were all present. My brother Greg managed the BBQ and by the time I got there, the ice cold beer was ready and supper was not long after. It was wonderful to sit outside and be almost too hot in the sun, and enjoy a frosty cold beer, while Emelia – in her element amongst her family – got to showcase the clown side of her (aka “me”) to the delight of everyone. She and her cousin Vaughan are close and thick as thieves when they’re together so it was great for Danielle and I to be able just visit and Emelia to be entertained and find trouble to get into on her own.

IMG_0188The night ended with us of course singing Happy Birthday way off key and loud for Dad and then having our choice any one of the four pies they’d picked up from Apple Land Station. By the time dusk rolled around and it started getting a little too brisk to be outside on the deck, we packed up and got Emelia home.

Happy Birthday Dad!

IMG_0192The weekend while busy, and having a lot of time with me at the store, still managed to get me more than enough family time. And all of it was peppered with the perfect upswing in of weather! And the best part is the forecast calls for more of just that this week! It will be the perfect remedy and help with the torrid pace we will be on for the next two weeks trying to have everything wrapped up here and at work to ready for the week and couple days we will have all together to do nothing but enjoy each other. And unwind. Like we did today.

IMG_0184She said

What a busy week. I have still been spending much of my quiet time getting some things squared away with our former financial advisors as well as working with our accountant on taxes. But by weeks end at least one of the two were solved with positive results and next week I am back to battling with the other.

IMG_0177The other big ‘to do’ this week was get things squared away for the pending season change over. This year with the surprise trip the need for our summer wardrobes squared away was a bit more pressing. I have ordered and received the plain t-shirts I needed to get some custom shirts made for the girls, I got Emelia’s shoes purchased, we got John and myself our new swimsuits for the trip as well as a few other minor things. For the most part we are about 90% there. I will sit down this week and make sure we have a good list of ‘to dos’ done and make sure we are not missing anything. The weekend before we leave I will do my last push to get last minute things purchased so we are good to go.

This was the week I just wanted to get our crap together, get things organized once and for all. The looming lists were making me a bit loopy so this week I just tacked it and got a ton done. It felt great to finally get things done.

IMG_0189Before I knew it the weekend was almost here and the temps were rising at a rapid rate. This week we went from snow, to sleet, to rain finally to glorious sunshine. Friday made the entire week of madness completely worth it. The entire day from the moment the kids arrived until lunch and after nap until they went home we were outside in the sunshine. We went to the park and they played happily for hours. It was such a perfect day. The kids got along the entire day, they were all so happy and I got to see Emelia having a great day. It was wonderful.

IMG_0199Saturday was another glorious weather day. John had to work so I did our usual errands and then went to pick up Emelia after gymnastics. After class she and I quickly made our way to pick up Hannah for the girls playdate. The girls get along amazing and they had a great time. They played for a few hours until unfortunately Hannah started feeling sick so we had to cut their play short. Emelia and I filled the rest of our day with fun together before snuggling in with her for the night.

IMG_0201Finally we came today, it was a great day again. The weather was absolutely perfect again. The whole day was spent outside. The day flew by, we got tons done around the house and before we knew it the day was almost done and we were happily heading over to Helen and Doug’s to celebrate Doug’s 76th birthday. Most of the family was there and as always it was a night filled with great food, amazing laughs and family memories.

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